Charlotte is one of North Carolina’s largest cities, and it’s swiftly becoming one of the most popular. Charlotte is a fantastic destination to work and play, with a thriving gastronomic culture, diverse activities, and beautiful weather.

Families come to Charlotte for various reasons, including a better cost of living, excellent career prospects, nicer communities, high-quality education, or the affordability of Charlotte real estate. Charlotte has so much going for it that you can’t go wrong with this city. If good weather, food, and sports are all things your family enjoys, Charlotte is perfect! From low crime rates to plenty of green space, there’s no shortage of reasons why everyone should consider making their new home here.

Charlotte, North Carolina, is a destination that combines all you need in one place, from the bustling city life to the cozy-town charm! Below I’ve put together nine reasons why Charlotte, NC, is great for families.

Why You Should Live in Charlotte, NC?

Moving is never easy, and it becomes even more complicated when you move with your children. Before you make decisions, ensure that you’ll be moving to a family-friendly city. Charlotte, NC, is a significant metropolis and commercial hub in North Carolina with many attractions. The city has a fantastic social scene, beautiful parks, outdoor venues, excellent school systems, and more to offer its citizens, perfect for any family.

It’s only a short drive to the South Carolina and Georgia borders from the city. Charlotte represents metropolitan southern living while providing easy access to breathtaking natural beauty, mountain ranges, and national parks. If you’re considering relocating to Charlotte, here’s a quick guide to everything you need to know about “The Queen City.” New to charlotte? Grab the free ultimate guide to charlotte to explore the “Queen City” – click here.


1. It Has  a Sense of Community

The community is one of the strongest reasons to relocate to Charlotte. Although Charlotte is a vast metropolis, it retains its small-town feel. When you arrive in Charlotte, you’ll see how dedicated everyone is to make the city a fantastic place to live. You’ll also notice how hard they work to keep it that way.

Walking the streets of Uptown, you’ll notice Charlotte’s comfortable aura right away. Expect friendly greetings from folks who don’t know you but will quickly become your friends.

The avid sports fans are one of the best aspects of the Charlotte community. It’s difficult not to notice how enthusiastic people are about the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, Knights, and, of course, NASCAR!

2. Pristine Neighborhoods

Knowing its neighborhoods is crucial when it comes to living in Charlotte. The best way to get a feel for your new home and determine which neighborhood would work well for you – I, Nancy Braun of Showcase Realty, can help!

I have been guiding people through this process since before most of us knew what “mortgage” even meant. I’ll take care not only to ensure that all requirements are met but also to ensure every detail falls into place so that there aren’t any bumps along the way.

1. Uptown, Charlotte, NC

Have you considered relocating to the center of the action? In Charlotte’s central district, known as Uptown, there is a wide selection of home and condo styles for sale.

Uptown is a lively neighborhood recognized for having a high walkability score. Four sectors make up Uptown, known as wards. Each of these wards has its distinct appeal. In an Uptown home or condo for sale, you will undoubtedly find one that’s the greatest fit for you.

2. SouthPark, Charlotte, NC

SouthPark is one of Charlotte’s most popular and rapidly growing neighborhoods. South Road, Providence Road, Independence Boulevard, Park Road, and several other vital thoroughfares provide unequaled access to Uptown.

SouthPark can be found in Charlotte’s south end. The region features stunning residences and plenty of public space, both top of the list for potential buyers. The neighborhoods are beautiful and well-established, with tree-lined streets and wooded properties. SouthPark is noted for its wide range of high-end shops, cafes, and attractions. At nearly 1.7 million square feet, the SouthPark Mall is Charlotte’s and North Carolina’s largest shopping mall.

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3. Live with Great People

One of the most enjoyable aspects of living in Charlotte is meeting new people. It’s either something in the water or the weather, but you’ll notice the energy and atmosphere are different from other places. Charlotte residents appear to be happier than people in most other cities due to residents’ pride in their hometown.

According to real, “150 Best Places to Live in the United States in 2021-2022,” Charlotte came in high at #20.  The city is attracting people. Its citizens are friendly since most of the residents have relocated in search of a better quality of life and more possibilities to finance the lifestyle they desire!

4. Great Career Opportunities in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte’s job market is booming. Charlotte is one of the fastest-growing economies in the southeast, with unemployment much lower than the national average and higher median pay. Bank of America, Lowe’s, and American Airlines are all headquartered there. Tech is on the rise, and it’s gaining traction in the job market. The main employment fields are social work and healthcare, although this does not indicate that the job market is limited to these fields.

There are many graphic design and creative occupations available in addition to the more typical employment fields. Overall, it’s one of the easiest cities to find employment, especially considering the city’s low housing costs.

Many businesses have also relocated to Charlotte due to so many strong enterprises understanding the opportunities here. This means many people have relocated to follow their jobs.  This is one of the reasons why the city is expanding so quickly, and the job market is outperforming national norms.

5. Lower Cost of Living in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte’s cost of living is reasonable compared to many other large cities, but it all depends on where you choose to reside. Rental and real estate prices in more affluent or desired neighborhoods, such as Myers Park, are frequently comparable to, if not higher than, those in other cities. If you’re ready to be flexible about where you live, though, it’s relatively easy to discover affordable apartments and homes in Charlotte.

You’ll save a lot of money in Charlotte compared to big cities, but be aware that the market might be competitive, especially with so many newcomers. Furthermore, because Charlotte is home to many young families, the competition can be even more fierce if you’re hoping to buy in one of the best school districts.

