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Southern Living released its list of South’s best cities in 2023, and Charlotte has reached the 11th spot! This recognition only confirms that Charlotte is a remarkable and growing community. 

The city offers immense economic opportunities, a diverse cultural scene, and breathtaking landscapes. As you continue reading, I will explore why Charlotte, NC is such a desirable place to live and work. 

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What is Charlotte, NC, Famous For?

Charlotte, North Carolina, is famous for the following: 

1. Diverse art scene 

Art is everywhere in Charlotte. You will find artistic expression in the city from museums and galleries. 

The Mint Museum and the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art are the city’s most well-known institutions. They showcase some of the most impressive works from around the world. 

You’ll find vibrant murals and sculptures all over the city. Each one is a testament to the city’s ever-evolving cultural landscape

Charlotte also hosts various festivals and events celebrating art in all forms. These include the Charlotte Film Festival, the Charlotte Shakespeare Festival, and the Charlotte Jazz Festival. 

2. Thriving financial sector 

Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Truist Financial have headquarters here. Charlotte’s finance industry provides jobs for professionals in banking or accounting. 

Many people move to Charlotte to work in this industry, making it a significant part of the city’s economy. 

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3. Sports Culture 

Fans of basketball, football, and baseball will find plenty to enjoy in this city. The Charlotte Hornets, owned by Michael Jordan, is among the most popular teams in the NBA. The team has a devoted fan base, and you’ll find plenty of residents sporting the team’s dark purple and teal colors. 

Charlotte also has the National Football League (NFL) Carolina Panthers. It also has the Charlotte Knights, a minor-league baseball team. 

Many events occur yearly at Bank of America Stadium, the Spectrum Center, and the Truist Field. 

4. Southern Cuisine 

Charlotte’s southern cuisine is inseparable from the city’s cultural identity. There are traditional dishes and also more upscale, modern takes. 

We have a vast selection of restaurants specializing in southern flavors. Also, every year, new eateries offer enticing culinary experiences. 

But Charlotte’s food culture extends beyond southern cuisine. We’re also home to international restaurants, including Mexican, Indian, and Vietnamese cuisine. 

5. Higher education

Charlotte has several prominent colleges and universities. These include the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and the Queen’s University of Charlotte. 

The academic excellence of these universities makes Charlotte a knowledge hub. Their contribution to the city’s intellectual capital is undeniable. It has made Charlotte an attractive destination for students, educators, and professionals.  Make the move easier for your pets with these tips!

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6. Quality of Life 

One of the biggest draws of Charlotte is its affordability. Compared to other major U.S. cities, Charlotte has a lower cost of living. Housing, food, and entertainment are more affordable in Charlotte than in cities like New York or San Francisco. 

Charlotte is the place for you if you want to save money while still enjoying a high quality of life. 

7. Healthcare

Charlotte, NC, has top healthcare providers, including Atrium Health and Novant Health. Both offer various medical services, from primary care to advanced procedures. 

The healthcare industry has grown due to the city’s cutting-edge treatments. Patients come across the country for our city’s medical expertise and advanced technology. 

Charlotte’s healthcare industry also significantly contributes to the city’s economic growth. The industry provides jobs for many Charlotte residents. 

What is the Real Estate Market Like in Charlotte, NC?

Charlotte is a city that consists of 164 distinct neighborhoods. The median listing home price in Charlotte climbed to $409,000 in March 2023, up 5.7% from last year. The median listing home price per square foot is $225. 

Charlotte is currently experiencing a seller’s market due to high demand. Homeowners who are looking to sell can expect bidding wars for their property. Discover Charlotte, North Carolina’s impressive rankings!

Homes in Charlotte are selling fast, with the average home staying on the market for 51 days. This trend indicates that buyers are eager to buy homes. 

Charlotte is known for its affordable multifamily housing options. This has been a big factor in making it a desirable location for renters and homeowners. However, the current housing prices will increase as more people look for homes in the city.

Where is the Best Area to Live in Charlotte, NC?

I often get asked as a Charlotte real estate agent about the best areas to live in Charlotte, NC. Here are some of my recommendations: 

1.  Uptown 

I recommend taking a closer look at Uptown. Uptown is one of the most exciting and vibrant neighborhoods in Charlotte. This bustling urban area is located in the heart of the city and has a lot to offer. 

You’ll find the biggest attractions and landmarks here. These include museums, theaters, and professional sports stadiums. 

The best thing about living in Uptown is its impressive skyline. It is also renowned for its walkability and excellent access to public transportation. 

2. Ballantyne 

One of my top picks is Ballantyne, located in southern Charlotte. This neighborhood is perfect for families seeking a safe, friendly community. The schools in this area are some of the best in Charlotte, and the parks are perfect for recreation and family fun. 

Ballantyne is also home to many shopping and dining options. The Ballantyne Village shopping center has several stores, boutiques, and restaurants. 

Another reason Ballantyne is a great place to live is its convenient location. It is a short drive from Uptown Charlotte, making it easy for professionals to commute to work. 

The Charlotte Douglas International Airport is less than a 30-minute drive away. This makes travel easy and accessible. 

3. Myers Park 

Myers Park is a historic and prestigious neighborhood. This area is ideal if you value easy access to schools, shopping centers, and dining options. 

The neighborhood is famous for its lush, tree-lined streets. It has plenty of green spaces and parks for outdoor activities. 

Additionally, Myers Park is close to various top-rated hospitals and medical centers. This makes it convenient for healthcare professionals and patients. 

Myers Park is a great place to live, but it’s no secret that it comes with a hefty price tag. The homes in this area are often stunning, historic properties with a premium price. However, this neighborhood’s quality of life and character make the cost worth it.  

Explore why Charlotte tops the list as America’s #1 up-and-coming city!

Charlotte offers something for everyone, whether an urban lifestyle or a family-friendly community. We can help you find the perfect home with our deep knowledge of the local market. Getting kids ready for the big move? Click here!

Showcase Realty has a network of resources to help you make informed decisions. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 704-870-0895 if you are considering buying or selling a home in Charlotte, NC.

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