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Banks Offering Up to $35,000 to Struggling Homeowners to Avoid Foreclosure!

Consider Short Sale! Forgiven Unpaid Mortgage Debt, Lender Pays Seller Cost, and Provides Tax Relief!

Avoid Foreclosure

According to CNN Money, Short Sales make up one out of four homes that are sold in todays market. A short sale is an excellent option to avoid foreclosure. The banks will approve the sale of their home for less than what is owed on the home and usually forgives any unpaid debt. Best of all, their mortgage lender picks up most of the cost of the sale including real estate agent commission and closing costs.

The good news is banks have begun to offer huge cash β€Λœrelocation assistance' funds - as much as $35,000, to help struggling home owners who need to sell move on to their next location. They do this because they know that borrowers need cash to move and it saves them money over taking the property back in foreclosure. The relocation assistance money is not a loan. It is a bonus paid to the home owner who sells their home as a short sale.

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For more information on Short Sales and the Relocation Assistance program...For more information on Short Sales and the Relocation Assistance program...

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