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OPEN HOUSE: Home for Sale in Charlotte NC | 9416 Hampton Oaks Ln 2827

Grab the chance to own this jaw-dropping ranch in Providence Plantation! Enjoy the scenic drive through the neighborhood and tree lined driveway to this Charlotte NC home for sale.

Homeownership Open House Opportunity! – 9416 Hampton Oaks Ln, Charlotte, NC 28270 – How to be a homeowner successfully purchasing this HUD-owned home for sale in Charlotte NC! This SATURDAY! May 12 – 12 PM – 2PM!

Enter into the exposed brick foyer with character and lots of natural light! Chef’s Dream Kitchen with huge center island and imported Italian Hand Blown Glass lights above. The kitchen features recessed lighting, under counter lights, SS appliances: wall oven, GE profile gas stove and oven (2008), and dishwasher. Chef’s built in desk. Living Room has vaulted ceilings, brick mantle, andexposed beams! Fabulous Den with custom full bar and sink – perfect for entertaining and wood burning fireplace. Master suite with vaulted ceiling and exposed beams, walk in closet with California style organizers, overlooking the greenery, heated floors, shower with multi jets and garden soaking tub with jets. Oversized Laundry with cabinets and sink. Moroccan style panels separate Sunroom and living room. Beautiful sunroom with custom glass door insert and lots of windows overlooking the flat, deep wooded backyard with lots of privacy!

If you have any questions, you can call Nancy Braun at (704) 997-3794!

If you’re looking for new homes for sale in Charlotte NC or similar properties in surrounding areas, visit: www.ShowcaseRealty.net. Our site has listings of Charlotte NC homes for sale that you will certainly love. 

Nancy Braun Shares Keys to Buying A Home in a Seller’s Market

Real Estate in Charlotte NC

Are you searching for your next home?  

Get expert tips from Nancy Braun, the top real estate agent in Charlotte NC, as she talks about the keys to buying a home in a seller’s market,  on Charlotte Today at WCNC NBC.

Buying a home in a seller’s market can be a bit more challenging. According to Nancy, a buyer has to move fast and be prepared to write a strong, flexible offer. Expect that there will be multiple offers, cash offers, and bidding wars.

In this type of market, there are more buyers than there are homes available for sale. There will be fierce competition. So, how in the world do you set yourself apart from the rest of the buyers?

Here is where Nancy’s expertise can help you!

She highlights the importance of knowing what the sellers are looking for and finding out as much as you can about the sellers’ situation. With the information, she offers her clients advice regarding the best way to approach the seller, and  how and what to offer.

She also mentions the necessity of writing a personal letter and how it can be a deciding factor for sellers. The “love letter” gives the buyers the opportunity to connect with the sellers on a personal level, and explain why they want the home and why their offer should be chosen.

If you need more information on buying and selling Charlotte NC real estate, call  Nancy Braun at (704) 997-3794. If you’re a buyer, she can also help you find the home of your choice from the new homes for sale in Charlotte NC. 

Colleen: If you're thinking about buying a home soon, it's time to get your game on.

Eugene: It's a seller's market and that means there’s some tough competition for buyers who are interested in the same property.

Colleen: Yeah. Nancy Braun with Showcase Realty can help. So Nancy, it really is a seller's market. What does that mean for buyers?

Nancy: It's very challenging for some buyers especially anything under $500,000. There's such a demand. So the buyers have to be very, very quick to look at homes and be prepared to write an offer right when they're at the house. 

Colleen: Because a lot of times multiple buyers will be putting an offer on the same home.

Nancy: That's right. Any of the best houses especially some of the homes that are close in into the Charlotte region are going to sell very, very quickly and there's gonna be multiple offers.

Colleen: Now, you really help your clients, your buyers stand out. Talk about how you do that.

Nancy: So one of the things I do right when I'm at the house, showing the house, I call the agent directly and then I ask the agent, “Well, tell me what the sellers are looking for?” It’s not always price. It could be timing. It could be that they love that stove. It could be that they want time to move after closing and rent back from the buyer. And I want to know those criteria because those might appeal to that seller more than just writing a traditional offer. 