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6. Enjoy All the Seasons

If there’s one thing to say about Charlotte’s weather, it’s that it’s unpredictable. Charlotte is located in the subtropical southeastern United States. Charlotte’s location, which is humid in the summer and somewhat dry in the winter, allows inhabitants to experience all four seasons with greater temperature changes throughout the year than many other states.

Charlotte features all four seasons, as well as some spectacular foliage in the fall. Compared to the north,  winters in Charlotte are relatively mild.  It doesn’t snow very often, and we only get snow once or twice a year. As the temperature drops, fresh white powder can be found in the mountains.

7. High-Quality Education for your Kids

One of the reasons many people choose Charlotte over other locations is the high quality of education their children will receive.

Charlotte has an excellent education system, with over 20 higher education institutions. The city also has a wide selection of educational alternatives for children, including private and public schools. Charlotte parents have many options because their school district is one of the largest in the southeast. Public and charter schools and private, Montessori, and Waldorf-style schools are all options. Most areas offer a variety of choices, which is something to consider before deciding to relocate.

8. Many Transportation Options

In the Charlotte area, transportation depends on where you live. The cheapest alternative is to take CATS, or the Charlotte Area Transit System. In Mecklenburg County and the neighboring metro region, CATS runs both bus and rail transit.

CATS also operates the LYNX light rail system in the area. Charlotte B-Cycle bike share is an excellent way for cyclists to get around town without having to drive. Uber and Lyft can assist in making automobile ownership obsolete. Taxis are also accessible in Charlotte. However, they are the most expensive choice.


9. Charlotte Offers a Wide Range of Family-Friendly Activities

As we already discussed, Charlotte is known for its family-friendly communities and top-notch educational institutions. This means you won’t have to look far to find activities created specifically for children. For a STEM education, take your kids to Discovery Place. Discovery Place offers customized activities, exhibits, and special events for people of all ages.

ImaginOn is a 102,000-square-foot facility in the center of Charlotte’s cultural arts area that Livability recognized as the country’s best children’s library. ImaginOn is famous for being Mecklenburg County’s first LEED-certified public facility. The Spangler Children’s Library, the Mecklenburg County Teen Loft, Time Warner Tech Central, and The Story Lab, a collection of interactive multimedia workstations investigating narrative arts, are all located within ImaginOn.

Carowinds, a 407-acre amusement park in Charlotte, is a favorite among adrenaline seekers. During the summer, enjoy tidal wave action on the Carolinas’ only double-launch roller coaster, as well as 14 other world-class roller coasters. Camp Snoopy has over 60 rides, shows, and attractions for a more children-friendly day at the park.

Head 30 minutes outside of Charlotte to the Gem Theatre, one of the oldest single-screen movie theaters still in operation today, for a fun family day out. The theatre also has a beautiful foyer, 916 seats, and a balcony area, which delights audiences who see kid-friendly favorites like The Lion King and Dora and the Lost City of God.

What Is It Like Living in Charlotte, NC?

Charlotte residents enjoy an urban-suburban mix, and the majority of residents own their houses. There are also numerous restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Charlotte that enhance the quality of daily life.

The flat 5.25 percent income tax rate is one of the benefits of residing in Charlotte, North Carolina. Regardless of their filing status, all taxpayers in the state pay the same rate, regardless of their income. In addition, North Carolina has low property taxes and sales taxes comparable to the national average.

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Why are so many people are moving to Charlotte?

Charlotte is a city that has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Queen City is consistently recognized as one of America’s fastest-growing metro areas.

The job market and corporate headquarters alone make this place worth considering for relocation – not to mention delicious food and entertainment. Charlotte has a thriving job market and corporate headquarters, delicious food, diverse entertainment, and, perhaps most importantly, reasonably priced apartments and real estate.

Is Charlotte, North Carolina, a good place to raise a family?

When visiting Charlotte with children, families will discover that there is never a dull moment. Museums, working farms, outdoor adventure parks, and nature/animal centers are just a few of the kid-friendly attractions and activities in the city and surrounding area.

Is Charlotte expensive to live in?

Charlotte’s housing costs are 14% less than the national average, while its utility costs are 8% less than the national average. The cost of transportation, such as bus fares and gas costs, is 3% lower than the national average. The cost of groceries in Charlotte is 6% less than the national average. This makes Charlotte affordable for nearly everyone.

Why I Love Living in Charlotte, NC

I moved from New York to North Carolina over 20 years ago because I was drawn to the state’s great weather, vibrant lifestyle, increasing economy, and friendly attitude toward newcomers.

I’d worked as a corporate lawyer and as an entrepreneur/owner of different businesses throughout the years. It wasn’t until I relocated to North Carolina that I became interested in real estate.

Charlotte has plenty of activities for any size family. You won’t have to question whether or not you’ll enjoy these one-of-a-kind experiences.

Final Thoughts

You’ll get the most out of your investment whether you’re looking for Charlotte NC investment properties, Charlotte NC homes for sale, Charlotte NC condos for sale, or Charlotte NC luxury homes for sale. The only thing left is to find the best real estate agent in Charlotte, NC.

The team at Nancy Braun Real Estate is ready to help you find your dream home. With decades of experience and an unparalleled track record for success, we have what it takes to navigate all the obstacles that come up throughout this process with ease so every detail can be planned out in advance from start to finish!

My expertise combined with our state-of-the-art marketing tools ensures only desirable outcomes await those who partner with us as their real estate agent today.

For many people, moving is not a decision to take lightly. But if you’re looking for a lower cost of living and better job opportunities with higher standard education or an affordable home, then Charlotte, NC, might be perfect!


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