Houses for sale in Charlotte, NC come in different styles and prices. The cost varies depending on the location, size, infrastructure, and style of the house.

There are different styles of houses in Charlotte, NC including, townhomes, luxurious homes, Condos, Bungalows, Lake houses, Victorian houses, and several more for sale.

If you are looking to buy a house within your budget, you can find one pleasing to your taste in no time. when you have a proactive real estate agent on the lookout for you.

The Showcase Realty team is made up of experts in the real estate business that are passionate about finding good houses, clients can call a home without breaking the bank.

Luxury Homes for Sale in Charlotte NC

The real estate market in Charlotte, NC is a sellers market which means there are more buyers than houses available for sale.

Which is why the Showcase Realty team are always up to date with the details on the various houses available for sale in Charlotte, NC.

Showcase Realty serves both home and real estate buyers, sellers, and investors. Through this, Showcase Realty house listings have a wider range of various houses for sale in Charlotte, NC detailed with the cost and style.

So, with a stipulated budget Showcase real estate agents can help find a beautiful home for you.

For a budget below 300k dollars, here is a list of some of the best houses on sale you can choose from;



This style of house offers a combination of a serene vicinity, and low maintenance cost without neighbours above or below you in the same building.

The prominent feature of most townhomes is the attachment to other houses while still retaining a personal front porch.

Inner features of the house varies although, the outer appearance is alike. A townhouse can come in two or three bedrooms, more than one toilet, a storage room,one kitchen, e.t.c

It is usually more affordable and requires a less maintenance than a detached home with a yard.

You can buy a townhouse for the price of $166.500 to $298,000.

Single-family homes

Single-family homes are independent structures, designed as a single dwelling unit.

Having unshared walls and utilities with the adjacent buildings. Typically, the inner features include one kitchen, a garage, and more storage space than townhomes, condos and bungalows.

Single-family homes as the name suggests are usually built to fit a family.

Several families prefer a single family home because there is privacy, a huge fenced yard and plenty of space to spread out.

For kids to play and drive around their toys. Owning a single family home makes it easier to have a home that reflects your taste in design.

You can change both the exteriors and interiors to any design of your choice. You can choose to plant flowers or fruits in your backyard because the spaces allows you to.

The whole area of the house can be a vivid reflection of anything you choose it to be.

The price range for a single-family home in Charlotte, NC is over $200k.

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Charlotte North Carolina Homes for Sale


Condos are mini spaced apartment units in multiple-story buildings.

When you buy a condo you wouldn’t need to worry about the exteriors. The building management takes care of it.

Although, there are usually strict rules on keeping the outer environment clean and neat.

Only the interior of the apartment concerns you. They are also convenient for you, if you require room service for cleaning and washing.

The price of a condo depends on the type of building, location and floor. The cost is from $109,900 and above.

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Homes for Sale in Charlotte NC

Lake houses

Charlotte NC is one of the hubs of lake houses. The city is surrounded by water which makes it easy to find a water side house.

Whether you are searching west of South Carolina’s lake Wylie, or North of Charlotte, Lake Norman, you will find various choices of a Lake house.

In a lake house, you will get an up close waterfront view and enjoy a very airy atmosphere.

Several lake side homes are single buildings with close proximity to the lake side.

Going for a dip in the water will only take a couple of minutes, walk from your home to the water side.

You can buy a lake house for the price of $240, 000 and above. Depending on the size and the inner features.

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Charlotte NC Homes for Sale


This house is one of Charlotte, NC’s signature style of home. Bungalows are usually single buildings with a wide front porch.

They mostly come in multiple compartments with a wide inner space, more like a family home.

On the streets of Charlotte, NC you will find both historic and brand new bungalow buildings.

This style of the house never goes out of style. The price range starts from $125,000 and above.

Traditional houses

Traditional houses are the topmost type of house selling in all of Charlotte, NC.

These types of houses have several modern upgrades on the interior. They are built with the family in consideration, spacious and with a fenced backyard.

Top Real Estate Agent in Charlotte NC

Their charm is in how they are designed with the modern buyer in mind while still retaining a traditional look.

You will find less dining rooms and more open spaces. Open enough for the parlor space to lead directly to the kitchen with a dining area space in between.

These homes cost about $280,000 and above.

Multiple Houses for Sale in Charlotte, NC are available to you to choose from. At Showcase Realty we are attentive to what you want which is why we provide you with houses within your budget. To make your search easy and find you a house you can call my home. Contact us today!


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