Be patient about achieving the highest sale price of your home!

A lot of home sellers become intimidated when they reach the negotiating process. But if you have a plan to follow, and you know the signals and language, you can ace this process by confidently turning the tables to be in your favor.

Your pricing strategy and negotiating skills can make or break your chances for a quick sale. Like anything else, you may be faced with challenges especially from buyers with low ball offers.

In order to ensure a fast and optimal closing experience, avoid making these mistakes when negotiating real estate.

  1. Too much information during an offer. There are two things that you need to know when negotiating: you should know the things you’re allowed to say and not to say – don’t divulge too much information around people who do not really represent your interests.
  2. Failing to take time on the counteroffer. Most sellers feel that they need to respond right away when an offer is presented. Don’t forget that this is a critical part of the sale. In our comprehensive guide on how to sell your home fast in Charlotte, one tip on polishing your negotiation skills is to be comfortable with silence.  A little bit of space will certainly give you clarity on your next move.
  3. Too many freebies. Many sellers go out of their way to give away too many appliances or furniture. If it’s part of your plan to do this, you may want to wait until the latter part of the negotiating process. Unless they are specialized in your listing, you can treat them outside of your home sale.
  4. Don’t mention deadlines. If you’re behind on the mortgage, in the middle of a divorce, or moving out of state, don’t highlight this to your buyer. This will give them unnecessary leverage. By keeping this information under wraps, you can avoid losing control of the situation.]

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How can a real estate agent in Charlotte help you?

The great news is you can always work with a REALTOR? who can do the work for you. Remember, you don’t need to stress yourself out with these things because a professional agent who has years of experience can do this in an outstanding manner.

But just knowing this information will allow enables you to be wary of committing these mistakes yourself.  You can always call me, Nancy Braun at 704-997-3794. My team and I are always ready to handle things like this.

My goal is to sell your home for the least amount of hassle for the most amount of money – and faster!

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