Colleen: So you like to put together a good claim - that solid offer. Talk more about what that looks like.

Nancy: So, yes. We always use that term, “clean” but it includes not asking for a lot of things. So if you might ask for that patio furniture in the backyard, well that might be his grandmother's, you know. You don't know what it's important to that seller. So that phone call really kind of narrows down what are permissible for me to include in the offer and what isn't. But as simple as how many days for due diligence might alter my offer to take second place over another offer. So I want to have a short period of time for us to do our investigation as far as making sure that they know that we can move forward. I want to make sure that we can put up as much due diligence fee and earnest money deposit as my clients can afford.If they can do cash, cash always wins. Or if they can't do cash, then I want an actual approval letter from the lender. I don't want some weak pre-qualification letter. I want a letter actually written specifically for this property from my lender that the seller can look at and go, “Wow! This is a really solid buyer.” 

Colleen: So you actually have the buyer write a letter about why someone likes the house so much, maybe even include a family photo?

Nancy: Absolutely. Absolutely. That really makes a big difference. I recently sold my parents house and I can tell you that the first buyer that came through wrote me one of those letters. And I could feel, you know, this is a home I grew up in. My mom would love this home. It really meant a lot to me. So, I know that that personal letter from a buyer is critical in a multiple offer situation especially, if they're going to be owner-occupants. I was at an appointment last night and they were talking about them selling another home that they had and they were disappointed that the For Rent sign went up in the yard right after they sold it. And they internalized and personalized the home. So those letters - we in the industry call them love letters - really could be effective. So when I sit down and meet with a buyer, initially, I'll say, start writing the letter. We'll eventually get the particulars about the home that might really be relevant to this specific home we find but you can start getting pictures of your dogs, your kids, and reasons why you moved to Charlotte or some hot buttons that someone might, you know, be interested in hearing. 

Colleen: And quickly, I should mention too, you don't just do this via email. You put it all together in a nice little packet to give to the other agent.

Nancy: Yes, right. So traditionally most people just email the offer to purchase. Whereas, our multiple offer package could be really quite thick and it's going to have letters from the lender and letters from the buyers. It's going to have the specific disclosures included. It's going to have more documents documenting that they have the earnest money copies of their checks that they're submitting. It's a very, very thorough package including a table of contents. So always I think of seller includes if it's a husband and wife you've got one that's more detailed, number focused. One's more emotionally focused. So obviously the letters are more emotionally driven but then the table of contents and all the documentation appeals to the other partner who's going to be more detailed. 

Colleen: It’s a nice touch. You'll get that here at Showcase Realty. Nancy, thank you so much.

Nancy: Thank you.

Colleen: If you're interested in buying a home or if you're ready to put yours on the market, visit ShowcaseRealty.net or better yet, call Nancy Braun at Showcase Realty. The number is 704-997-3794.Make sure you mention Charlotte Today. If you do, you'll receive a free copy of Nancy's book, The Ultimate No Holds Barred Guide to Selling & Buying a Home in the Carolinas. Again, the number is 704-997-3794. Nancy, thank you so much.

Eugene: Nancy, thank you.

✋What Mistakes Can Seriously Hamper the Sale of Your Charlotte NC Home

homes for sale in Charlotte NC

Mistakes on the small things aren’t a big deal.

However, when it comes to selling your home, you need to do everything right. Before you get too excited about seeing the “Sold” sign out on your lawn, there are some things you should be aware of first.

Homeowners, especially first time sellers, often commit mistakes that cause negative feedback on their Charlotte NC home and hamper their sale.

Here are three major blunders you should avoid at all costs:

1. Improperly Pricing Your Charlotte NC Home

The most common reason why a home doesn’t sell is that the asking price has been set too high. A high price will make buyers wonder what is so special about the property but might leave them disappointed in the end.

If you price your home too high, you’re setting yourself up for a number of obstacles to selling your Charlotte NC home. Even if you receive an offer, the deal may fall apart before the closing because the buyer might encounter problems financing at too high a price.

