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March 27, 2015

April HUD Agent Training Workshop

HUD Agent Training Workshop

HUD Sales Training for Real Estate Agents

Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 11:30AM – To RSVP go to https://aprilhud.eventbrite.com

Showcase Realty is offering a free HUD Sales Training workshop for Real Estate agents in the metro Charlotte area. The HUD workshop is designed to teach Brokers the secrets to closing more HUD transactions in 2015. Nancy Braun, Owner and Broker-in-Charge of Showcase Realty and Mike Maniace, Director of HUD & REO operations will conduct the 2-hour workshop.

Agents can expect to learn:

  • The selling process to better serve their buyers
  • How to navigate the HUDHomestore.com website
  • What is a HUD Home
  • How to search for properties
  • Important updates and changes to the program

Free lunch will be provided by Movement Mortgage, co-sponsor of the event. The HUD workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 11:30AM at Showcase Realty’s office, located at 1430 S. Mint Street in Historic South End. Seating is limited.

To RSVP go to https://aprilhud.eventbrite.com

Showcase Realty 1 Movement Mortgage

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February 12, 2015

Showcase Realty Announces Promotion and New Talent

Showcase Realty is pleased to announce the promotion of Mike Maniace to Director of HUD and REO Operations, as well as welcoming new hires, Sally Taylor and Stephanie Earl. Showcase is delighted to be a part of their professional goals and achievements and excited to see the company expand as well.

Mike Maniace to Director of HUD and REO Operations

Mike Maniace to Director of HUD and REO Operations

Mike Maniace started as an agent at Showcase Realty in 2009 and was soon promoted to Director of HUD. Under Mike’s leadership Showcase surpassed $12M in HUD home sales in 2014. He excelled in his position and streamlined this division of Showcase Realty. Nancy Braun, owner and Broker-in-Charge of Showcase Realty named Mike Director of HUD and REO Operations in January 2015. Mike now heads up one of the top HUD & REO real estate offices in the Carolinas. He handles every aspect of HUD & REO transactions from cradle to closing.

Nancy Braun describes Mike Maniace as an exceptional person who expanded his role at Showcase Realty and improved his division’s operational system with his great customer service. “Mike’s managerial skills helped to streamline our HUD division and we are thrilled to have him do the same for our REO division,” says Braun.

Mike hails from upstate New York and has been a real estate agent for 8-years. He earned an Associate’s degree in Environmental Science from Genesee Community College in Batavia, NY. Mike began his professional career as a manager for Enterprise Rental Cars. He relocated to Charlotte in 1999 and became Real Estate Agent at Keller Williams before joining Showcase Realty. Mike finds the most joy in real estate in the customer service interactions. He loves being a part of the first-time home buyer experience and also seeing clients move up from their first home into their dream home. Mike is a licensed broker in North and South Carolina and a member of the National Association of Realtors, the Charlotte Regional Realtor Association and the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

Stephanie Earl Real Estate Admin

Stephanie Earl Real Estate Admin

Showcase Realty also welcomes new hires Stephanie Earl and Sally Taylor. Team player, Stephanie Earl joined Showcase with a laser focused mission to provide our client’s with stellar service. After graduating from East Carolina University, she returned to Charlotte and obtained her NC Broker license. Stephanie’s focus will be on Nancy Braun’s retail listings for current and prospective personal clients. Stephanie looks forward to growing at Showcase and using her exceptional communication skills and leadership personality.

Sally Taylor HUD Accounts Specialist

Nancy also welcomes Sally Taylor to the Showcase team. Sally joins Showcase as a HUD Accounts Specialist, working with Director of HUD and REO Operations, Mike Maniace. Prior to her position at Showcase, she was a Foreclosure Specialist and then was promoted to Foreclosure Supervisor at RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation in Charlotte. Sally is sharp real estate professional eager for the growth potential available at Showcase.

Showcase Realty is an innovative boutique Charlotte real estate firm located at 1430 S. Mint St. in the Historic South End district.  Owner and Broker in Charge Nancy Braun founded Showcase Realty in 2008 on the principles of innovation, teamwork, and community mindfulness. Committed to selling homes and surpassing customers’ expectations, Showcase provides professional service, personally delivered. For more information visit www.showcaserealty.net.

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January 15, 2015

Charlotte homes see drop in negative equity

Charlotte NC equity drop

Charlotte homes see drop in negative equity

Courtesy of the Mecklenburg TIMES

By: Roberta Fuchs January 13, 2015

The number of the Charlotte area’s mortgaged homes with negative equity fell to 6.8 percent in the third quarter of 2014 from 8.4 percent in third quarter 2013, according to CoreLogic.


