Thinking of selling your fixer-upper home?

When you own a Charlotte NC home that has a lot of repair issues and you would like to list it, you may think “Who would want to buy a home like this?”. The answer: Many people will buy it.

It is actually easier to sell a fixer-upper than a new construction because it is more affordable. It is a good deal which many buyers are looking for.  Also, they love the freedom to customize the home according to their preferences, and there are even some buyers who are searching for fixer-uppers because they love the idea of being hands-on in home projects.

Tips on listing your not so charming home.

When you need to sell your fixer-upper house quickly, here are a few things you can do to get the most out of it.

Hire the right REALTOR®. An experienced REALTOR® can do so much for you and your home. He or she will know the right price for your home, what repairs are needed and who to market your home to.

Price it right. It can be difficult to price your home according to the comparables in your area because yours has more flaws and issues, so have the real estate agent assess your home to get the right market value for it, then set it at a bargain price. Your price should be at a value which leaves sufficient amount for the buyer to fix and repair the home. Then prepare your home for the market!

Get your home cleaned. Whether you DIY or have it done by a professional, getting your home clean will make it look much better. This is the best opportunity for you to declutter. Remove any unused and unnecessary appliances and furniture. You will be surprised to see how you can clear out a good deal of space after decluttering. Step up your cleaning game by deep cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. Buyers are aware your home for sale needs significant repair, but they will be offended when you do not take the effort to clean your home.

Highlight the best features. Just because your home’s porch may be falling apart doesn’t mean that all other areas need fixing and repair. Look for the best features of your home which would make it worth an investment and highlight it to the real estate agent so it can be emphasized in the marketing materials. Your home probably has an open floor concept, a spacious kitchen or an amazing backyard. Those are the areas you should work on.

Be honest about your home’s flaws. It is in your best interest to disclose any flaws or repairs needed in your home to your real estate agent and the potential buyer. It is much better for them to be aware of it, rather than finding out the flaws after the home inspection.

Show the buyer your home’s potential and help them see the possibilities your home offers. When you can do it successfully, you will sell your fixer-upper home in Charlotte NC.

For more home selling tips, visit // Call me, Nancy Braun, at (704) 997-3794. As one of Charlotte NC’s top REALTOR®, I can help sell your fixer-upper home.


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