April 28

Nancy Braun on how she’s fulfilling her father’s dreams as a real estate broker


Broker-owner talks heroes, founding a business and what’s made her a top producer in the industry.

Showcase Realty’s Nancy Braun, was featured in Inman’s new profile series. In the interview, the broker-owner talks on how she’s fulfilling her father’s dreams as a real estate broker. Below is an excerpt of the interview. You can read the full interview at Inman’s site.

Describe your job.

Showcase Realty is located on 1430 South Mint St., Suite 106, Charlotte, North Carolina, in a HUB zone. We’re nestled in the South End of Uptown. We represent sellers, buyers, investors and tenants involving residential, luxury, investments, relocation, commercial, short sales or foreclosures. We cover a wide radius of over 60 miles from our office.

Where did you start?

I was working in the confines of a bigger brokerage office for 12 years. That firm had been selling real estate the same way for over 45 years and I wanted to do something different and approach real estate with a new perspective. I wanted to use my creativity to design a new model for buying and selling real estate. I founded the company in 2008, simultaneously when the housing market crashed. I altered my view on the housing market and shifted gears to focus on the distressed property market. In its initial years, Showcase Realty represented bank-owned foreclosures and underwater homeowners seeking relief through short sales.

Currently, I’m largely focusing on boosting residential sales, property management and investment departments in addition to maintain the short-sale and foreclosure divisions.

Did you imagine when you were younger that you’d be a top producer?

Absolutely not. I envisioned that I was going to be a chef, which I was for five years when I was the chef/owner of a restaurant. I had no interest in sales or homes. I jumped into this field without a clear purpose or direction; I learned to love the art of the deal and creating a successful company with a focus on giving back.

What sets you apart?

Our team approach. We are driven to provide an over-the-top client experience. We have an employee-centric model in an industry that is typically led by independent contractors all running their business on their own. I strongly believe that I cannot properly service my clients on my own. Backed by a team of experts, we offer a level of service that is unmatched. I am a perfectionist and stickler for details. I am driven to be the best. The team understands this expectation and works together to attend to every detail and go over and beyond in each segment of the transaction.

How did you get there?

We attribute part of our growth and success to adapting to the changing market. We focused on the distress market during the recession and worked on changing our brand and focus on the retail and property management markets before the recession was over. We all work very hard and have a dedicated team committed to providing our clients with a superior experience.

I also believe our commitment to giving back to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Charlotte is a true motivator to go the extra mile. This commitment to help the kids is an incentive to close more deals so we can save more kids. Read more…


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