Keep in mind that the right asking price is your most important tool in real estate. A professional market analysis done by an experienced agent like me can give you the accurate, reliable foundation you need to price your home right.

As your agent, I will evaluate your home’s location and lot size; your home’s age, size and condition; the number of bedrooms, baths, and total rooms; and the kinds of extra features it has. Then, I will compare your home with similar properties currently for sale or recently sold.  As the top real estate agent in Charlotte, I have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which gives me all the information needed to accurately and thoroughly compare your home to similar properties.

2. Staying too emotionally attached

It’s natural to grow fond of the home where you created memories with your family and friends. However, once you decide to sell, you’ll have to emotionally detach from your home. You must now view the property as a blank canvas that is ready for someone else’s memories to be created there.

Although your home may hold a lot of sentimental value, it does not directly translate to its financial value. You can’t price your home according to what it means to you.  

Some sellers make the mistake of pricing their home too high due to their attachment to the property. However, this can backfire and cause the home to languish on the market instead.

Take the time to ensure you’re emotionally prepared for the home selling process so you won’t end up sabotaging your chances of a quick and successful sale.

3. Limited showings

If your home is priced right and shows well, you could get showing requests within hours of listing the home with your agent. To sell it quickly, you need to cooperate when your real estate agent wants to show it.

Your goal is to accommodate as many buyers as possible, even if their timing is inconvenient. If you turn away prospective buyers or make it difficult to show your home, it sends a negative message — that you’re not motivated or serious about selling.

If your house isn’t easy to show, it won’t be easy to sell either.  You’ll need to be flexible when buyers looking for cheap houses for sale in Charlotte NC ask to see your home even on short notice.


If you avoid these classic mistakes, you might close your sale faster and easier than you’d have thought possible.

We would love to work with you!

Call me, Nancy Braun, at 704-997-3794. We deliver fast results! The average agent sells a home in 67 days, while our average time for selling a home is only 43 days!


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👇What Are the Risks of Selling Your Charlotte NC Home Without an Agent?

Charlotte NC Homes for Sale

Selling a property can be quite a complex and daunting process.

So, it’s really surprising that some homeowners decide to go through this huge task themselves without the help of an experienced real estate agent.

There are many reasons why people try to sell their homes on their own—for sale by owners (FSBO). Most of these homeowners want to save money that they would have otherwise spent on real estate commission.  

However, data from a National Association of Realtors survey shows that less than 10 percent of all home sales are FSBOs. There are serious reasons why nearly 90% of sellers choose to work with a real estate agent.

Here are some of the drawbacks of selling your home on your own:

1. Lack of experience

Unless you’ve sold a house before, you may actually sabotage the process of selling your home due to ignorance and naivety. With no prior real estate experience, you’ll have limited knowledge of the process of selling a property and the complex legislation that goes with it. You may end up putting yourself at risk of non-compliance with real estate legislation.

Real estate agents, such as our team at Showcase Realty, sell properties every day. We know the process inside and out. We have complete knowledge of taking a deal to the final stage and closing it successfully.

2. Incorrect Property Appraisal

As a private seller, you may not have the skills to correctly appraise your home. You may end up overpricing your it, which may deter buyers. On the other hand, you may also make the mistake of underpricing your property resulting in a price lower than the market value.

Real estate agents can create an evaluation of your home based on the current real estate market status. We have access to data which will help us compare your home to other similar properties to see if you are overpricing or selling for too low.

3. Limited Marketing Resources and Strategies

Do you have a marketing strategy that is at par with the real estate market this time of the year?

Most homeowners don’t have the same marketing resources and strategy as an agent. If you choose to sell your home on your own, you will need to pay for advertising costs out of your own pocket.

Marketing is one area where we really shine!  We use top marketing, strategies, technology, and systems to give our clients cutting-edge results, at top dollar, and in the least amount of time.

As real estate agents, we also have a wide network of contacts which can help us reach more buyers. This is not just through advertising sites but from our own company databases and potential buyers we’ve come in contact with at other properties. In fact, we have over 35,832 home buyers in waiting for an NC or SC home for sale in our Database.

