Know the home features to work on

Today’s home buyer looks for specific features when searching for a Charlotte NC home for sale, and is willing to pay top dollar if he or she finds a home that meets most of the desired features on his or her list.

If you’re a seller, knowing what these features are will put you in a better position to know what to plan for when renovating or upgrading your home. If you’re a buyer, knowing the features other buyers look for will help you edit your wish list and know what other things to check in a home other than what you want.

What are the top 10 features home buyers want?

1. Open concept homes. One of the most popular features desired by modern home buyers, an open floorplan amplifies space, allows for shared experiences, and fosters togetherness. Even modest-sized homes seem more spacious with an open floorplan concept.  It’s also convenient and great for entertainment.

2. Modern kitchen. Did you know that when buyers tour a home for sale, the first thing many of them check is the kitchen?  Considered the heart of the home, the kitchen’s appearance often has an impact on the buyer.  Most buyers lose interest if the kitchen is not appealing. They expect a modern kitchen with granite, marble or quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and plenty of cabinets for storage.

3. Updated bathroom. This is a must for every buyer. They want the comfort and convenience an updated bathroom brings. Many buyers prefer a separate walk-in shower from the tub, new plumbing fixtures, updates light fixtures and modern looking tiles.

4. Hardwood floors. For many buyers, having hardwood floors is appealing and desirable. Not only are hardwood floors more durable, they are also easier to maintain than carpet floors. Most importantly, they enhance the aesthetics of the home and lend a more classic and timeless touch.

5. Laundry room. Many people disregard the importance of a laundry room — which is a mistake. A large percentage of buyers want a separate room where they can do the laundry. Many even want a space for sorting and ironing clothes.

6. Energy efficient windows and appliances. Modern home buyers seek homes with energy efficient features and appliances. These features can lower a home’s heating, cooling and lighting expenses. The significant savings it yields are highly attractive to home buyers.

7. Outdoor living spaces. This feature allows you to extend your living space while maximizing the view of the outdoors. There was a time when outdoor spaces were limited to grilling hot dogs. Now outdoor spaces have plush chairs for relaxation. Bring your home for sale’s outdoor space to life by installing modern light fixtures, an outdoor fireplace, and an outdoor fan. You can even add a big screen TV.  Many people now prefer to entertain more often in their outdoor living spaces than in their living rooms!

8. Garage storage space. This feature is something all buyers want to have. They want a space for their cars, plus a place where they can put in other stuff which they want to keep but not in the house. Having a garage storage space in your home for sale in Charlotte NC allows the home to remain clutter free.

9. A wireless security system. This feature keeps the home secure. No matter what age you are, you want safety. This feature is a must. Many home technologies allow you to control different features with one touch on your phone, which is attractive to homebuyers.

10. Neutral decor. When you want your home to sell fast, this feature is important. It saves time and money for the buyers to redo the interior color of the home.

Call me, Nancy Braun, at (704) 997-3794. As the top real estate agent in Charlotte NC, I can help you know which home features to work for your home to sell fast.


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