9 Tips to Improve Your Chances of Getting Approved for a Home Loan

If you’re planning to buy a home in Charlotte NC, you’re also going to need to get a mortgage – not everyone can pay in cash.A home loan can be thousands of dollars. Because it’s such a large amount, specific measures are set in place by financial institutions to ensure they won’t lose their money. […]

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What is Home Warranty Insurance and What Does it Cover?

When you buy a home in Charlotte or anywhere else in the U.S.,  one of the offers you’ll receive is a home warranty. Like buying a new appliance, there is also a warranty that comes in home buying. A home warranty is a product meant to protect the significant components of your home and cover […]

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How to Improve Your Credit Score Before Applying for Home Loan

Buying a house in Charlotte NC can be a lot of work. You need time to save, documents to prepare, mortgage brokers to talk to, and application forms to fill out. One aspect that affects the home buying process is applying for a mortgage, which in turn is significantly influenced by the credit score. The […]

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