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In the latest episode of Charlotte Today, Nancy Braun shares some helpful insights about buying a home in Charlotte NC.

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. It is also the best investment you will make. Not to be taken lightly, as with any major transaction, it’s important to use experts to guide you through the process.  Award winning real estate agent and owner, Nancy Braun, and her team of agents at Showcase Realty, have served thousands of home buyers in Charlotte and its surrounding areas since 2008.  They know every nuance of real estate purchase, and are the ideal examples of who you need to work with to realize your home buying and investing goals.

The process of home buying is exciting, but can be tiresome. House hunting is a long process. However, Nancy and her team of real estate professionals make the experience supportive, smooth, and as hassle-free as possible. They will assist you by clarifying features you need the most, and will find you options that meet your specifications as much as possible. Nancy believes that every client’s time is precious, and she ensures that they see the right homes rather than set their hopes on the wrong properties. 

Nancy will walk you through many different criteria and provide you counsel on location, neighborhood, schools, and other important factors that suit your lifestyle. Having the expert advice of someone who knows the processes involved will save you time and lessen the stress. In addition, Nancy provides her clients with an easy to follow, but very helpful and informative home buyer program package that explains terminology and the step-by-step process. Her goal is to educate her clients from the start, so that all their questions can be answered.

As an added service bonus, Nancy also has a network of preferred lenders she knows will serve her clients needs professionally, and efficiently. She can also help you with North Carolina’s $8,000 down payment assistance plan.

Nancy also offers a Home Buyer Guarantee. If you purchase a property with her team and within 12 months you decide you don’t love the home, then they’ll sell it for free. Get in touch with them today to know more about the Home Buyer Guarantee and the conditions that apply.

With their neighborhood expertise, market knowledge, personal customer service, and high levels of professionalism, Nancy Braun and her team at Showcase Realty will definitely help you get the best deal possible.

Call Nancy Braun today at 704-488-3109. She would love to show you why Showcase Realty offers the best award-winning services in Charlotte NC.

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Eugene Robinson: Well there’s a lot that goes into buying a home. The process can be very tricky, that’s why you need the right RealtorⓇ to help you.

Colleen Odegaard: We have just one! Welcome this morning, Nancy Braun with Showcase Realty! Nancy good morning, we love having you here. How are you today?

Nancy: Good morning! I’m great. Thank you.

Colleen Odegaard: Good! Okay, so someone is interested in buying a home. And they called you to help. What are some things that you want to know from that potential client?

Nancy: What I want to know? Well, we sit down with them and we go through our home buying criteria and our package and all our processes so, we’ll ask him many, many questions. We really don’t want them to waste time looking at properties online or in person that don’t fit their criteria. So we wanna know their motivation, what was, you know, why their current residence isn’t satisfying them, what they’re really looking for. It’s not just always about size, or, you know, number of bedrooms… it goes much more deeper than that. It’s neighborhoods, what school systems they wanna be in, and do they want a big yard to work with? Do they wanna be in a neighborhood with amenities? Do they wanna do some fixing up themselves or do they wanna move right in and just unpack their bags? So there’s so many different criteria that we’re gonna walk them through.

Eugene Robinson: Well, of all the many choices that people can get a real estate agent, what makes you different? Why are you so unique?

Nancy: Well, we have, we believe we have lots of reasons, but, we are gonna walk them through the process from we first meet them, and we give them this very extensive buyer packet which explains terminology, the process, and we’re gonna show them the entire process. We have a big volume in front of us that’s gonna show them what an offer to purchase looks like, what an inspection looks like, what an appraisal looks like, what the due diligence fee is, what inspection reports look like, what kind of inspections should they anticipate that they should get, what a, we call it a “Buyer Letter to the Seller”, what that looks like, what a multiple offer package looks like, what a home warranty looks like. Rather than hit them at the instance when they’re putting the offer in, we’re gonna educate them right at the very beginning of everything that they should anticipate and expect to see. So they can, all their questions can be answered and it won’t be such a scary process.

Colleen Odegaard: That’s certainly very helpful. When should a homebuyer start doing their research and what should they be researching? I know that one, I’ve looked for homes in the past, just gonna go online and look at pretty pictures and think, “Ooh, I like that!” and I kind of stops there. What should we be researching and at what point you start that?

Nancy: Right, so the average number of months before someone actually purchases a home versus starts to look online is 33 months. That’s a long time that people are actually, you know, tire kicking online and looking at houses. And, it seems like, you know, that you can find everything yourself by going on the various portals and Zillow and red finite things like that but you really need the agent to narrow it down further so you’re not getting your excitement and hopes up for the wrong house. So, too often, we’ll have people coming in to town, and they’ll just, “Hand me a list of MLS numbers and say, “I wanna see these homes!” Well I’d rather sit down with them, look at the homes online, and then say, well, “Didn’t you say you wanted a master down? This one is a master up. Does that gonna work for you? Cause your time is precious, and we wanna make sure you’re gonna see the right homes, and not get your hopes set on the wrong home. So, if you sit down with a RealtorⓇ before you even start the process, they can narrow that criteria and really, only provide you with the homes that fit your criteria that really work.

Eugene Robinson: Know what, that’s just the home.There’s the other component, that was, the money part of it. What about the loans? You help with the loans? Do you expect them to be pre-qualified?

Nancy: Oh yeah. We certainly would help them with that. We have preferred lenders that we work with, that we have great rapport, great experience with, and then we’ll walk them through that process. There’s so many different loan packages out there so one loan package might offer a lower interest rate, but the other one might be able to give them more flexibility, or a shorter time period for the payoff, so it really depends, you know if the person is, maybe, cash poor, doesn’t have a lot of money saved, maybe we need to go with a low down payment program. North Carolina actually has $8,000 down payment assistance plan, so that’s just, you know, money that don’t get to help them with their downpayment. So, it’s always everyone who always want to see interest rate but, let’s look at the total package, the total cost.

Colleen Odegaard: Nancy will help you with all of that. You offer a guarantee to homebuyers. What is it?

Nancy: So if, when you’re purchasing a property with us, if within 12 months you decide you don’t love your home, then we’ll sell it for free.

Colleen Odegaard: Wow! That’s a great deal! Look at that! Yes! Nancy, thank you so much. By the way, to get a free copy of Nancy’s VIP Buyer Agreement, give her a call. The number is 704-488-3109. Again 704-488-3109. You can also visit her website - it’s Nancy is really top of her game. She’s great. Thank you so much for being here.

Nancy: Thank you.     


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