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Why is North Carolina One of the Best States to Work from Home?

Why is North Carolina One of the Best States to Work from Home?

North Carolina is not just known for its amazing weather, gorgeous beaches and NASCAR, but it's also one of the most reputable States for working from home. According to Move.org, North Carolina ranked No. 5 on the list of States that gained residents in 2020. The reasons? Affordable housing and great weather!

In the past year, our lives have changed in ways we never imagined. For many of us, our homes have also become our place of work. This means many people are now looking for places that provide the best work-life balance. 

Remote work has been the holy grail of business owners and employees during the pandemic. It helped struggling businesses to stay in operation and employees to work from home. While businesses had no choice but to begin remote work, they soon learned that employees could be as functional and focused as if they were still in the office.

Businesses have realized that working from home is a viable option. With all this demand, is North Carolina a good place to work from home? According to a WalletHub.com study, not all States are created equal when it comes to working from home, with some States having less desirable remote working conditions than others.

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Well, here’s the good news: Out of all 50 states, North Carolina came in second on WalletHub’s list. The number of people working from home, internet access and cost, energy price, and average home square footage were some of the data used to decide which states were best suited for remote work. North Carolina scored well. If you’re going to be working from home, then North Carolina has the work-life balance you need.

Top 5 Reasons Why North Carolina is One of the Best States to Work from Home

  • The weather is perfect for Work at home set up
  • Rental costs are lower
  • Great and affordable food
  • Cost-efficient internet access and speed
  • Lower cost of living and electric rates

Among the following: reasonable rent, a balanced work environment, good internet speed, broadband coverage, and utility prices are the big reasons why North Carolina is one of the best states to work from home. Let’s dive deeper and get to know more about North Carolina.

Here are the five reasons why North Carolina is one of the best states to work from home:

1. The weather is perfect for work at home set up: 

May, September, and October are the most fun months in North Carolina. In North Carolina, there are four pleasant months. With high temperatures ranging from 70 to 85 degrees. In the annual bestplaces comfort index, North Carolina scored 7.5/10 (10=best).

This means that most areas in North Carolina can offer more livable weather conditions and can generate a conducive atmosphere for work at home set-ups.

2. Rental costs are lower:

If you plan on renting in North Carolina, a study from bestplaces.net shows that a typical studio apartment costs $697 compared to the national average of $821. Also, if you invested in real estate, you can enjoy an appraisal value of 8.5%. Additionally, home appreciation in North Carolina for the last 10 years has been 19.1%.

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3. Delicious and affordable multi-cultural food:

North Carolina's cost of living is also lower than the national average when it comes to food. The tangy, vinegar-based BBQ sauce popular in the state is poured over smoked, pulled pork, and other types of meat. This Southern delight, along with other Southern staples like hush puppies, slaw, beans, and fried chicken, can be found in restaurants all over the state.

A single adult should expect to spend around $250 on groceries each month. The average cost of a meal at a casual restaurant is $12. If you enjoy sipping a fresh brew, the state is known for its craft beer scene, so you can meet your craving here.

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4. Cost-efficient internet access and speed:

BroadbandNow Research used a comprehensive formula to rank each state in the US, taking into account total levels of access, pricing, and average download speeds.

North Carolina has terrestrial broadband access of 89.5%. Wired low-priced plan access of 46.8%, and an average speed of 115.5 Mbps. This means you’ll never get behind with the tasks you need to do for the day.

5. Lower cost of living and electric rates:

Air conditioning, heat, and electricity utilities cost an average of $142 per household. North Carolina and Charlotte have lower living costs than the rest of the country

North Carolina and Charlotte have lower housing costs than the national average. There’s a home for everyone in North Carolina. If you have the extra budget, you can also look through the beautiful Luxury homes for Sale in Charlotte, NC available for viewing. Get in touch with one of the Best Real Estate agents in Charlotte, NC.

Cost-efficient internet access and speed, a lower cost of living, and electric rates are some of the reasons why North Carolina is one of the best States to work from home -- all important factors to make working from home a viable option. 

With the mountains in the west, coastal plain in the east, North Carolina is one of the best places to live and work. North Carolina is reputed to be one of the most appealing places to live and work, thanks to its rich culture and easygoing lifestyle. 

Thinking about moving to North Carolina? Let’s find your dream home.

But first, get to know our Real Estate Company and Agents.

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Is Charlotte, NC a good place to live?

In a recent U.S. News report, Charlotte ranked as the #14 best places to live in the United States. Raleigh, North Carolina's capital, also made the list. Both cities make the ten lists of the best places to live. Be sure to check out Charlotte, NC Homes for Sale, and see for yourself.

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The Charlotte area expects to have a population of over 2.8 million in a few years, up more than 18% from 2014. Charlotte is known as the Queen City. It has seen some of the fastest economic and population growth in the United States. The Home Buying Institute (HBI) projects that the Charlotte real estate market will remain competitive in 2021, with strong demand and limited supply driving up home prices.

Is it affordable to live in Charlotte, North Carolina?

So you’re considering North Carolina? Do you want to start over?  but you aren't confident if North Carolina will fit with your work from the home situation?


When the 2020s began, we never imagined that millions of workers would be working from home. It's been a remarkable year at work, with many unexpected and sudden changes.

Although we cannot predict the future, we can be certain that business will never go back to the way it was before. Employees and employers alike endorse remote work. This means home buyers should go for the best choice available for working from home. Choose the best location for work for a home setup. Let us help you with that decision, contact Nancy Braun at Showcase Realty LLC today, and let’s get you home.


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