How To Sell My Home Fast in Charlotte – A Comprehensive Guide

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Welcome to the comprehensive guide on how to sell your home fast in Charlotte.

This will be your compact go-to online booklet with step by step instructions on how to strategize home pricing to get the best results, the last minute important repairs you need to make before showing,  staging your house while living in it and even how to know the best staging colors.

Also, expect an up close study as we go along on why it pays to get the best REALTORⓇ or how to sell your house without a realtor, and your home value and appraisal.

I realize every situation is unique and I will do whatever it takes to get the job done for you.

Use our home value estimator today to know your property better!

You can also call me, Nancy Braun, at 704-997-3794  to get an email with all the marketing and lead generation links you need as a seller. Let’s get your house sold fast.

Getting your house ready to sell

To start with, let me share with you a very simple tip that most sellers overlook and what I have proven works to help sell your Charlotte home fast and guaranteed.

  • Make a video of your property. Take a look at this YouTube video on how to take good pictures of your home before you set it up for staging:

  • Create a virtual tour or take photos of your property for sale in Charlotte. You may consider hiring a professional photographer to make your home stand out even more or you can use your smartphone.  People look online first for homes before they go see them, that’s the trend nowadays. More than 80 percent of house hunters start their home search on the Web.
  • Use the address of the property as your video title. Smoothen your shots, edit your videos, and make sure all the important parts of your house have pictures.
  • Omit the not so good ones. After all, you can go back later to improve these parts of your home. We will also have an article on how to know the last minute important repairs before you set your property up for sale. And please, no toilets with their seats up in your photos!

With today’s technology, it is so easy to upload your photos and video on any server.  This can help sell your home in Charlotte in a span of less than a week among many other houses in your area all because you have shown a video of your property.

Remember, with good photography, your home may get you a higher sales price. Check our page regularly for more hot tips on selling your home faster!

How does a seller’s checklist look like? 

How to Sell My Home Fast in Charlotte

When Steven Spielberg spoke at the Harvard Commencement Exercises in May 2016, he closed his speech by quoting one of the most celebrated characters he created, E.T. He said, “go home”.

What an incredible time in history to put homes back on the spotlight as a cohesive symbol of what holds every family together.

This is also a great time to put your house on the market for sale. We will have a separate topic on which months are the best to sell a house.  

Here are tips to help you get through your selling experience and eventually will help you sell your home fast even though you still have repairs to do in your house.

  1. Be fixed in your purpose.
  • Weigh the pros and cons why you need to sell your house.
  • Figure out if you can afford to sell. Are you ready to move and buy a new house?
  • Calculate your home equity.
  • Research the local housing market.


  1. Begin with a clear selling strategy in mind.
  • If you opt to sell your house as FSBO (For Sale by Owner), make sure to get in touch with a lawyer or a real estate broker.
  • Determine your home’s unique features and strengths. Make sure that they are highlighted in your ads.
  • Determine how fast you need to sell your house and how much money you want to get from the sale
  • Talk to at least three reliable real estate brokers and make sure your home is listed in multiple listing services (MLS)
  • Weigh the pros and cons of selling the home yourself. Learn how to go about selling your home yourself.
  • Consider a physical or online auction for a quick sale in a slow market.
  • If you hire a listing agent, make sure you understand the terms of your agreement.
  1. Multiple marketing
  • Prepare your “For Sale” signs
  • MLS listings
  • Advertise in local newspapers
  • Real estate publications
  • Sign up for a free website on WordPress where you can boost your house listings

Call me, Nancy Braun, at 704-997-3794 for more information. I can post your house listing on my website to generate more clicks. The more clicks it gets, the higher the chances are in selling faster.

  • Distribute flyers to real estate agents, friends, family, coworkers, everyone.
  • Use high-resolution photos to showcase your home.
  • Use a handheld video camera to give online buyers a virtual tour of your home, by walking through each room and talking about its features. Or you can also use your smart phone.
  1.      Never disregard home staging and open houses
  • Declutter.  Sell, donate or trash everything you don’t need. Let go of the things that may give any negative impression on the buyer.
  • Improve and increase your curb appeal.
  • Ask for tips from a professional home stager or research staging tips.
  • Paint interior rooms neutral colors. We will talk about this in the succeeding sections of this article.
  • Replace dysfunctional lighting fixtures.
  • Hold an exclusive open house for REALTORSⓇ to introduce them to the home. Make sure to provide a feedback form. Serve food and refreshments.
  • Advertise in local publications and put up lots of sign in the area.
  • Hold an open house for potential buyers.


What sells more houses: empathy or eloquence? 

You may know everything about selling your house fast in Charlotte but one value that resonates is being able to speak to your buyers in their own language.

As sellers, empathy is highly important.

