October 12

Charlotte Ranked One Of The Hottest Hipster Markets in America (Higher Than Asheville)


I came across this article on how Charlotte is one of the hipster markets in the country.  Just how did Banktown become a ‘hipster’ city, you ask? Well, with the aid of Yelp reviews and the number of ‘hipster’ businesses per area, see how our beloved city fared in this article by CharlotteStories:

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The list analyses the highest concentrations of ‘hipster’ businesses for home buyers looking to embrace indie culture, using the number of times the word ‘hipster’ is mentioned in each city’s Yelp reviews, and how many ‘hipster-type’ business per capita are in each city.

It may not be a surprise that Charlotte is now one of the most hipster markets in America, given our growing coffee scene, thriving craft breweries, hardcore disc-golf community, and our massive annual hippie festival, but what may be surprising is how high we ranked.

Charlotte came in at #15, ranking higher than Denver, Fresno, CA, and even Ashville.

We were given an overall hipster score of 93.6 and Asheville was given an 83.6 – even Greensboro made the list at #43, scoring a 79.5.

Realtor.com® and Yelp’s Hottest Hipster Markets:

RankingMarketYelp Hipster


Market Hotness**
1Columbus, Ohio (43202)90.199.8
2Seattle (98122)95.994.1
3San Diego, Calif. (92104)95.693.7
4Fort Wayne, Ind. (46802)88.295.7
5Rochester, N.Y. (14620)92.592.8
6San Francisco (94117)84.396.0
7Long Beach, Calif. (90814)93.290.7
8Louisville, Ky. (40217)97.587.8
9Grand Rapids, Mich. (49506)88.892.4
10Colorado Springs, Colo. (80903)86.892.9
11Royal Oak, Mich (48067)77.698.2
12Oklahoma City, Okla. (73103)94.987.8
13Milwaukee, Wis. (53207)96.485.6
14St. Louis (63143)75.996.9
15Charlotte, N.C. (28205)93.685.9
17Riverside, Calif. (92501)88.687.0
18Denver (80203)93.085.0
19Eugene, Ore. (97402)82.090.5
20Tampa, Fla. (33603)99.580.1
21Omaha, Neb. (68104)91.785.0
22Fresno, Calif. (93728)84.588.4
23Asheville, N.C. (28806)83.688.7
24Arlington, Mass. (02474)68.297.5
25Dallas (75208)93.582.7
26Boise, Idaho (83702)89.185.2
27Lawrence, Kan. (66044)91.882.6
28Santa Rosa, Calif. (95401)68.695.8
29Fargo, N.D. (58102)89.382.7
30Santa Clara, Calif. (95051)65.794.5
31Chico, Calif. (95928)71.290.8
32Richmond, Va. (23220)94.177.9
33Orlando, Fla. (32803)94.577.4
34Buffalo, N.Y. (14222)83.883.0
35Salt Lake City, Utah (84105)85.680.8
36Lancaster, Pa. (17603)85.280.5
37Ann Arbor, Mich. (48104)80.483.1
38Vancouver, Wash. (98660)78.184.1
39Gilbert, Ariz. (85234)71.987.4
40Akron, Ohio (44303)98.573.1
41Memphis, Tenn. (38104)81.880.5
42Sacramento, Calif. (94819)53.197.1
43Greensboro, N.C. (27403)79.581.7
44Santa Cruz, Calif. (95060)60.692.6
45Birmingham, Ala. (35222)90.275.8
46Tulsa, Okla. (74120)87.976.4
47Indianapolis, Ind. (46205)95.372.6
48Provo, Utah (84601)82.378.9
49Nashville, Tenn. (37204)81.179.3
50Alexandria, Va. (22301)72.683.8

Read more about this article here: //www.charlottestories.com/charlotte-ranked-one-hottest-hipster-markets-america-higher-asheville/



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