The third-quarter 2014 figure rose slightly, however, from the second quarter of 2014, when 6.7 percent, or 31,652, of the homes in the Charlotte-Gastonia-Concord metropolitan statistical area carried negative equity. In the third quarter, that figure was 32,244 homes.


Negative equity means that borrowers owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth. The situation can occur because of a decline in real estate value, an increase in mortgage debt, or a combination of both.


The CoreLogic report found that an additional 3 percent of area homeowners with a mortgage in the third quarter had near-negative equity, or less than 5 percent equity in their homes. The number of Charlotte area homes in near-negative equity decreased from the previous year, when 4.1 percent of homeowners with a mortgage had less than 5 percent equity in their properties.


The number of mortgages that were near negative equity in the second quarter of 2014 was 2.9 percent.


John Chesser, senior analyst at UNC Charlotte Urban Institute, says he believes the year-over-year decline in negative and near-negative equity reflects the steady recovery in the overall housing market, and strong growth in the local employment rate, which has boosted Charlotte-area home sales.


“The rise in negative equity during the recession was a natural consequence of the rapid drop in home values,” Chesser said. “Now, lending is tighter, so new home purchases result in a more solid equity position for purchasers and the overall rise in prices is helping reduce the negative equity situation that existing owners have been in over the last few years.”


Nancy Braun Showcase Realty
Nancy Braun
, owner and broker-in-charge of Showcase Realty in Charlotte’s South End, agrees. She attributes the drop in negative equity to a strong appreciation in housing prices, which is a reflection of the local economy.


“Plus,” she said, “We still have investors purchasing in the Charlotte-area market, which has bumped up prices as well. Low inventory is also boosting higher offers.”

Continue reading at The Mecklenburg TIMES

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Foreclosure Inventory Declines, Great Deals Still Out In The Market

foreclosure homes NC

A lot of homebuyers perceive both foreclosed and distressed properties negatively. They think that it will give them a headache, that it requires expensive makeover, or multiple title liens.

The truth is, although distressed properties have decreased in numbers, those that are currently available can help you save a lot provided that you know what to watch out for when shopping for such type of properties.

According to RealtyTrac, Mecklenburg County continues to have excellent deals for all sharp buyers out there. Properties either bank-owned or actively in foreclosure, have a median sales price of $98,200 for the month of August. This is half the median sales price of non-distressed properties within the county, which were sold at $195,000.

However, you want to enjoy such discounted prices, you have it find it. According to the Charlotte Regional Realtor Association, both foreclosed and short sale properties comprised 5.3 percent of the closed sales last September down from 9.4 percent a year ago. On the other hand, distressed properties accounted for 15.3 percent of the closed sales in September 2012, down from 20.9 percent in September 2011.

List of foreclosed properties dropped

Local realtors gave some reasons why foreclosure inventory has fallen aside from the recovering economy.

According to Todd Lynch, broker and owner of Lynch Realty based in Charlotte, banks are holding onto their distressed properties because they want to avoid flooding the market with such properties, as this would decrease the home prices.

However, broker-in-charge and owner of Charlotte-based Showcase Realty Nancy Braun says that there are still a lot of prospects out in the market. Real estate investment trusts that flattened the Charlotte market a few years ago have lessened their expenditure, which gave opportunities for individual investors.

“The market in Charlotte is not as frantic as it was,” Braun said. “There’s less inventory but there are still opportunities to purchase foreclosures.” Furthermore, homebuyers that purchase foreclosed properties typical save around 20 to 40 percent off the market value.

“I think the big mistake is people think they can come into this market and get a house for pennies on the dollar,” Charlotte Realtor Eric Layne said. Layne has purchased a lot of foreclosed properties and has received a distressed property expert certification from the Mingle School of Real Estate in Charlotte,

Timing is everything

Furthermore, Layne claims when buying a distressed property, correct timing is necessary to ensure you enjoy the benefits it can give you. Purchasing short sale properties is time-consuming since the negotiation and selling process will take a long time hence, the homebuyer cannot move into the property right away. Layne claims that it’ll take around six to nine months to finish the short sale process.

Another thing to keep in mind is both short sale and foreclosed properties need home inspection. “Be wary of the conditions of the home,” Lynch said. “Foreclosure means the occupying owner was in distress. That tells me they didn’t have money for maintenance.”

