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Charlotte Luxury Homes For Sale, Neighborhoods and Features

Real Estate Properties for Sale in Charlotte

Buying a Luxury Home In Charlotte? Here are some neighborhoods and features to consider when searching for a fine home for sale.

The U.S. real estate market in the south has a lot to offer buyers right now.  So if you’ve been waiting to become a move-up buyer or first-time homeowner, this season remains the best time to buy a luxury home in Charlotte, NC!  And since no two luxury homes are alike, here’s a look at some of the hottest trends for you to consider when buying or building a luxury home in Charlotte:

Ranch Layout
The average luxury home ranges from 5,000 – 7,000 square feet; and many of these homes are single level, rather than multi-story because of the ability to add in vaulted ceilings, an open floor plan, and a sunporch or deck for entertaining, to make for a truly elegant living space with customized features in every room.

Multi-car Garage
Many luxury homes for sale in Charlotte feature as many as 5-car garages for your prized possessions.

Chef’s Kitchen
Home buyers want top-of-the-line appliances with smart technology and lots of ample storage solutions, and customized countertops and cabinetry.

Home Automation 
Adjustable lighting, voice activated alarm systems, and programmable thermostats are just some of the options most requested for home automation features in a luxury home.

Spacious Walk-in Closets
Master bedrooms have one or more large walk-in closets, many with an island.

Upscale Master Bathrooms
From garden baths to steam showers, claw-barted tubs, and even bidets, bathrooms in luxury homes are elegant, classy, and focused on your optimal comfort in mind.

Indoor or Outdoor Sports Courts 
The addition of an enclosed area for playing sports and other recreational activities has become popular for things like indoor or outdoor basketball or tennis, a pool, or even as a fitness or game room.

Picturesque View
If you are buying a luxury home anywhere throughout North Carolina, you can take advantage of a waterfront view or hilly backdrop, depending on your style.

Mixed-Metal Fixtures
Doorknobs, handles, faucets, and lighting fixtures are all decked out with a variety of finishes that complement each other for an interesting mix throughout the home.  The most popular finishes include bronze, brushed nickel, chrome, or antique brass.

Disappearing or Collapsible Window Walls
In luxury homes, the layout flow is generally open, and having the least amount of barriers between your indoor and outdoor living spaces has become increasingly popular.  By using bi-folding or moving glass wall systems and doors, you don’t have to sacrifice the panoramic view.

Upscale living is within your reach when you choose any of these stunning communities found in Charlotte, NC:

  • Providence Plantation
  • Myers Park
  • Providence Downs South
  • High Gate
  • Ardrey
  • Morrocroft Estates
  • Heydon Hall
  • River Hills Plantation
  • Longview
  • Dovewood
  • The Palisades
  • Challis Farm
  • The Conservatory
  • Seven Eagles


Are you ready to see what Charlotte has to offer?  For a portfolio and tour of Charlotte area luxury homes, contact luxury neighborhood experts at Showcase Realty at 704-997-3794 or send us a message here!

April 25, 2016

Charlotte’s Top 10 Locations to Live In

charlotte nc

Charlotte is a beautiful city, noted for its historic charm and laid-back atmosphere. This is a great place to invest in a property and start a family. You may want to be one of the homeowners of the gorgeous properties at these Top 10 Location in Charlotte, NC best to live in:

Over time Charlotte has become one of the largest cities in the United States. Regardless of its recent growth, Charlotte remains a place of history and boasts a “streetcar-era” style. Vintage factories can be seen in the South end and colonial-style houses are statement landmarks in the area. The area boasts a nice blend of past and present, with a large mix of working and upper class citizens.

Check out 10 of the best listed homes in the city of Charlotte:

eastover#1 Eastover
Eastover is a very sought-after community in Charlotte. The area is known to be peaceful and laid back, attracting a lot of new families.

With its rich past, this area has been ranked in the No.1 livable place with a score of 87.


* 97 % graduation rate for high school
* Crime rate is 59% lower than the average in Charlotte
* Average income per household is $221K
* Cost of living is 93% higher than the average in Charlotte

Commonwealth#2 Commonwealth

This area is known as the “Downtown Plaza Midwood”, and it boasts a lot of new properties for those looking for a newer property. Potential buyers have their fair share of places to consider including modern flats, traditional townhomes and historic homes.

