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Myers Park is a luxurious neighborhood located in Charlotte, NC. Take a drive down any of its streets, and you will see that the neighborhood is upscale. You’ll see very good-looking homes and streets lined with trees. It is a very appealing look. Does all this have you wanting to move there?

Charlotte, NC, is the most populous city in the state. If you like the energy that urban areas give off, then Myers Park is a great choice. All the benefits of urban life will be close by, while your home will lie in a serene environment.

You will find that there are many homes available for sale in Myers Park. They tend to be a steep price, many times running into the millions of dollars. Condos are more affordable, although still expensive compared to other neighborhoods.

If you want to live in Myers Park, you will likely be spending a lot in any case. This is what pushes many people to opt to build a house of their own. The first step to that is always buying a lot. Once you get a lot, then you’ll be able to have a custom house built on your land.

Building on a lot is an exciting prospect. Not everyone does this, so there is a lot you might need to know. This page will tell you about the process of building on a lot in Myers Park. You’ll also get to see some of the things that make it a wonderful place to live.

What Do I Need to Build on a Lot in Myers Park, Charlotte, NC?

There are a lot of steps required before you can build on a lot. The journey from buying one to completing a house can be rather long. But for many people, it’s worth it to have the house of their dreams. Note that having an agent experienced with the area can make things so much easier.

Here is a summary of the steps that you will need to take to build a custom home:

  • Buy a lot. This is always the first step. In Myers Park, Charlotte, NC, lots can cost as much as houses in other places. They usually stand around the $500,000 mark. You can find some for a bit less, though. It all depends on the size and location. Before you pull the trigger on a lot, make sure the land can have a house built on it. Your real estate agent can help you make sure you’re good to go before you buy.
  • Find an architect. You likely have an image of your dream home floating around in your head. It is time for you to finally put that dream to paper. This is what the architect is for. They will help you conceptualize your home. Work closely with them to make sure it is exactly as you desire. Your architect will produce a set of drawings for you. These are necessary for construction, particularly DD drawings. These are ‘design development’ drawings. It is also important to know of any requirements from the local homeowners’ association before you finalize your design.
  • Find a contractor. This is the person who will do the building for you. You can start shopping for one as soon as you get your DD drawings. You can ask your architect (or agent) for contractor recommendations. You can also go shopping yourself. Make sure they have the proper licenses and insurance. The contractor will submit the house plans and apply for a permit for you. You’ll need to pay a fee for this. Once this gets approved, you can begin work. They will give you a price for the construction.
  • Finance the building. Of course, you will need to pay for the house you’re building. Most people will get financing from a bank for both the lot and home mortgage. This can make things much easier. Once financed, the building can start!

Of course, this is a summary of the steps to give you an idea of the process. By working with a good agent, you’ll get everything done right the first time. Once again, an agent with expertise in the area will make this easy.

What is it Like Living in Myers Park, Charlotte, NC?

Before you go and buy that lot, you want to make sure that Myers Park is the place for you. It is much more than its trees and beautiful houses after all. Here are some of the important things you may want to know before you build:

  • Shopping is no problem. If you love to shop, Myers Park will feel like home. The Park Road Shopping Center is a great place to start. It has all sorts of stores. There’s a bookstore, toy store, pet store, drug store, and more. There’s even a movie theater. You’ll also find a gift shop and antique store in the neighborhood. If you like luxury items, SouthPark Mall isn’t far away. It is home to several upscale brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton.
  • Myers Park is a historic district. There are 670 historic structures in the neighborhood. These give it a beautiful antique feel. Many of these were built in the late 19th century or early 20th. There are many different types of architecture to behold.
  • You can get all sorts of food. Whether you want Italian, Chinese, Indian, or contemporary American, you’ll find them. There are restaurants of all types here, so you always get something new. There’s a bistro and wine bar too, or a regular bar if you just want a drink.
  • There are schools for children too. This neighborhood wouldn’t be complete without its schools. There are 2 elementary schools and a middle and high school. The Queens University of Charlotte makes its home here too. And for all the reading that these schools will cause, there is a public library.

Building on a lot is a new experience for many. They may not know exactly how to handle it, but with a great agent beside you, it won’t be hard. Your dream home won’t be too far off. And in a wonderful place like Myers Park too!

An experienced agent has all the contacts, so you won’t need to worry yourself. Getting a builder, architect, and a lot to start with, won’t be hard with Nancy Braun. She has years of experience working in Charlotte, NC, so you can be sure she’ll do great.

All it takes to get started is a phone call! Call Nancy Braun at 704-997-3794. You can have your lot bought and your dream home ready before you can imagine!

Showcase Realty LLC and Broker/Owner Nancy Braun are Licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina to serve all your housing needs.


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Showcase Realty LLC and Broker/Owner Nancy Braun are Licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina to serve all your housing needs.

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