December 3

A Brief Guide On Purchasing Moving Insurance


Relocating to another house, state, country or another part of the world can be difficult on you and your belongings. Even if you or your professional movers pack and handle every item you have carefully, there’s still a chance that accidents can happen resulting to breakage of some of your items. Therefore, before you plan to move, you’re encouraged to purchase a moving insurance.

Why Get A Moving Insurance?

As what is mentioned above, even if you hire the best moving company, accidents can still happen during transit of items, upon arrival or while unpacking the items. With buying a moving insurance, you know you are adequately compensated. By paying for a moving insurance, you’re assured of a 100% safe and peaceful move.

How To Purchase A Moving Insurance

When purchasing a moving insurance, you’ll need to give details on the value of each of your items because this will greatly help when if needed, you’ll settle the claim with the insurance company.

Once the move is finished and there are any damages, you need to report it immediately to the insurance company. You’ll need to file a claim and ensure that a representative of the insurance company acknowledges your claim within the 30 days so the settlement can’t be done within 120 days.

Types of Moving Insurance

Declared Value Insurance. The value of the items is based on their collective weight. A price per pound is multiplied by the total weight and the product is the value of your liability amount.

Assessed Value Insurance. This type of insurance is usually offered when the items involved are highly valuable. You will be covered based on what you have declared as the actual value of your items.

Full Protection Insurance. In this type of insurance, lost and damaged items will be replaced along with a set minimum coverage amount.

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