Livability score: 86%
Ranks: #2 in Charlotte
Ranks: #4 in North Carolina
* 100% high school graduation rate
* Has a 59% lower crime rate than the average in Charlotte
* 60% higher income than the average in Charlotte
* Household median is set to $84,000
* Home prices are somewhat higher than the average in Charlotte at $279,000
* Cost of living is 13% higher than the average in Charlotte

Barclay Downs#3 Barclay Downs

Located in an area known for its live/work communities, South Park of Charlotte is a great place to set roots. This area includes Piedmont Row, The Colony and South Park Mall. The area also features key amenities like specialty retail shopping, awarded public schools, regional libraries and more.

Livability score: 86%
Rank: #3 in Charlotte
Rank: #5 in North Carolina
* Has 99% graduation rate for High School
* Average income is 73% higher than the average in Charlotte
* Median household income falls $91,000
* Price: $493,000
* Cost of living in the area is 39% higher than the average in Charlotte

Dilworth#4 Dilworth

Known for its impressive churches, oldest streetcar suburb, rebuilt bungalows, renovated historic homes and majestic parks. Most homes were converted into trendy shops, restaurants, galleries, pubs and unique office spaces. Homeowners who are looking for something with unique characteristics will certainly find something here.

Livability Score: 86%
* 94% Graduation Rate for High School
* Area has an average income that is 73% higher than the average in Charlotte
* Median household income sits at $84,000
* Home prices average $452,000
* Cost of living is 33% higher than the average in Charlotte

myers park#5 Myers Park

This garden suburb was created by Architect John Nolen as requested and is now Charlotte’s most beautiful community. It’s also known to be the most reputable and affluent neighborhood in Charlotte.

Livability Score: 85%
*99% Graduation Rate for High School
* Average income is 131% higher than the average in Charlotte
* Median household income averages $122,000
* Homes are priced at $723,000 on average
* Cost of living is 68% higher than Charlotte average

Fourth Ward#6 Fourth Ward

Fourth Ward boomed in the mid-1800s, when St. Peters Episcopal Methodist, First Methodist and First Presbyterian were constructed. The area is a beautiful blend of historic, traditional homes and modern luxuries, parks and businesses.

Homeowners who are looking for a nice blend of past and present will certainly find a unique property to settle here.

Livability Score: 85%
* 95% graduation rate for high school
* Average Income is 42% higher than average Charlotte income
* Median household income is $75,000
*Home prices sit at $269,000 on average
*Cost of living is $13% higher than average in Charlotte

Foxcroft#7 Foxcroft

Foxcroft is very desirable amongst the other Charlotte areas. It offers stunning landscaping, unique large lots and mature trees.

Those who are looking for a well-developed area will appreciate this community and its natural elements.

Livability Score: 85%
* 96% graduation rate for high school
* Average income is 144% higher than average
* Median household income is $129,000
* Home price average sits at $677,000
* Cost of living is 61% higher than the average in Charlotte

Plaza Midwood#8 Plaza Midwood

A hip and urban area that is rich with history, potential homeowners who are looking for an eclectic area will certainly appreciate Plaza Midwood. History buffs will love the Van Landingham Estate and The Charlotte Country Club, and there are lots of galleries, art stores and unique shops for everyone to enjoy. 

Livability Score: 85%
* 93% graduation rate for high school
* Income average is 57% than average
* Median household income is $83,000
* Homes priced at an average of $300,000

Ballantyne East#9 Ballantyne East

Currently home to various Fortune 500 companies, Ballantyne East is beginning to boom with business. The area is now home to a lot of high-end restaurants and amenities, and various desirable subdivisions are on the rise.

Livability Score: 85%
99% Graduation rate for High school
* Average income is 102% higher than the Charlotte average
* Median household sits at $107,000
* Homes priced at an average of $450,000

Wessex Square#10 Wessex Square

Known as the “South Charlotte”, this is the perfect place for those who are looking for something that is well-developed and has some old-world charm.

Lots of large properties for growing families, active kids and pets.

Livability Score: 85%
* 99% Graduation rate for High school
* Income rate is 67% higher than Charlotte average
* Median household income sits at $91,000 annually
* Home prices average $252,000
* Cost of living rate is 43% higher than the average in Charlotte

Are you thinking of buying a property in Charlotte, North Carolina?  Consider these top 10 communities that offer something for everyone! Start your journey today we’d love to help you! Give us a call at 704.997.3794. Send us a message here and connect with us!

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