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Nowadays, all jobs are almost working from home, especially as the pandemic rolled in. Over 71% of employment is valid to deploy in a work-from-home atmosphere. 

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WalletHub recently released a report about the Best States for Working from Home. This report highlights the best states thriving most amidst the pandemic’s economy and which ones struggle. 

Comparing 50 states required the District of Columbia to consider 12 key metrics. The data gathered goes from those who worked from home before the pandemic and its cost. 

This includes cybersecurity measures as well. Many factors considered, like the home’s state, helped see how workable it is. All while evaluating costs, safety, and comfort.

Among all the states considered, North Carolina ranked 2nd. Delaware won 1st spot with a 2-point difference in the total score. South Carolina placed in the 19th spot.

What Makes North Carolina the 2nd Best State?

North Carolina ranked as the 2nd best state for Work from Home. It has also ranked 9th in population. It also topped the list of states with the best business climates in 2020, as analyzed according to Site Selection magazine.

The pandemic is dying down, and people are transitioning back. Companies will be looking to gather employees back on-site to the workplace. But, as a new normal kick in, so will the environment and state of the workplace.

Working from home will become a prevalent choice, considering employee expectations. The workplace will become more fluid. 

Employees go back and forth between an office space and their homes, making a home environment much more critical for employee motivation and productivity. 

More people will ask themselves, “If I want to work from home in the long run, where would be the best place for me to live?” As North Carolina ranked second, we have to ask, though. What factors did the rankings consider?

Before the pandemic, North Carolina ranked 16th as the Best State for Working from Home. North Carolina’s standing bases itself on the metrics used by WalletHub. 

Listed below are North Carolina’s rankings across different aspects of Working from Home:

1st is the best, while 25th is the average ranking.

  • 16th in Share of the Population that Worked from Home before COVID-19
  • 28th in Share of Potential telecommuters
  • 19th in Internet Access in Households
  • 5th in the Average Home Square Footage
  • 10th in Levels of Cybersecurity
  • 12th in the Average Retail Pricing of Electricity

We must remember that analyzing these rankings had base dimensions. Two to be specific, namely, work and living environments. 

Each of these metrics had a grading that utilized a 100-point scale. In this case, 100 is the best score a state could achieve. 

In this case, North Carolina totaled a score of 63.91. Delaware, which placed first, scored 65.51, giving the two states only a 1.6 difference in their total scores.

From these results, we can see how well North Carolina is doing in the rankings. Aside from being a modern state, it also presents excellent living conditions for all kinds of people.

You can also check our blog https://showcaserealty.net/why-is-north-carolina-one-of-the-best-states-to-work-from-home/ for more information.

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Is North Carolina One of the Best States to Live In?

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Depending on who you ask, there are many things to consider before settling on your future home area. Aside from work from home conditions, what else makes North Carolina one of the best states to live in? What does North Carolina have that sets it apart from other states?

One could even say, Work from Home aside, North Carolina places high in the rankings as the best state in the South. Plenty of scenic landscapes to admire, good lake towns, and the top two cities are in the state.

Thousands of tourists flock to North Carolina from across the whole country. A large majority of them choose the option to stay rather than to leave. 

The state’s population growth showcases this the best. It has proven to grow at a faster rate than the United States considered.

A non-resident might get tricked into thinking that North Carolina is too old and dusty. Some people even believe that there are miles and miles of fields and that the country roads are dusty. But more reasons prove the state is as lovable as it is. Explore Charlotte real estate info right here! https://showcaserealty.net/homeinfocharlottenc/

Here are some reasons that could make you consider North Carolina as the best state to live in:

1. You can connect with nature any time you want. North Carolina has the best of both worlds. The mountains and the forests are over an hour’s drive away from specific locations. The beach is where you can take a gorgeous stroll as the sun sets. 

You can never get enough of the scenery here. Great for those who need an escape for at least a month or so!

2. The cityscape is as mesmerizing as the natural landscapes. Not only that, but it goes beyond eye-level value. Endless job opportunities are available within the state. Charlotte is the largest city in the state and a central financial hub. 

It’s perfect for ambitious achievers who want the most opportunities. NC has it for you whether you’re a new job finder or someone looking to settle in a great company. 

3. In 2019, US News ranked North Carolina 18th out of 50 states. The North Carolina economy is growing as more industries thrive, and the education sector improves. 

There’s more than meets the eye, no matter your age. North Carolina offers you something great. You can check out more reasons here

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These are three main reasons you should consider North Carolina as THE state to live in, especially if you’re considering a Work from Home lifestyle. There’s plenty more that it offers, and it might be the sign you need to take an interest in moving to North Carolina. 

North Carolina and Georgia tie for the third-best state for business – Find out why! https://showcaserealty.net/north-carolina-shares-with-georgia-the-third-spot-for-the-best-state-for-business/

Final Thoughts

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