Colors are everything when staging your home

Let’s watch these two videos. One focuses on the latest stellar hues and the latter shows us the timeless colors we can use most especially when we are trying to make our homes as impressive as we can, to sell them fast and the psychology behind them.

The misconception a lot of people have is that we think that colors are changing dramatically year after year but it has always been a slow process. It’s an evolution that changes slightly from one year to another. That’s the reason why we sometimes go back to see if it has changed.

I don’t know Tori Toth personally but she did us a huge help with this video, don’t you think? It tells us exactly which colors cause the hearts of the buyers to beat faster. Warm colors will capture their attention and you have an assurance that they will make accurate decisions.

I personally find color staging choices irresistible. Imagine you can sell your home faster, not just in Charlotte, but anywhere you live just by painting your home a color that will affect not just your mood but your buyer’s mood and choices.

Hottest staging tips from a pro!

Neila Deen, an interior designer, and a home stager shared some excellent tips:

Avoid white. Although this color has always worked our focus nowadays is to make sure your homes won’t look too stark in the eyes of your buyers.

The overall goal of home staging is to make each room feel fresh, inviting and neutral enough so that prospective buyers can imagine themselves living there.

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Here are my top 3 staging colors from Neila Deen’s blog that have proven to help sell houses faster:

  • Gray is the new white. Take note of the different hues for gray though. This is where the evolution of colors come in. If you have no idea what the color greige looks like, I’m sure you’ve already seen it. A pale gray with a beige undertone is one of the most versatile colors for staging.Home to Sell My Home Fast in Charlotte
  •  Classic Navy. Navy blue is an excellent paint color to add sophistication, drama and a feeling of refined maturity to a room. Similar to charcoal gray, navy works well in a light-filled room or on a featured accent wall, particularly in smaller rooms or walls with architectural details like a fireplace. Are you tired of boring, plain walls in your child’s bedroom? Click on this link to explore the top 5 best paint colors that will bring life and personality to your kid’s space, creating a fun and inviting atmosphere they’ll love! to Sell my Home Fast in Charlotte
  •  Don’t even think about painting over your wallpaper – it will look shabby and give red flags for the buyer about all the work he or she will have to do later.
  • Bird’s Egg Blue. Neila Deen calls this color a grown-up turquoise.  It is great for living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, particularly when the rest of the room is white, beige or gray.  This calm environment can have a positive emotional effect on potential buyers and allow them to appreciate the beauty of the space.Read:  How To Sell My Home Fast in Charlotte – A Comprehensive Guide


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