Selling a home on your own will have a huge impact on your lifestyle. You should not underestimate the time, work, and effort involved in selling a property. It can be a big task for you to coordinate the sale on your spare time.

When you work with us, you have more time for things that matter most while we handle all  the tedious particulars of your home sale.

If you’re looking for the best agent to sell your property, you can call me, Nancy Braun at 704-997-3794. My team and I are always ready to assist you with all your real estate needs in Charlotte NC.  

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COMING SOON! 10222 Atkins Ridge Dr Charlotte NC 28213-4290 | Home for Sale

Creekside at Wyndham Place Charlotte NC Homes for Sale

A spacious suburban haven

Set on the corner lot of Atkins Ridge Drive and Parsifal Lane is this generously proportioned Transitional style home. It features 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a 2-car attached garage with 3, 140 square feet of living space you can enjoy. 

Homes for Sale in Creekside at Wyndham Place Charlotte NC

This Charlotte home was built fairly recently, so everything is in great condition. With a wooded area behind the backyard, you can have all the privacy that you need.

If you are looking for your own haven in the suburbs where you can entertain, relax, or retreat, this is the home you will want to own.

In proximity to great amenities

Located in Creekside at Wyndham Place Subdivision, this place is part of the Newell community where residents enjoy a short commute to get to everywhere, from Downtown Charlotte to Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

There are plenty of dining and shopping options within a two-mile radius.  

If you have elementary age children, University Meadows Elementary School is only a mile away while both James Martin Middle School and Zebulon B Vance High School are 3.3 miles away.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is only a seven-minute drive, perfect if you intend to get a new degree or finish your previous one.

Enjoy this home's lovely amenities

The main floor of the home features an inviting foyer complete with polished wood floors, a bright and airy dining room, a staircase leading to the second floor, a great room with wood floors and a gas log fireplace, a lovely ample-spaced eat-in kitchen with an island, beautiful cabinetry, stainless appliances, and a pantry.  There's also a breakfast nook that's open to the family room.

The second level features the master bedroom as well as 2 other bedrooms. The master bedroom is bright and large and has a loft, a sitting area, and a walk-in closet. It also has an ensuite bathroom with a separate shower and a garden tub. Another bathroom is available to be shared by the two other bedrooms. The laundry room and utility room are also located on the second floor.

This property features an attractive brick veneer and stone exterior, a covered front porch, a two car attached garage, an attic, a patio, a storage shed, and a fenced yard.

Enjoy a quiet and private retreat in this beautiful Charlotte home for sale, yours for ONLY $270,000.

Want to see other available properties here in the Charlotte area? Visit www.ShowcaseRealty.net for more info.

Call me, Nancy Braun, (704) 997-3794. As the top real estate agent in Charlotte, I can help you find the best home.

Text Code: Atkins10222

2201 Mary Ann Dr Charlotte NC 28214 | Home for Sale

2201 Mary Ann Dr Charlotte NC 28214 | Home for Sale

Amazing price for a charming home!

Don’t miss out on this 1,764 square bart single family home which features 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms.

Schedule a private viewing by calling Nancy Braun at 704-997-3794 today!

If you’re looking for similar properties in the area, visit: ShowcaseRealty.net.

Do I Need A Home Inspection?

Is a home inspection needed?

Protect your interest

When you buy a Charlotte NC home, you buy its amazing features and great location. You also buy its flaws. Not all homes are perfect. Even some new construction homes have minor flaws.

Your home is a big investment, and you want to make sure it is in good condition when you buy it.  It is your right to know the weaknesses of the home you are going to purchase, and the home inspection allows you to learn that.

Many buyers feel that the home inspection is something they can do themselves because it seems easy to check the condition of the home and find out if the electrical or heating systems are working.  While it’s true that a home inspection only covers and inspect things that are visible, there are many things you don’t check when buying a home.

For example, one of the reasons you love the living room is for its stone-lined fireplace. Have you checked if it is safe? Did you check the wiring of the home? How about the plumbing?  All these things are covered in the home inspection.

