September 11

Why Is It Important to Stage Your Charlotte NC Home?

In the latest episode of Charlotte Today, Nancy Braun shows how home staging can make a huge difference in your home.

If you are planning to put your Charlotte NC home on the market, it goes without saying that you are hoping to sell your home as quickly as possible and get your asking price. There are two simple rules to follow to assure a quick sale: price the home correctly, and make sure it looks amazing. Whatever the asking price, its appearance needs to be flawless. Presenting a well-cared for home creates a positive first impression.

Home staging is a practice that has become an important sales tool in recent years, and for good reason. Staging your home brings out the best features of your property and gives you a competitive advantage. In addition, staging can facilitate a quick sale and get the best possible price for your home in today’s real estate market.

Nancy and her team at Showcase Realty can provide you with an honest appraisal of what you need to do to help sell your home or put you in contact with a professional stager, if desired.

In this episode, Nancy gives a tour of a gorgeous home for sale in Providence Plantation and shows how home staging can help potential buyers walk in and envision the property as their home. She demonstrates how good furniture placement can help show off a room and makes a huge impact as a buyer walks through it. Nancy also highlights the importance of clearing clutter and de-personalizing your home without making it look deserted.

Selling your property is a serious undertaking. How your home for sale in Charlotte NC is presented and perceived should be given much importance and consideration. Take the time to properly prepare your home before listing it for sale so that you can can reduce the time on market and maximize the selling price. Call Nancy Braun today at (704) 997-3794 to get started.

Eugene Robinson: If you want to sell your home in a hurry, there certain things you could do to get the best price very fast.

Colleen Odegaard: Staging a house can make all the difference. Nancy Braun from Showcase Realty shows us. Staging a home can make all the difference when it comes time to sell your home and for top dollar. Nancy Braun from Showcase Realty has more to say on that here in the beautiful Providence Plantation neighborhood. This is one of your properties that's for sale, and you want to show us what a difference staging has made.

Nancy: Absolutely, absolutely. We're gonna take a peek inside but I just want to focus on the outside of this home. It's on over an acre and a half of land, tree lined, wooded street, one of the prettiest streets in all Providence Plantation. So let's go take a peak.

Colleen Odegaard: Nancy, I think this room is absolutely spectacular. It didn't always look like this though.

Nancy: Absolutely. It's a great room to work with though. You have the exposed beam ceilings and the vaulted ceiling, and the gorgeous fireplace. Brick all way to the ceiling. And what we did is simply just simplify it. So we took out some pieces that were specific for the current seller that really reflected their lifestyle and their travels and brought in some neutral pieces that anyone could envision their furniture in the space and made it so that you could walk around, you could easily envision an armoir on this wall, and take away some of the clutter that just makes the place feel airy and bigger.

Colleen Odegaard: Another thing that makes this home field airy and bigger is this gorgeous sunroom, I love the furniture that you put in here as part of your staging business.

Nancy: Absolutely. It's separated by this custom rock and panel that really I think makes the sun room special. And then the sun room overlooks one-and-a-half acres of gorgeous wooded property where they can see deer on a daily basis.

Colleen Odegaard: Nancy, I think this room is spectacular. It's great for people who like to entertain.

Nancy: Absolutely isn't it really special? It’s my favorite room in the house, so. It's just warm and inviting. This room, you can just envision the family just merging and watching TV together, reading a book. I just think it's terrific.

Colleen Odegaard: I love this house. I think it's special. I think it's gorgeous and the staging has made such a difference.

Nancy: Yeah, yeah, so we've brightened up this room. It had a beautiful sophisticated wallpaper on here, but we took that down and then we really neutralized the colors, so anyone can put their furniture in here and and make it a really special family room.

Colleen Odegaard: Nancy let’s show everyone this spacious master bedroom, I think this is gorgeous. Again, your staging came into play beautifully with the seating area. You can really envision what it would be like to live in this home.

Nancy: Absolutely, and this is just a beautiful sprawling ranch. 3800-plus square feet and everything on one floor. But one of the things, it's an older who built in the 80s. But look at all the rooms, they’re all big. Big walk-in closets, big everything. Every room is really spacious, and open to the beautiful nature.

Colleen Odegaard: I think the staging you've done in this home is absolutely spectacular, and that's something that you help all your clients with if they need that.

Nancy: Absolutely, absolutely. There's one person's perspective may be an interior designer or decorator, or the homeowner might want to live in a certain way, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to sell for top dollar in that way it's decorated. So we took away some of the personal items and really neutralized the home. We can come into your home and we can say, “We can replace the furniture, we can just take some of the furniture out so there's more walking traffic patterns. So you feel like there's more room for the new homeowners furniture or belongings. And we can also just help you rearrange what you have.” But color is really important too, so we give advice on that as well.

Colleen Odegaard: This backyard is spectacular with the beautiful trees on this oversized deck. I just love this house. I think it's special.

Nancy: Oh, I do too. I've always loved this house. I love selling it to these clients, and I love making it available to the new homeowners, and I think the staging is just bringing out some of the beauty of this home and making it, really feel as open as it is and all the details about the home and uniqueness about the home is really coming forward. So little things like planting red and yellow flowers makes a difference in Feng Shui. It helps sell homes, but we could do some miracles with staging So, it could be as small as moving furniture around, as big as re-furnishing your property or just taking away some things. So it's less cluttered.

Colleen Odegaard: Well, you've done an excellent job it's really beautiful. Nancy, thank you so much.

Nancy: Thank you I really enjoy showing you this gorgeous home.

Colleen Odegaard: Nancy is so good and Nancy Braun can help you with all of your home buying and selling needs. By the way that homely featured in the piece that you just saw in Providence Plantation, it is for sale. It is spectacular. I totally fell in love with that house.

Eugene Robinson: The outsides are beautiful too.

Colleen Odegaard: No, it’s cool. It’s a ranch 3800 square feet, I mean that’s big for a one-story house. I really like it. Call Nancy If you're interested in seeing it. The number 704-488-3109, 704-488-3109. Call her if you'd like to see that home or if you would like help listing your home, or staging your home. Nancy's your person.

Eugene Robinson: Indeed.

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