April 22

In the latest episode of Charlotte Today, Nancy Braun shares several thoughts on choosing the right Realtor®. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, having the right real estate professional is crucial to a smooth process.

With so many agents out there, how are you expected to find the right one for you?

Knowing how to choose a realtor to sell a home is crucial in the home selling process. Not all Realtors® are the same so it’s important to find out as much as you can about choosing the right Realtor. This can make a huge difference in your experience as buyer or seller. Asking the right questions can help you narrow down your options.

Nancy talks about the crucial questions to ask when choosing a Realtor® to work with. She shares how crucial it is to delve into the length and type of experience a Realtor® brings to the table with them. It’s also good to ask how many clients the Realtor® is working with currently. This will be a good gauge of how much time the representative will be able to dedicate to you.

She also highlights the value of working with the right team. As the marketing of real estate becomes more diverse, there is a greater need for people working together.

Nancy’s team at Showcase Realty is composed of individuals who have specialized duties and complete specific tasks, so that no details are over overlooked. With over 50 agents and staff, Showcase Realty provides efficient and best-in-class real estate client services in the Carolinas.

There’s only one team to call when you’re buying or selling a home in Charlotte NC-- it’s Showcase Realty! Nancy and the team have assisted thousands of real estate clients. 

If you want to experience the best and most effective real estate service imaginable, all you have to do is call Nancy Braun at (704) 997-3794.

On Choosing the Right Realtor

Colleen: Whether you’re buying a home or getting ready to put yours on the market, choosing the right RealtorⓇ is a crucial part of the process.

Eugene: Well here to help us is Nancy Braun with Showcase Realty. Hello, Nancy how are you doing?

Nancy: I’m great, thank you.

Colleen: We’re glad you’re here. Alright, we mentioned choosing RealtorⓇ is really important. It’s a great first step when buying or selling a home, correct?

Nancy: That’s absolutely one of the top things that people concern themselves with. Who are they going to have represent them?

Thank you.

Eugene: Now you got 25 questions that are absolutely critical when buying a house.

Nancy: That’s right.

Eugene: Okay, and the very first one was “how many homes have you sold?”

Nancy: That’s right. Anyone can get a license with a minimal degree. It’s like six or eight weeks to train, to get a certification and be a licensed RealtorⓇ. The question is do you want to have someone that’s had very little experience in the past or someone who has sold thousands or hundreds of homes? Because each time you have a transaction, you have a tremendous learning experience and there are problems you have to solve throughout.

Colleen: You also said one of the questions you can ask a potential RealtorⓇ is “Where do you rank in Charlotte?” why is that a good question to ask?

Nancy: Well, just to give you more experience, you want to be with someone who’s out there that knows the neighborhood, that knows the product, that knows the concerns, knows issues that might be specific to a certain area. If Radon is an issue or if aluminum wiring is an issue. An experienced agent is going to have his or her own hands on the local area, know all those critical factors.

Colleen: Makes a lot of sense.

Eugene: And I know another thing is the list price to sell ratio, that has to be an issue that people have to bring up. Is that correct?

Nancy:  That’s right, there are those who we call in the industry as limited service brokers or discount brokers and they might promote that they might be less of a commission and you might be so focused on what kind of commission they are going to charge but the end result is what are you going to net.

So if you’re putting your home on the market, it doesn’t really matter so much what you’re paying to get your home marketed as long as you net more. If I take my home on the market and I engage a RealtorⓇ that maybe isn’t going to market the property or isn’t going to use all the tools that they should be using to blast it on the internet or get great photography, and then they put the house on the market and they get 85% the list price; well, I’ve really lost my money even though I  think I’m saving it on the front end by paying less commission beacause if you went with someone like myself, you get a 100% on average of list price.

Colleen: That’s good to know. Another question that folks should ask when they’re choosing a RealtorⓇ is asking the agent “How many buyers they’re working with?” Why is that an important question to ask?

Nancy: Well the typical real estate agent is most often working with 2 or 3 buyers at any one time. I’ve created a system in our office so we actually have 5 people answering the phones and we are heavy marketers so we have over 50,000 buyers in our database. So I tell my sellers, “I probably already have your home sold.”

Eugene: So with those 50,000 people in your database, what is the marketing plan because it would be the next thing I’d want to know “What is the marketing plan as you’re going to sell my home?”

Nancy: We have a tremendous marketing team so I have people on my staff, they are experts on social media, in digital marketing, and SEO. We also have a very, very sophisticated CRM so we can market the properties to our database right away. So they immediately get access to our new listings, open houses, price reductions and any new back on the market, they will be notified right away.  

Colleen: Another thing you can ask a RealtorⓇthat you might be considering working with is “How many homes they sold last year?”

Nancy: That’s right. That way you know, are they up and coming, are they engaged in the business or are they just part-time. The person that’s out there, that’s marketing, that’s selling a lot of homes is going to be very knowledgeable.

Colleen: I think a lot of times people don’t ask these questions, they just think, “Oh my friend said his cousin just got his license and now he’s going to be my guide” but this makes so much sense to me, Nancy.

You mentioned you have a large staff at Showcase Realty so another question you can ask a RealtorⓇ that you might be thinking about working with, “what is the size of your staff?”

Nancy: So I was an individual agent before general brokerage, my first twelve years in my career. Then in 2008, I spun off and created my own company and the reason was I felt that I couldn’t service my sellers in particular unless I had a big team behind me.

The internet was exploding, and even though I’m good on social media, I’m good at technology, I can’t possibly market the properties all by myself. I don’t have enough hands or fingers to type and create that.

So my team behind me is marketing and blasting the properties that we have for the market all over the internet and if you don’t have that kind of expertise, and the people that can back you up and really properly market your property, you might not be getting the exposure that you need to sell your house.

Colleen: You’re good, Nancy. If you would like a free copy of Nancy’s 25 Critical questions you must ask your agent before hiring them, visit ncbestagent.com, ncbestagent.com. Nancy Braun from Showcase Realty, thank you for your time.


The process of selling a house with a realtor is better if the realtor you are working with is experienced enough to guide you every step of the way. Whether you are buying or selling a home in Charlotte NC, make sure that you call Nancy Braun at (704) 997-3794. She has all the knowledge and expertise you need for a smooth and stress-free home buying or selling process. 


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