Do you skip the Halloween decorations if your home is on the market this Fall?  No, you can have it all and manage it so it is fun and relatable to homebuyers.

Time your decorations; avoid overdecorating or using distracting embellishments. Before buying Halloween ornaments, shop inside your house first. If you need to purchase some, pick double-duty or reusable ones. 

When decorating, don’t obstruct the natural lighting in your Charlotte, NC home. Instead, you should highlight your property’s strongest features. These will help with the Halloween marketing of your home.

More importantly, avoid using pictures of your Halloween-decorated house in listings.

Without further ado, let’s dive into these nine tips:

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1. Time Your Decorations

You don’t want your Charlotte, North Carolina home to be the first one to get decorated. 

According to Nancy Braun, “it’s best to put up Halloween decor the night before the event”. Of course, you have to remove them the day after. 

The only exception is any Halloween decor with more seasonal designs. From corn cobs to autumn leaves, you can keep these autumnal embellishments up for a few months. They won’t feel out of place compared to Halloween-specific decor.

Halloween Decorating Tips

2. Don’t Overdecorate

If you’re a person who always goes all-out with decorations, now is not the time to do so. Top real estate agents caution against over decorating on Halloween, especially if it includes gory stuff. 

That means avoiding bloody items, killer clowns, skeletons, the whole shebang. Remember: they have the potential to scare buyers away!

As mentioned above, the safest choice includes neutral seasonal decor. Not only will they help sell your Charlotte, NC home, they’re multi-purpose too!

3. Shop Inside Your Charlotte, NC Home

Sure, it’s fun to buy decor at craft stores and home stores. But even if you only limit your shopping to thrift shops  or dollar stores, the cost can pile up in the long run.

So before you hit any of these stores, take a good hard look inside your Charlotte, NC home first. You’re sure to find some Halloween decorations that you can reuse. 

You can also look for items that you can repurpose into Halloween trinkets. 

For example, you can use your Christmas string lights to embellish your pumpkins. You can also paint cats or pumpkins on your empty wine bottles and use them as candlestick holders!

Charlotte, NC Homes

4. Buy Double Duty or Reusable Decor

In case you still need to buy Halloween decor for your Charlotte, NC home, then go for double-duty ones.

Choose decorations that you can use for the other holidays. 

For example, instead of the usual bats or witches, go for autumn leaves and other harvest decorations. These double-duty materials will help spice up your home throughout autumn.

Apart from double-duty decor, Nancy Braun also recommends buying reusable ones. Instead of carving out pumpkins every Halloween, why not buy a fake one? That way, you may use it to embellish your new Charlotte, NC property for the years to come. 

5. Avoid ‘Distracting’ Decor

Maybe you’re fond of decorations that move, flash, or make sounds. While they do wonders for the Halloween spirit, they can be a boon to buyers. As mentioned, it’s always best to keep decor neutral – and to a minimum. 

While there’s no stopping you from installing, say, a laughing witch, make sure to turn it off during your open house. You don’t want to ‘surprise’ your buyers in a not-so-good way. 

Distracting decor can be, well, off-putting. Instead of imagining themselves in your home, the buyers will be sidetracked by the decor.

Bright, flashing lights can be a safety issue too. They may induce seizures – you don’t want these to happen during the open house!  

Halloween Decorations

6. Highlight Your Charlotte, NC Home’s Strongest Features

Halloween decor can do more than just be there for decorating’s sake. According to top real estate agents, you can use it to market your house as well. 

It’s all about accentuating the best features of your home with the help of Halloween decor.

For example, if you have a beautiful staircase, you can flaunt it with faux spiderwebs.

Want to draw attention to your fireplace? Make sure to surround it with pumpkins or a banner that says ‘trick or treat.’

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7. Always Let the Light in

Halloween decorating often means hanging decor on the windows. While they make for a spooky feel, they often obstruct natural lighting. 

Needless to say, bad lighting is a no-no when it comes to selling your Charlotte, NC home. Buyers dislike dimly lit rooms, so you need to keep your home bright!

When decorating your property, keep the embellishments away from the windows. This should keep your home bright and more inviting to buyers.

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Halloween Decorations

8. Don’t List Photos of Your Halloween-Decorated Home

Of course, you’re proud of your Charlotte, NC home. And why not? You’ve worked hard to put all your Halloween decor up.

While you may think that it’s a good idea to post pictures of your Halloween-decorated home, it’s not the case. For one, you don’t know if you’ll be able to sell them during the holiday.

While Nancy Braun can help sell your home right away, the real estate market can be unpredictable. The fact is your home might still be available on Christmas, Kwanzza, New Year’s Day, or Valentine’s day.

Put yourself in your buyers’ shoes. “A Halloween-decorated home in December? What was the owner thinking?”

You don’t want buyers to do a double-take, so make sure to post photos taken in the colorful Fall season with a clean yard and without decorations. Thanks to naturally soft and sunny lighting, such images look great. They’re sure to make your Charlotte, NC home stand out with beautiful curb appeal.

Charlotte, NC Homes for Sale

9. Get into the Halloween Marketing Spirit

If you’re decorating this Halloween, then you might as well use it to your selling advantage. It’s a good opportunity to get more people interested in your Charlotte, NC home! 

For this, Nancy Braun recommends hosting a Halloween-themed open-house event. Make sure to schedule it at least a week before Halloween itself. 

To draw more visitors (and potential customers), you can hold a contest of sorts. For example, you can give a $20 gift certificate to the child or adult with the best costume. 

Ask your real estate agent to contact the winner regarding their prize. This will give your agent more time to discuss your Charlotte, NC property.

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning to sell your Charlotte, NC home, then you need to be careful with Halloween decor. You need time when you put them up – and keep them to a minimum.

It’s good to scout your house for decorations first before buying double-duty/reusable ones.

As for the decorations, stay away from distracting embellishments. Instead, you should highlight your home’s strongest features and keep it well-lit. 

You can always use your Halloween-decorated home to promote open house events. However, don’t use photos of your Halloween home on your listing! 

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