Charlotte has always been the busy commercial hub in North Carolina. But, when the pandemic occurred, the bustling city of Charlotte had its share of stillness. Many Charlotteans opted for the work-from-home setup on the verge of the pandemic.

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I am Nancy Braun, Broker-In-Charge / Owner of Showcase Realty, and I can help you come up with creative ways to build your home office. I am the founder of this innovative boutique real estate firm. Here are 13 creative home office ideas in Charlotte, NC. 

Buy A Charlotte NC Home - If you are opting for a work-from-home setup on the verge of the pandemic, this post is for you.

1. Get Creative With Unfilled Spaces

Sometimes, you don’t need a designated room for a home office. It is the case, especially for small spaces. Do you see a space in your house? It could be the space between your sofa and the wall. Or it could be between two furniture items. 

The nooks and recesses in your home are a great spot to carve your home office. For two-story homes, you may use the space under the staircase. 

Does your home have a bay window? Make use of that protruding space.

2. Be Strategic

A typical office setup consists of a PC or laptop and other gadgets. Before you carve out a home office, eye for a space in your home where there is an outlet. 

While there are online tools for reminders, some still use offline tools. If you want to use mini whiteboards and cork boards, look for a space that has a wall. 

3. Fold-down Wall Desks Can Save Your Day

Who says you should settle with the traditional office desk when you can switch things up? Whether your concern is space or aesthetics, a fold-down desk is a good option. 

Fold-down desks are best for small spaces and if you share a space with two or more people. You can fold it away during the time of the day when there is more traffic in the area of your home.

Plus, this setup will do your mental health good. By folding away your desk at the end of your shift, you’re creating boundaries between work and life.

4. Divide and Conquer

Room dividers are a must-have when you need a dedicated room for a home office. If you also love some privacy, room dividers can do the job. It will still feel like you are working in a dedicated room.

Have you carved out a home office in your bedroom? When you have your bed in view, it’s tempting to take a nap now and then. It can also affect your mood while you work. Room dividers can block your view to help you function well at work.

Also, you can buy room dividers without buying room dividers. Do you see something around your home that can function as one? It could be a bookcase, an easel, or anything under the sun. Let your imagination flow. Share your insights! Complete our confidential buyer survey to get personalized assistance.

5. Windows = Natural Lighting

Charlotte NC Homes for Sale - With the occurrence of the pandemic, opting to come up with creative ways to build a Charlotte home office has been a great idea

Carving out your home office near a window can make a difference. 

Working in a well-lit office space can boost your productivity. But on top of it, the view from your window will give you a sense of time. Think about the last time you went to a mall. You didn’t know how much time had passed because there were no windows.

6. Picture Frames as a Reminder Wall

Worried about the adhesive on your sticky notes ruining your wall’s paint? Or is your home office not next to any wall or vertical surface? Get an empty picture frame with a stand and place it on your working desk. You can now start pasting your stick-on notes on it.

7. Versatile Bar Carts

Now you have transitioned to working from home. It’s the first step, and you might be thinking about where to put your belongings from the office. That one bar cart from your kitchen can come in handy and function as shelves.

Do you miss grabbing a cup of coffee at your office’s pantry? You can recreate your onsite pantry at home by repurposing your bar cart as a pantry rack.

The pandemic has turned a lot of people into plant parents. You can also use your bar cart as a holder for your indoor plants. 

8. Two is Better than One

Some office setups are bigger than usual. It is true for most people who work with special tools and equipment. If you are someone who needs a sizable amount of working space, a regular-sized table is not enough. You may have a desk at home, but it is smaller than what you need, so you decide to buy a new one. 

Instead of spending on a new desk, why not join two tables together? Now you have a much bigger desk to occupy. They don’t have to be identical or of the same height. You’re good to go as long as they increase the space you are working on and are comfortable.

9. Cooling Rack aka PC/Laptop Riser

If you bake, a cooling rack is your best friend in the kitchen. But your baking essential can do more things beyond the kitchen. You can also use it as a home office essential.

Laptop risers have become a craze since the pandemic happened. It is a trend you should hop on since you will reap the benefits of using one. It can help improve posture as you work on your laptop for several hours.

Stacking two or more cooling racks together is much better. Do it until you reach your desired height.

10. Ironing Board Standing Desk

Are you more of a laptop user who prefers to work while standing? Avoid spending for a new standing desk, and grab your trusted ironing board. While not ironing your clothes, you can iron out some work stuff (pun intended). Some ironing boards are adjustable so that you can work with ease. 

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11. Repurpose a Bedroom Vanity

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If you have an unused bedroom vanity that is catching dust, you can repurpose it. The best thing about this is that the bedroom vanity has all you need for home office basics. You have a working desk, a chair, and a set of drawers! 

If your vanity has a mirror, you can either leave it be or get creative with it. Did you know you can turn the mirror into a whiteboard? Use whiteboard markers and forget about forgetting work-related tasks.

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12. Cloffice

You can also turn your closet into a home office. What’s great about this is that your closet already has shelves to house your office items. You may add more features, like installing pegboards on the closet’s doors. 

Add partitions to the shelves to maximize space. You can also choose to paint your closet that suits your taste. 

13. Hassle-Free Assembled Desk

For this trick, all you need are two counter-height objects that are similar in height. It’s much better if you work with what you have at home. These could be two drawers that are similar in height. These will serve as your desk’s feet. You can grab a wood slab at the nearest hardware and place it on top of the drawers. 

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The Bottom Line

Are you thinking of switching to a home office right now? Click here to learn more insights. Furthermore, I, Nancy Braun, Broker-In-Charge / Owner of, can help you find a home where you can set up your dream home office. Call me at (704) 312-1463, and let’s discuss it. Experience endless benefits! fuel your innovation with our visionary support. Click here!

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