Top 3 benefits of a home inspection

  1. It saves you money. Home inspections cost $300 – $400 depending on the size of the home. It is a small amount to pay compared to your possible expense a couple of years later when you have to rewire your entire home, or when you need to have your foundation repaired.
  1. It allows you to negotiate for a lower price. When the home you like is still at the upper end of your budget price range, a home inspection may give you the means to negotiate the price to your favor.
  1. It gives you a good deal. Not only does a home inspection allow you to ask for a lower price, it also gives you the power to request needed repairs. Some sellers are willing to deduct the amount of repair from the listing price.

What’s included in a home inspection?

Home inspections start from the top of the house down to the bottom, but it will not cover everything in the Charlotte NC home you are planning to buy. The inspector has a list of different items to look at in the home. These inspectors are trained and certified by the state and are experts in what they do.  The following are some areas covered in an inspection:

  • Structural components including foundation and framework of the house are covered. The inspector will check if the foundation is solid, and if the walls are straight. This is especially helpful if you are buying an older home.
  • The roofing system is composed of the shingles, flashing, fascia and skylight which will be looked at. The inspector will check for defects which may cause drips or loose gutters.
  • Exterior portions of the home will be covered including the siding, porches, and driveways. The inspection will check for cracks, rot or decay in the siding.
  • The plumbing system which includes pipes, drains, and water heater will be inspected to check for deficiencies.
  • Heating and Cooling system and its distribution equipment will be analyzed.
  • Interior features like walls, ceilings, windows, doors, etc will be looked at.
  • Insulation and ventilation will be inspected to see if it was installed properly.
  • Fireplaces which include chimneys and vents will be inspected for problems.
  • Kitchens will be checked from plumbing, to electrical and appliances.
  • Bathrooms will be inspected for venting, leaks and more.

You will be provided with the detailed findings, which you can use as basis for further price negotiation. As a buyer, the home inspection report is your way of checking the investment you’ll be making is sound and will not give you any problems in the near future.

Call me, Nancy Braun, at (704) 997-3794. Allow me to make your real estate experience a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Charlotte Ranked #1 Most Up-And-Coming City in America

Charlotte NC Homes

Charlotte is a city where the cosmopolitan vibe of an international hub meets the best of southern charm. A unique culture has evolved through its metro area, where residents enjoy sophisticated art, to world-class culinary delights, entertainment, sports and more. It is also the home of NASCAR and the Charlotte Motor Speedway, to the delight of many motorsports enthusiasts.

Living is affordable, the weather tis wonderful, and there is always something to do — including attending free events.

Charlotte is not just a “banking town” because Bank of America and Wells Fargo have their headquarters in the Queen City. Other major employers include Lowe’s (headquartered in Mooresville), and American Airlines. The metro area’s unemployment rate is on par with the national average, at 4.9%; and its average annual salary is slightly higher than national averages, at $48,370. Charlotte was listed as one of the best cities for job hunters on WalletHub.com’s 2017’s Best and Worst Cities for Jobs.

A recent study conducted by Time Magazine and Yelp on the best cities in America for economic growth considered data ranging from search frequency, page visits, to how long each business has been in operation. The results, according to Time Magazine, showed that Charlotte proved the largest growth driven by the bard industry. Additional rankings for Charlotte in various industries included Shopping (#3), Restaurants (#6), Nightlife (#19), Automotive (#3), Event Planning and Services (#14), Health and Medical (#4), Active Life (#6), Home Services (#2), and Beauty and Spas (#5).

According to Yelp’s Data Editor, Carl Bialik, “This program is an ongoing effort to surface insights from Yelp’s deep data stores to help businesses succeed and to arm policymakers with the information they need to make effective change that will boost local economies.”

The data used was collected by Yelp using intricate analytics and statistics models. As the data is in real time and “current”, measuring indicators are more precise, providing far more accurate results.