It is empathy that will lead you to know how you can transform your house into something that will make your buyers swoon for finally finding the home they are looking for.

What’s ahead?

You previously read about a few techniques on how to prepare your house before you put it up for sale.

In the succeeding chapters, we will go into details on each major point discussed. Our focus will be finding the right REALTORⓇ. Someone who can help you sell your house fast.

The main reason why I came up with this comprehensive guide project is to give you a booklet of the best steps to prepare you for selling your property.

This way, you do not need to spend all your valuable time researching it. This will be your quick reference to help you jumpstart one of the most important decisions in your life.

Let’s take a look at this good video on wise and quick tips on how to choose the right REALTORⓇ for your home. 

Diary of a real estate rookie

Author Alison Rogers wrote an exciting book about 10 questions that will assist you in identifying the best agent. Here are helpful tips from her book that you can use if you have not chosen your agent yet.

  1. How much experience do you have?
  2. How will you market it?
  3. How has your business changed in the last five years?
  4. Tell me how your last two deals surprised you?
  5. What’s your specialty?
  6. How many people are you selling homes for right now and what are you doing for them?
  7. What do you expect of me?
  8. What advice would you have for me if I get an offer from a buyer who wants to use an FHA loan?
  9. What’s your fee?
  10. Can I talk to one of your previous clients?

REALTORⓇ to the rescue

Real estate agents can earn professional designations granted by trade organizations. If the agent is called a REALTORSⓇ that means she’s a member of National Association of REALTORSⓇ. By hiring one, you are guaranteed that this is an agent who formally pledges to support the code of ethics.

Choose an agent who can help you with your home valuation, tell you what your home is worth and why.

It’s essential to have an agent that will support your choices but is also willing to tell it like it is. The right agent will test your ideas and perception of an inflated market value and will assist you in setting realistic expectations.

For suggestions, you may call 704-997-3794 for topics you would like us to have included in this booklet.

What are the top home pricing strategies

There are four known strategies that sellers utilize to price their homes. Never assume that a higher asking price will automatically mean a higher selling price.

Often, this equation works in contrary, especially if you’re not paying attention to what the market is telling you.

Now that you have picked your agent, one of his or her functions would be to help you find out the best strategy to use in pricing your property and make it work.

  1. Overpriced or sometimes called High Price Tactics – They are not in your best interest.   There are some listings that add 10 – 20% over their true market value and these homes end up sitting on the market the longest and are sometimes unsold.
  2. Somewhat Overpriced – These homes will also sit on the market for a long time untouched, even if they are only 5-10% overpriced.  
  3. Below Market Value Price – Some sellers require a rapid sale.  They will attract multiple offers and sell fast, usually in just a few days. Be careful that the agent suggesting this method is making this recommendation with your best interest in mind.
  4. Priced Correctly – Smart sellers, like you, recognize that real estate is part of the capitalistic system of supply and demand. You have thoroughly priced your home and completed an analysis of other sales on the market.

Comprehensive Guide on How to Sell My Home Fast

These competitively priced homes often sell within a reasonable timeframe and sell very close to the asking price. Remember that if this is priced correctly, it should sell for 97% to 99% of asking price.

How to negotiate price when selling a house  

One of the most challenging parts of real estate happens during the negotiation process. There are times that the buyer is too persistent and the seller gives up too easily or vice versa.

The great news is the market has gotten better than it has been in years, but it’s still best to be fortified with negotiation skills when trying to sell your home.

You may be the kind who never questions the offer from buyers and that would be unfair. If that sounds like you, you can use these tips on how to polish your negotiation skills, whether you’re buying or selling real estate.

  1. Pay attention to your first offers – Never disregard even the low offers. It may even be your best one. The best offers usually come at the time when you first list your home. It would be a mistake not to listen to these offers, regardless of what they are.
  2. Try your best not to be emotional – Don’t disregard the fact that your home is not just a structure. It may be your family’s entire history but it’s best to stay level headed throughout the negotiation process. Be rational. Use business skills to learn as you can about the buyer. The more information you know about your buyer’s financial statements, the better you will be at negotiating.
  3. Do not mention deadlines – If you’re behind on the mortgage, in the middle of a divorce or moving across the country, don’t highlight this to your buyer. This gives them unnecessary leverage. By keeping this information under wraps, you can avoid losing control of the situation.
  4. Silence can be good – Author Olivia Fox Cabane said, “I’ve often heard professional negotiators tell me that they could accurately predict the outcome of negotiations fairly early on using one simple clue: whoever has less endurance for silence loses.”

A certain amount of silence shows respect for your potential buyer. Silence teaches discipline but there are moments that this may mean rudeness so just be careful.

Up next, let’s be more playful and find out the best staging paint colors nowadays and how to stage a home when you are still living in the house? More on these topics in the next chapter.

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