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Foreclosed homes, like any other homes, need a thorough inspection especially to rule out any huge safety issues. Although buying a foreclosure sometimes allow you to save thousands of dollars, it’s important that home inspection is done to ensure that you also won’t need to pay thousands of dollars just to repair any damages or renovate the house. Here are some of the common areas that you need to pay attention to during home inspection.

Molds and pests. Pests like bats, termites, rats, and squirrels among others like living in a place that’s quiet and a vacant foreclosed property can give that to them. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised to find some of these during your home inspection. You’ll usually see chewed boards or droppings during your home inspection indicating their presence in the property.

As for the molds, when you notice that there’s a musty odor when you enter the property, then this may indicate the presence of molds. You’ll usually find some odors on empty toilets or sink traps.

Utilities. An important part of the inspection is checking whether all the utilities – water, gas and electricity are still functioning. Therefore, before a home inspector examines the property, be sure that you’ve already arranged all the utilities to be functioning to determine their condition.

Theft and vandalism. Since some of foreclosed properties are left vacant or abandoned for quite some time, people may start vandalizing in both the interiors and exteriors of the property. Together with this, vacant houses also become prime targets for theft, which is why some items in the property might have gone missing. Hence, a thorough inspection is needed to determine which areas of the property needs replacement, repair or renovation to ensure that it doesn’t compromise the safety of your family once you live there.

Damages from foreclosure rage. Although this isn’t common, some previous homeowners start to damage the property they’re going to leave during the foreclosure proceedings. You’ll usually notice damaged wall sockets as people yank the plus or broken windows glasses or holes in the walls or doors where the fists or feet of the homeowners went through. Sometimes, it might just be because the homeowner doesn’t have any money to make any renovations or repairs on the property.

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