Rough competition in auctions

If you wish to purchase a property through an auction on the courthouse steps, you have to know that although it’s profitable, it’s an intense process. The competition can be aggressive since most of the bidders are professional real estate investors.

“I wouldn’t recommend (buying at auction) for the owner-occupant,” said Perry Butler, office manager of Concord-based Benham Real Estate Group. “You’re competing with hedge funds who can outbid with cash on hand.”

In addition to that, Braun also claims that there’s a risk of liens when buying a property as the auction since there’s no more time to inspect the house. “At an auction, you take (the property) with all the blemishes,” she said. Sometimes, you may even have to struggle evicting the present occupant.

Plus, in North Carolina, a mortgage borrower has a 10-day right of redemption after the action sale through paying what he owes to the lender along with the costs of the sale.

Purchasing from banks

The final step of the foreclosure process is purchasing a real estate owned property, which is actually less terrifying process than auctions. “It’s an easier scenario,” Braun said.

Real estate owned properties or REOs usually have clean titles and are vacant from its previous owners. Plus, the potential homebuyer is given a chance to inspect the property. However, REOs are sold in an “as is” condition, which means it’s the responsibility of the homebuyer to do any necessary repairs or renovations.

But even in such case, REOs can still be excellent deals especially for those who are willing to invest in repairs and renovations for instant appreciation of home value. Plus, Braun said that this gives buyers a chance to move right into the neighborhood they couldn’t afford.

Due diligence is the secret behind successful purchases of foreclosed properties. Therefore, Braun highly recommends asking the assistance of real estate professionals (real estate agent, lawyer and home contractor) especially those experienced in handling distressed properties. “Foreclosures are a different animal,” she said.

Lynch adds, “buyers need a successful REO agent to critique the home and ask the bank to improve the property.”

J.C. Underwood, executive director of Metrolina Real Estate Investors Association, also recommends getting educated through joining trade associations to get foreclosure process trainings. “Learn the business,” he said. “It’s not for the weak of heart but it’s not scary either.”

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September 15, 2014

Homes Selling Faster Than Last Year

Homes Selling Faster Than Last Year

Real Estate Charlotte

As reported by Graziella Steele in the August 12, edition of The Mecklenburg Times, Charlotte homes are selling faster than last year. The National Association of Realtors website released the June data saying that houses were selling 4 days faster than the previous year. The website Realtor.com which is managed by the association also said that Charlotte is located in the top 10 housing markets positioned for growth in the third quarter, making this fall prime time to list your home. Steele presents many eye opening facts about the growing housing market quoting Redfin, that Charlotte is the 7th largest growing metro area in the country last year. With the expected growth of the housing market and the growth of Charlotte as a whole last year Redfin’s chief economist Nela Richardson wrote, “People aren’t just moving to where the jobs are; it now matters how much homes cost when they get there.” With the median home value being reported at $168, 839 in 2012, many people are looking to Charlotte for the jobs and home affordability. Two of the most notable neighborhoods being discussed in the Charlotte area are the South Charlotte neighborhood of Sedgefield and the new Shea Homes adult community of Carolina Ridge. Sedgefield which boasts the title of the 7th hottest community in the nation, is filled with beautiful lots with plenty of mature trees. The Shea community will be coming in late 2015 but is already one of the most talked about communities around Charlotte because of the prime real estate close to Lake Norman.

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September 15, 2014

Nancy Braun Speaks at the 2014 Five Star Conference

Nancy Braun Speaks at the 2014 Five Star Conference
Force Rally, Showcase Realty

Nancy will be attending the Force Rally this week!

On Sunday, September 14 Nancy Braun welcomed the Force members, asset managers, and servicers to the 2014 Five Star Conference held in Dallas, Texas. The fourth Nancy Braun Showcase realtyannual force rally is an academic and networking opportunity for agents and brokers to meet with leading lenders, servicers and asset managers. As one of the Force Advisory Board members Nancy is striving to make this year one of the best conferences yet.

Through round table discussions, panels, and keynote speeches  the force rally will educate all of its attendees with the newest information in compliance, foreclosure, investment, property management, REO and servicing.

The keynote engagement will be an exclusive Q&A with President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush which will be hosted by their daughters. Within the main expo hall will be 444 tables with different organizations that will be participating in the conference.

Check back with the Showcase twitter and Facebook for more information on where Nancy will be located and events she will be attending.