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What Do I Need To Know Before Moving To Uptown Charlotte, NC?

With breathtaking sceneries and promising career opportunities, it’s easy to see why a lot of people are moving to Charlotte. If you’re thinking about moving to Uptown Charlotte, NC, here’s what you need to know.

Uptown Charlotte, NC offers both sense of serenity and urban excitement for its residents. This environment stands out as one of the main reasons people choose to make Uptown Charlotte their home. 

The area is full of a diverse range of architectural styles, which appeals to many residents. It also has a wealth of leisure options and social activities to appeal to every taste. 

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Is it worth moving to Uptown Charlotte, NC?

Moving to Uptown Charlotte, NC is definitely worth it! Here are a few details about the town that might interest you:


Uptown Charlotte, NC is a part of Charlotte, North Carolina. It is the core business district of Charlotte and the largest one in North Carolina. 

The terms “Uptown” and “Downtown” are used to refer to the area although Downtown is commonly used by native Charlotteans, and Uptown is commonly used by newcomers.

Both terms are used, but Downtown is now considered outdated. “Uptown” was officially established as the area’s new nickname in 1987. The term Uptown was introduced as a way to promote a more refined image of the central city area.

Since the 1970s Uptown Charlotte NC has been a place of business. Various business pioneers settled here, built their business and thrived. 

In the mid-1700s, Uptown Charlotte was the site of a Native American trading path which ran southeast from Georgia Northwest to the coast of Virginia.

This attracted various people to emerging town centers in Charlotte NC and of course, brought about more constructions and bigger businesses. 

The Wards of Uptown Charlotte

There are four divisions of Uptown Charlotte, which are also known as wards. These wards are spread out over three major streets (Tryon, Trade and College streets), which house the large business buildings of Charlotte, NC.

The split is made by the intersection of Trade and Tryon streets, bordered by interstate 277 and interstate 77.

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  • First ward

The first neighborhood, also called the first ward, lies directly to the east of the intersection of Trade and Trayon street. 

In this area is the widely recognized and award_winning central city building, which accommodates the Uptown Campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

The Central City building is also one of the Urban village project developments. Altogether, it has 450,000 sq ft of office space, a four-acre park, 259 hotel rooms, 2,700 residential units, 250,000 sq ft of retail space and 450,000 sqft of civic space. 

Central City also contains attractions like the Imagineon children’s learning center, the main Library, the Spirit Square portion of the North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, Levine Museum of the New South and the Spectrum Center, home of the Charlotte Hornets. 

  • Second Ward

This area is located directly to the south of the intersection of Trade and Tryon. It is the site of both Charlotte’s Government District and the NASCAR Hall of fame.

The second ward is now home to the epicenter of Charlotte, the Charlotte Convention Center. It’s also home to the Uptown Mini Park, and the Harvey B. Gnats Center for African American Art+ Culture.

  • Third Ward

This neighborhood is stationed at the west of the intersection of Trade and Tryon. It’s a vibrant neighborhood which houses the Carolina Panthers’ Bank of America Stadium and Gateway Village.

Gateway Village is one of North Carolinas’ largest developments. It’s 1.5 million sq ft in size’ and home to multiple shops, offices, restaurants, entertainment halls, and over 500 housing units.

Johnson and Wale University and Johnson C. Smith University’s Charlotte Campus is located in the third ward. 

Other attractions In the third ward includes Becthler Museum of Modern Arts, Knights Museum, and the Mint Museum. All three regularly pull in a large number of Charlotte’s residents and visitors. 

  • Fourth Ward

North of the intersection of Trade and Tryon is where the fourth ward is located.

It is a residential area and contains several stately Victorian homes. Charlotte’s Old Settler Cemetery and the three-acre fourth ward park are also situated within the area. 

The fourth ward is an official historic district. It is an area that showcases a substantial amount of the history of Charlotte and its people.

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As previously mentioned , Uptown Charlotte, NC is the hub of residence and business of Charlotte. 

The area has a robust job market with a formidable presence in financial services, insurance, manufacturing, retail, transportation, logistics and health care.

Uptown welcomes over 18 million visitors a year, employs 13,000 people, and is home to 30,000 residents.

The employment rate is a significant factor, because there are major companies with headquarters and with a high corporate presence in Uptown.


Uptown provides an educational learning experience that can be beneficial to anyone who moves in .

Various learning institutions, both private and public, can be found in Uptown. Among them are Central Piedmont Community College, University of North Carolina at Charlotte Uptown campus, Johnson C Smith University, and a host of others. 


Parks and Fun Activities

Uptown Charlotte is widely known for its parks, entertainment centers and fun activities. 

There is a place for all members of the family to enjoy. From parents, to the teens and young ones, Uptown has a way for everyone to have fun. 

The family can explore attractions such as the Discovery Place, which hosts exhibits and special events about space and world science. 

There is also the ImaginON place for kids that features the number one ranked children library in the country a teens-only library, exhibit space and a multimedia studio.

For adrenaline rush and thrilling experience lovers, there is the Carowinds and Frankie’s amusement park, which features double-launch roller coasters, and several other roller coasters. 

Theater and movie lovers are not left out. There are several vibrant theaters with various shows and movies to choose from.

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Uptown Charlotte roads are very driveable, and people make use of their personal cars to move around

The Charlotte Area Transit System, or CATS, is also an affordable option. CATS runs both rail and bus transit in Mecklenburg County and the surrounding areas. 

Thanks to CATS, anyone can get around easily with public transportation. The fare depends on the distance you are traveling and is reasonably priced.

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LYNX and Local Bus Ticket Prices

  • One way costs $2.20, for the disabled, kids, and senior citizens it costs $1.10.
  • Round-trip costs $4.40 for adults and $2.20 for kids, senior citizens, and disabled individuals. 
  • Weekly unlimited rides cost $30.8 for adults and every other group of persons inclusive.
  • Monthly unlimited rides cost $88.00 and for kids, senior citizens, and disabled persons $44.00

The city also has plenty of taxis, as well as Uber and Lyft. 

Uptown Charlotte, NC is a place to settle in, for single individuals, senior citizens, young ones, pets and a host of others. 

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