The real estate market in Charlotte features some of the best houses in all of North Carolina. They come in various styles for you to choose from. 

Charlotte has condos, townhouses and bungalows to suit your fancy.. 

Knowing where to look, though, for the home of your dreams may be a challenge, especially for non-natives of Charlotte, NC. 

Real Estate Properties for Sale in Charlotte NC

Nevertheless, an expert real estate agent finding the house you want will be no struggle. 

With a budget of $150k and below, here are some of the best houses for sale in Charlotte, NC that Showcase Realty can find for you.


Condos are individually owned apartments in a building made up of multiple units. 

The exteriors and common spaces of these buildings are maintained by the management in charge of the building. 

Condo buildings usually contain amenities like community rooms, fitness centers and swimming pools.

The units usually have the same architectural style, but with many different layouts. Interior decoration can be changed to suit your own style. 

Charlotte NC Condos for Sale

Many of the amenities that condo buildings have are easily accessible to the residents and their guests. 

That being said, there are often strict rules related to visitors and the use of shared amenities. 

The cost of a condo varies, depending on the building’s amenities and the size of the inner space. 

A budget of $150k or less will likely get you a 646 sqft condo with 1 or 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom in Charlotte, NC areas excluding Uptown Charlotte. 

The real estate agents at Showcase Realty can help get you a perfect condo with amenities suited to your taste. 

The CEO Nancy Braun and her team through years of service have built a list of trusted sellers in Charlotte, NC. 

Finding you a condo for a price of $150k and below will be no hassle.

Showcase Realty


Townhouses are multi-floor homes that share one or two walls with the home next to it, but have individual entrances.

Similar to a single-family home, a townhouse provides you with yard space, and features like a spacious front porch and garage. At the same time, townhomes can be found at a lower price than detached homes. 

Property management also takes care of the building’s exterior features, which can save you time and stress.

Most townhouses have a similar design, but with different layouts. They may have two or more bedrooms. 

A $150k or less townhome is about 1,100 sqft in size, sometimes more. The inner features are usually one sitting room, two bedrooms, two baths, and one kitchen. 

Depending on your specifications, Showcase Realty will give you several choices of townhouses to choose from.

Finding one that fits your preference will be easy and quick.


Bungalows are typically single-story buildings, simple and small in size.

This style of house is one of the most popular and affordable houses in Charlotte, NC.

These buildings feature plenty of windows, large covered front porches and spacious interiors.

4. Best Real Estate Agent in Charlotte NC

This additional space provides you with a personal retreat, large enough for all your needs and hobbies, and with plenty of privacy as well.

Spacious backyards mean you can host private outdoor parties for your family and friends, or any other social gatherings as well… 

For those with mobility issues, bungalows are ideal since the entire home is on one level.

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Charlotte NC Real Estate Properties for Sale

If you want one for the price of $150k or less, it is over 1.197 sqft. The inner compartments usually feature three bedrooms, one and a half or two bathrooms, with one kitchen. 

The bungalows within the $150k or less price range, are usually not newly built homes. 

Although, they have modern inbuilt facilities that can efficiently serve you.

Bungalows can be found in every neighborhood, within Charlotte, NC. So, you may have to go through a long search to find one that meets up to your specifications without a real estate agent by your side.

At Showcase Realty, the team caters to your needs. What you’re looking for in a house is carefully considered, to offer you a fine-tuned choice of various houses that are tailored to your taste. 

Showcase real estate agents are residents of Charlotte, NC and are experts at what they do. This means information on different houses for sale is easily found in no time.

Thereby, providing you with comprehensive house listings based on your budget, your preferred size and inner features. 

This will narrow down your search for houses, save you stress, time and money.

To better serve you, Showcase’s real estate agents are passionate about finding you a house that you’ll be ready to call home. 

The aim is to find a space that you will be satisfied with and feel safe in. That is what a home feels like. Call Showcase Realty to get you a home!


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