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If it’s your first time to take on a remodeling project, it’s normal to feel a little anxiety. You certainly have a lot of questions in mind like the cost, the amount of time necessary to get the job done, and the problems that might arise in between. Knowing what to expect will help lessen your fears while allowing you to be more prepared in handling anything that may come. Below are some things you can expect during your home remodeling projects.

Dirt and dust. There are a few ways to control dust and dirt from accumulating in non-construction areas of your home. You can use a compression-fit temporary wall to close off the construction area from other parts of your home. Another way is running an air filtering system that can pull the dust from the air. Otherwise, you can also hang a plastic sheet over the doorways that lead to the construction area, the cabinets and pantry doors too to keep the dust and dirt out of your bard.

Noise. This is something you couldn’t control unlike dirt and dust. Noise will become incessant therefore, if you want to sleep, you better find another place. And unless your office or working area is far from home, don’t consider working from home too because you certainly won’t be able to concentrate.

Other items can get broken. Even if the items aren’t found in the area where your remodeling project is taking place, they are still prone to getting damaged. There will be accidents but there are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening. For instance, you can move your valuable things out of the house. You can ask your other family members, neighbors or friends to keep these items while the remodeling is on going. Remove picture frames hanged on the wall too especially those opposite the wall of the room being working on.

Loss of privacy. A lot of your contractor’s workers will be in your home for a few weeks or months to do complete your home improvement project. Therefore, you have to learn to compromise, as this is inevitable while the project is on going.

The project might take longer that what you have estimated. Before the project starts, you will be discussing a few things with your contractor and one of which is a rough estimate of the project’s completion. Once you’ve determined this, add at least 15 percent to your estimated time because you might lose a day to rain, the materials might get delivered late, or some areas of the project might need to be re-done.


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