In the latest episode of Charlotte Today, Nancy Braun shares tips to help speed up the sale of your home in any real estate market.

Selling a home and getting it ready for the market can be challenging. One major consideration home sellers face is whether they can sell their home on their own or if they need a real estate agent to manage the sale. However, if you truly want to sell your Charlotte NC home fast, you can’t do it without the guidance of a top real estate agent like Nancy Braun. As a true pro, she knows what buyers in your area want and can help you maximize your home’s appeal. Nancy and her team at Showcase Realty have assisted thousands of real estate clients sell their homes for top dollar, in the least amount of time. She can also provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) free of charge.  

Nancy also highlighted the importance of reducing clutter. Potential buyers want to see everything in a home, making it absolutely crucial to maximize every square inch of your property by minimizing your overall clutter. You can donate extra stuff to charity or sell some of them for additional money. There are also apps that can make decluttering and house clearances easier, giving you the chance to get rid of unwanted items without even leaving your home.

When asked about what needs to be fixed before selling, Nancy mentioned touching up the paint, cleaning the carpets, and working on the landscaping. These three simple fixes can help you create a fantastic first impression. She also talked about sellers who are thinking of doing major upgrades. It’s best to consult with your agent first before making any repairs to weigh the pros and cons with your particular home and your personal situation. Nancy can also help you determine which projects will increase the value of your home and what projects aren’t worth your time or money.

Don’t get stuck in a long and painstaking process that ends up costing you a lot. Call Nancy Braun today at (704) 997-3794 to get all the help you need in selling your home in Charlotte NC fast.

Rachel Rollar: Whether you're moving into a new neighborhood in Charlotte or maybe relocating to another city, you're gonna need help selling your home, and our next guest this morning can help.

Eugene Robinson: She can definitely help. Welcome Nancy Braun with Showcase Realty. Hello Nancy, how are you doing?

Nancy Braun: Good morning.

Rachel Rollar: Morning.

Eugene Robinson: We're talking something that's very, very stressful, so moving, the home, there's so much work you've got to do, but you say that you have some tips for us that will make that a little bit easier, a better process. How can we first sell a home fast?

Nancy Braun: Well, getting your home ready for the market is a challenge. We would want to have someone like myself come to your house and give you some pointers on what you should do or shouldn't do.

Often they call me when it's too late, and they used the wrong paint color, or spent  a lot of money on something that won't have a great return. Get that free advice. Get omeone to come in and give you some guidance on how to get your home best ready.

Rachel Rollar : So if someone is planning to move their home and they do want someone like you to come check it out, what are some things that they need to do to get their home ready?

Nancy Braun: I always say less is more.

Rachel Rollar: Okay.

Nancy Braun: So if I'm not there, and they're debating on whether they should move this or move that to a different room, or move it to the garage or a storage unit, I always say opt for taking it out.

The less you have, the less clutter. If you go to a new home community and walk through a model home, you'll see that they have very little.

Rachel Rollar: Uhm.

Nancy Braun: Just a few pieces for pop of color. But you don't want a lot of clutter so you want to pack up as much as you can. I recommend start donating. Give them to the good charities. There's apps that you can use, offerup. You can use letgo.

Eugene Robinson : Yes.

Nancy Braun: You could sell the property, or sell some of the items.

Rachel Rollar: Right. Right.

Nancy Braun: Or there's another app called TrashNothing where you can just have people come and take the things for free.

Eugene Robinson: Really? They can just come and take it?

Nancy Braun: Yeah.

Rachel Rollar : Facebook marketplace is blowing up right now, so people are selling stuff.

Eugene Robinson: I'd like to ask. What do homeowners need to fix before putting their home on the market. There's a lot of things that go undone.

Nancy Braun: Yes. Paint is a great coverup. It's cheap, cheap, cheap and it could be just your elbow grease in getting it painted. Cleaning your carpets. Cleaning is the most important thing.

Often overlooked is landscaping. It's the first impression when you drive up to a home and you want to make sure that it's really well maintained, and the landscaping is going to be a tell-tale sign of how loved the home was.

Rachel Rollar Yeah. People often worry so much about the inside. They forget.

Nancy Braun: That's right. The feng shui said red and yellow flowers are going to sell a home so instead of planting the pink and purple, maybe put some red and yellow flower boxes out.

Rachel Rollar : Noted!

Eugene Robinson: Staging. Is staging a part of that process too? Staging the home?

Nancy Braun: That's right. Staging comes in all different levels. We can come in there and totally bring in all new furniture to just rearranging things or removing things or kind of giving them ideas where you can position something. You want a nice traffic flow in the house. You don't want them jumping over things, trying to get in the rooms while they are looking at the house.

Rachel Rollar:  Okay, what about appraisals? When is the right or wrong time to go ahead and do that?

Nancy Braun: When I come to the home, I bring comparables which are similar homes which have sold or on the market that you're going to be competing with. You want to see active, under contract and sold comparables. That's what an appraiser is going to do as well. You can opt to have an appraisal done but they're gonna be looking at the same comparables as we will. You don't have to pay for me to do that. It's a free service.

Rachel Rollar: Right.

Nancy Braun: The buyer typically gets the appraisal done on behalf of the lender because the lender wants to make sure that there's enough equity in the home to lend on the home.

Rachel Rollar :Let me ask you something. You were talking about little things to fix whether that's painting or just kind of decluttering. Do you think it’s beneficial for people when they see "Maybe I should redo my bathroom or redo the kitchen before I can sell my house?" Is that something that's --?

Nancy Braun: It sometimes is beneficial, sometimes not. If you're not experienced in it, you might actually spend more money than you're going to get back.

Rachel Rollar: Right. Okay.

Nancy Braun: If you're going to be living in the home for quite a while, do the renovations before you move out and enjoy them.

It really depends on what you purchase the home for, to determine whether there's a value that you're going to add to the home by doing a major renovation. If you're not really good at that, you might do a poor job, where people cut corners and the kitchen really isn't that impressive. Kitchens are big. Bathrooms are big. But you've got to be sure you;re gonna have enough return on that investment because those are expensive renovations.

Rachel Rollar : Yeah.

Eugene Robinson: That's some very good stuff right there. Okay, if you need help selling your home, download a free copy of Nancy's 7 Steps to a Seamless Move. Just go to That's for your free copy. You can also give Nancy a call at 704-997-3794. And your team will help you get in there, help you move and get everything all done.

Nancy Braun: We sure will. Thank you so much.

Rachel Rollar : Make it a less stressful process.

Eugene Robinson: I like that.

Rachel Rollar : Thank you, Nancy.


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