Flooding is the most prevalent natural disaster in some parts of Charlotte, North Carolina. New construction diverting water or a clogged storm drain can cause flooding. 

Some places are at a higher risk for floods than others, called flood zones. 

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Flood zones are sometimes attractive places to buy a home, but one must be aware of the risks before buying one.

A Flood Hazard Bounty Map defines the likelihood of flooding in an area. These are geographical areas that are given a rating based on the potential flood risk. 

Charlotte NC Homes for Sale - Know the most prevalent natural disaster in some parts of Charlotte, North Carolina from this post

Knowing an area’s flood risk before buying a home is essential in a flood.

Let’s dive deeper and get to know more about the most important things when looking to buy a house in a flood-prone area.

1. Which Zones Are There?

Flood zones are areas the government has designated as at risk for flooding. There are factors to determine the risk level:

  • The elevation of the land
  •  The proximity to bodies of water
  • The history of flooding in the area

Zones includes:

  • A zone situated alongside rivers, streams, and ponds.
  • B or shaded X zones are at moderate risk for flooding
  • C or un-shaded X zones are at low risk.
  • V Zones or Extremely high-risk coastal locations, devastated by waves during a storm.

You may also encounter SFHA or “Special Flood Hazard Area.”

FEMA says A or V zones have a one-in-four chance of flooding over a 30-year mortgage.

2. Advantages of Buying in a Flood Zone

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There are often benefits that come with buying a house in a flood zone, which is why people continue to do it. 

Being in a flood zone can impair a home’s resale, although these homes are usually in high-demand areas.

Buying a property in a flood zone can offset the risks and insurance costs for many people.

The benefits of living in a flood zone outweigh the potential risks for many people.

  • Flood zones are in coastal places with lovely vistas and water activities.
  • Flood zones tend to be very affordable since most people are hesitant to live in them. This can be an excellent opportunity for budget-minded homebuyers.
  • Flood zones often offer scenic views and ample greenspace.
  • They are located near bodies of water and tend to have milder climates than inland areas. 

Of course, living in a flood zone does come with some risks. You can enjoy these unique regions as long as you are aware of the threats and protect your property.

Many people choose to live in a flood zone despite the risks.

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3. Risks of Buying in a Flood Zone

Of course, being in a flood zone is also a possible risk. If you’re required to buy flood insurance, it’s expensive. 

Flood insurance doesn’t usually cover 100% of flood-related costs or house repairs.

If there’s a natural disaster, you may not be able to return until law enforcement gives you the OK.

A lot of stress can come with being in a flood zone, so it’s not for everyone. 

But if you’re willing to take on the risks, there can be some significant rewards. Also, you can consider reading our blog post https://showcaserealty.net/9-ways-to-prevent-your-home-from-flooding/ for some tips to help you prevent your home from flooding.

4. Do You Qualify for a Mortgage?

Can you get a mortgage if you’re in a flood zone? It depends.

Consider a VA, USDA, Freddie Mac, FHA, or Fannie Mae loan. In A or V zones, you’ll need flood insurance.

If you have a private mortgage and don’t live in an SFHA, you generally don’t need flood insurance.

Flood insurance is inexpensive, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Not being in a high-risk area doesn’t mean you won’t experience flooding.

Heavy rains can cause flash floods that can damage your home no matter where you live.

Discuss your alternatives and make sure you’re prepared for flooding with me, Nancy Braun. It’s better to be prepared than to deal with the flood’s aftermath without insurance. 

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5. The Flood Zones Can Change

A flood zone is an area that’s likely to flood during heavy rain. The government designates these areas so people can know the risk when buying or building a home. Yet, because a house isn’t in a flood zone today doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future. 

New development, environmental changes, and weather can affect flood zones.

It’s essential to stay up-to-date on the latest flood maps for the possibility of flooding.

Taking these steps will help protect your home and your family in a flood. Also, in cases where your home gets destroyed, you can always rebuild it. Click here for some tips. 

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6. Homeowners Insurance Will Not Cover Flood Damage

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Most people think that their homeowner’s insurance will cover them in the event of a flood. But, this is usually not the case. 

If you live in a flood zone, you must get flood insurance.

Any incident could flood your home, even if you don’t live in a flood zone.

Without insurance coverage, you could be stuck with a huge repair bill. So, ensure you’re protected by getting the right insurance for your home.

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Top Real Estate Agent in Charlotte NC - Visit this site to know whether homeowner’s insurance covers owners in the event of a flood.

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