November 28

5 Top Home Improvement Myths


You have decided to do a certain home improvement project, but are you sure you’re making the right choices in improving your home? This is a valid concern because you should understand that not all home improvements could provide you will equal benefits or any advantages at all. So as not to waste your time and effort, here are some home improvement myths you need to be aware of.

Any kind of home remodeling projects will increase your home’s value. This is certainly not true since only some home improvement projects can truly add value to home your home. Therefore, you should be aware which projects are worth doing like kitchen and bathroom improvements.

Adding a pool is worth the investment. It’s a common belief of homeowners that adding a swimming pool or a hot tub is a sure way to boost a home’s value. This is not always true because not all buyers see a pool as an important feature in a home. In fact, some see it as an additional expense as it needs regular maintenance that others can’t afford.

Keeping up with the latest trends. A lot of homeowners think that it’s a great idea to follow the current design trends in the market, but actually it’s not. When you improve your home, make sure that the styles and designs aren’t too faddish and if they are, be sure that they are easy to change when the trend starts fading.

It’s easy! A lot of people consider doing the home improvement project by themselves because they basically think that it can help them save money. There is a time and place for do-it-yourself projects but it will take careful planning and intensive work; for instance, adding a new room, redesigning your basement, and other major repairs. Before thinking about doing it on your own, ask yourself whether you have the skill, time and license necessary to get the job done correctly.

Changing a garage into a living space. This is certainly not a great idea because a garage conversion is always viewed negatively by a lot of future homebuyers unless you replace the lost garage into a better one. Of course your future buyer surely wants a space to park his car someday.

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