December 2

Now is the Time to Sell


Now is the Time to Sell

According to the Charlotte Observer, the Charlotte area has the lowest supply of homes for sale since January of 2014. The real estate market is picking up in many areas that were slowing down over the last few years. Now is the perfect time for Sellers to put a sign out front because buyers are seriously looking. Some homes are being sold in a matter of days. Here are some easy steps to take if you want to take advantage of the low inventory and get top dollar for your home.

Understanding the Market

It is of core importance that you learn about the market structure and the competition around you. This helps you to understand the value of your property.

Quote the Right Price

A Seller’s market is perfect time to put your home on the market. If you price your home too high, there is a high probability that buyers might not even consider your home as a viable option. However, a great price can cause a bidding war. But don’t give potential buyers a reason to back out of the deal.

Keep it Spick and Span

  • Fix that leaky faucet
  • Secure loose railings
  • Repair that chipped door, or that broken pane of window glass.

All these small details can make a difference.

Showcase the Best

If you have a fireplace, make sure the fire is crackling. If you have a modular kitchen, spread the delicious aroma all around the house by baking a pie on the day of the open house. Hook up the speakers and play some soothing music to lighten the atmosphere.

Patience and Flexibility

Even though the supply of homes is low, selling your home may take you longer than expected, so it’s important to keep calm and have a positive mindset. Often, the quickest way to sell a home is to fine-tune the terms of the sale instead of the price.

First Offer, Final Offer

You might get an offer within the first week. It is at this time that most sellers have the tendency to keep the buyer stalling in hope for a better offer.

Find the Right Agent for the Right Job

When buyers are lined up, you need a first-class real estate professional in your pocket. From pricing to advising, let the professionals make your job easier.

You need both yourself and your broker to work on the sale of your home. Hire a more experienced broker who can help you get interested buyers with comparative ease.

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