November 21

6 Smart Bathroom Renovation Tips


Renovating our bathrooms is one of the common jobs homeowners do especially if they have plans on selling their home in the future. Studies show that the overall appearance of the bathroom greatly affects the decisions of a prospective buyer whether to purchase the house or not. Therefore, whether home selling is your reason for doing a bathroom renovation or not, it’s important that you know these smart tips we’ve prepared that will be worth your time, effort and money.

  1. Establish a design for your bathroom. Before you start any renovation, you should do your research to determine the design you want to follow during your renovation. Once you’ve decided, you can work the rest of the bathroom design around it. For instance, if you wish to have a minimalist design, a beautifully curved hand bowl set with a minimalist vanity mirror are two things to invest in.
  1. Choose durable flooring. Invest in durable, water-resistant floorings for your bathroom like ceramic, marble and stone. You can also add subfloor-heating coils as it allows keeping the hard surfaces warm.
  1. Consider refinishing existing items. If you have a bathtub, shower, sink or tile, you can choose to refinish the items and pay only a small amount of the cost of the replacement. In this way, you don’t need to tear up your bathroom for a few weeks and avoid the big mess major renovations cause.
  1. Change out all the hardware. One of the most effective ways to renovate your bathroom is actually cheap and easy to do and that is to change all the hardware. This includes drawer pulls, faucet handles, and showerhead that actually bring a huge impact in the overall look of your bathroom. Just be sure that you invest in the same finish like stainless steel, aged bronze, and brushed nickel.
  1. Change your bathroom’s lighting. Like in any part of the house, the lighting inside your bathroom is also important during renovation. For instance, you can use sconce lighting at your vanity mirror as it ideally provides enough illumination on your face. Install it at eye level to avoid unflattering shadows. To achieve a relaxing bathroom, you can choose dim lighting; while for shaving and applying makeup, you should use bright lights.
  1. Install a vent fan. Remember that moisture is a bathroom’s biggest enemy therefore you should avoid this by installing a vent fan of appropriate CFMs for the square bartage of your bathroom.


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