Charlotte, the Queen City, is the second-largest banking town in the United States. The city is also famous for its diversity, dining, and career opportunities. The convenience of transportation, shopping, and extensive neighborhoods makes it a good idea to move to Charlotte, NC.

The cost of living varies and depends on the neighborhood you are looking at. Since the city is quite big, with a range of options, you can cut through the competitive market rates by checking out all your options. You can make the best of Charlotte NC Investment Properties. You can stroll through some of the best Charlotte NC Homes for Sale. Talk to your Best Real Estate Agent in Charlotte NC to find a perfect home.

Now, let’s look at why moving to Charlotte, NC, is a good idea.

What is Charlotte known for?

Charlotte City is known as a financial hub. The banking, employment, and real estate sector are very well established in Charlotte. It is also known for its well-educated population, thanks to its universities. In fact, Charlotte is famous as a “University Town”.

The city hosts the famous NASCAR races and is home to its Hall of Fame. Charlotte is also home to many historical museums. The NFL’s Carolina Panthers and the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets both call the city of Charlotte home. Further, the city is also known for its architectural excellence. The modern skyscrapers, craftsman-style cottages, and bungalows are stunning. The beautiful Luxury Homes for Sale in Charlotte NC make it a mesmerizing place to invest.

Why is Charlotte popular?

Many find Charlotte appealing because of its harmonious neighborhoods. Its citizens bear a strong love for their two professional team sports. The city is also considered a Jewel of the South in North Carolina. That’s one reason it is the epicenter for magnificent Charlotte NC Condos for Sale. The city is full of culture, shopping, parks, and events for people of all ages to enjoy. 

The city is also a wonderful place to work. A Forbes survey ranks Charlotte as the first city for best employee engagement. The city attracts people from across the world due to the many multinational corporations who make their home here. Charlotte gives a better quality of living to match its business life. Charlotte has a variety of cultures integrated through the city for the best living experience. You can experience its beauty while searching for Charlotte North Carolina Homes for Sale.

Luxury Homes for Sale in Charlotte NC

Why is Charlotte called the Queen City? 

Charlotte got its name from Queen Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg-Strelitz of Germany when the city was founded in 1768. Later, when a group of colonists called ‘loyalists’ remained loyal to the British throne, they decided to keep the name, as Queen Charlotte was now King George III’s wife.

Queen Charlotte served as the Queen of Britain and Ireland for 57 years. She was known for her philanthropy and love for art. She was also known as a patron of Mozart. Today, Charlotte remains as lovely and gracious as the queen it was named after.

What food is Charlotte known for?

Charlotte is famous for its delicious Southern Cuisine. You’ll find its mouth-watering, deep-fried deliciousness at restaurants across the city. Since Charlotte has become a hub for immigrants from all parts of the world, there are now many other delicious foods to try. While Charlotte may not be as multicultural as New York or Chicago, it still has a lot to serve on the plate. 

Some of Charlotte’s other must-have foods are BBQ and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. You should also try Burgers, Seafood, Cheerwine soda, and Olive pickles.

Does Charlotte NC have four seasons?

Charlotte has four seasons, but winter and summer are the most prevalent. Summer days are sunny and bright. Winters are mild, a welcome bonus for those who live there. In springtime, flowers and waterways become a spectacular sight.

Charlotte moves into a festive mode in the warm summers. Lush with green leaves that turn yellow in fall, seasons in Charlotte are always picturesque. In short, the seasons in Charlotte are very warm and cozy.

What are winters like in Charlotte NC?

Charlotte is in a warmer climate, so winters are very comfortable. As mentioned, the city experiences very mild winters. Temperatures average around 55 degrees, though they can get as cool as 30 degrees. Winter is a beautiful time to visit Charlotte. 

So, if you want to see Charlotte in winter, it is easy to guess the weather forecast. There are chances for winter to get colder as sometimes there might be very mild snowing in the city. It accounts for a maximum of six inches of snow per year.

Is Charlotte a fast-growing city?

Reportedly, Charlotte is the 4th fastest-growing town in the South. Many immigrants relocated to Charlotte for better employment and better living. A five-year growth rate of population in Charlotte’s metro city was estimated to be 36.4% from 2006 to 2011. The numbers have now doubled in the past decade. The growth rate for the past decade is reported to be 59.6%.

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Charlotte NC Homes for Sale

How diverse is Charlotte NC?

Few United States cities compare to Charlotte when it comes to diversity. People from many countries migrate to the Queen City. The metro city has a lot to offer them for employment. So, diversity is evident in every aspect of living in Charlotte. Diversity in food, culture, and tradition makes this place a perfect living area to explore many different cultures.

How is the housing market in Charlotte NC?

The housing market of Charlotte NC is very competitive. The limited inventory and strong demand have pushed the prices to a new horizon. Thus, it makes a place for a smart investment in the Eastern U.S.

According to Zillow, the median home value has increased by 9.1% in the past year. Thereby, it states that the prices have seen a rise in their numbers. Record-low mortgage rates have proved beneficial. There is an economic downturn and national health crisis. But, it seems counterintuitive for the Charlotte real estate market. The buyers are no more on the fence to make the purchase. That calls for an immediate investment opportunity. Nancy Braun Real Estate can help you make the best out of this opportunity.


Charlotte, NC, is a place where you get what you give. It is one of the most welcoming places in the United States. Consider buying a home in neighborhoods like South Park, Ballantyne, Myers Park, or Lake Park. Showcase Realty can help you with the best advice on settling on the right home. Nancy Braun Real Estate will offer you what you always dreamt of. She is known as the Top Real Estate Agent in Charlotte NC. Connect with her to learn more about Charlotte NC investment properties.  


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