With Charlotte growing at an impressive rate, and housing development increasing, my team and I at Showcase Realty are ideally positioned to assist home buyers, renters, home sellers and investors realize every real estate goal. If you’re planning on moving to or within the Charlotte Metro area, please do not hesitate to contact us for prompt and professional service.

Contact me, Nancy Braun, at Nancy@ShowcaseRealty.net or call 704-997-3794. My team and I would love to support your real estate needs.


:: Your Home is Guaranteed to Sell Within 120 Days, or We Will Pay You $2,500*! ::.

Showcase Realty has over 35,832 homebuyers in waiting for a NC or SC home for sale in our Database. Your home may already be SOLD!

We sell our homes for 3.59% more in sales price when compared to your average agent. This means real dollars in your pocket$

The average agent sells a home in 67 days while our average time for selling a home is only 43 days!

With Showcase’s proven track record of results, your home is more likely to sell for more money, in less time, and least amount of hassle!

We sell over 40x more homes than your average agent. Because we sell more homes, we can do more for you. We market and advertise diligently to ensure your success.

* Some conditions apply

Client Reviews – //showcaserealty.net/reviews/

Home Repositioned in the Market! 8427 Quintrell Dr Charlotte NC 28277 | Home for Sale

Charlotte NC Homes for Sale

The space and security you want in a home

Just a block away from the pool and park of the highly sought after Landen Meadow community is this beautiful and spacious two-story home which stands on a corner lot.  

This traditional style Charlotte home for sale features 5 spacious bedrooms,  2.5 bathrooms, a formal living room, a cozy den and a 2 car attached garage.  It has a large front and backyard.

For ONLY $295,000 this home is the haven you have been dreaming of. It is a home where you can enjoy comfort and serenity and entertain family and friends.

Experience an active lifestyle in the community of Landen Meadows

Built in the 90’s, Landen Meadows neighborhood was one of the first residential neighborhoods in the popular Ballantyne region in South Charlotte.

It is located between Rea Rd and Ardrey Kell Rd and is literally just minutes from shopping, dining, and entertainment as well as access to I-485. All local schools are within a ten-minute drive.

Homes in Charlotte NC

This community enjoys a pool, tennis courts and recreation area.

Work in the bright and welcoming study

If you love the symmetrical look and clean lines, you’ll love the design of this home.  Directly across the foyer is the staircase that leads to the second level.

To the right of the foyer is a welcoming study. This room has big windows,  making it bright and airy.

Charlotte NC Homes for Sale

The windows overlook the front lawn so you can enjoy a great view while you work. Large and casually elegant, this study is a great place to work in peace and privacy.

You can also transform this study into a formal living room.

Enjoy formal meals in the formal dining room

To the left of the foyer is the formal dining room.

Real Estate Properties for Sale in Charlotte NC

Well-lighted with big windows, this room is the best place for formal dining. If you love having guests over, this dining room is large enough to accommodate a six-person table.

Adding your favorite paintings on the wall, and a cabinet display in one corner will bring this room to life and make it the perfect entertaining spot.  

This dining area is also open to the kitchen, making meals convenient and easy.

Fill this home with the aroma of great bard

Next to the formal dining room is an inviting,  large eat-in kitchen, with an open concept floor plan.

This Charlotte NC kitchen has two pantries, stainless steel appliances, lots of cabinet space and no touch under cabinet lighting. Tile floors make cleaning easy and convenient. A breakfast nook is available on the other side of the breakfast bar, just beside the french door which leads to the backyard.

Charlotte NC Homes for Sale

Dazzle your family with your inner chef skills and prepare the best meals in this amazing kitchen.

This NC home kitchen’s set up allows you to multitask; you can enjoy cooking and entertaining your guests at the same time.

A cozy family room with a fantastic backyard view

Across the charming kitchen is the spacious family room which is also accessible through the hallway from the foyer.

Charlotte NC Real Estate Properties for Sale

Featuring large windows which keep this room bright and cheerful, neutral tone walls for a more open and contemporary ambiance, and a large fireplace to cozy up to on brisk night’s, this family room will easily turn into your family’s favorite spot.

Not to mention that it is right across from the kitchen and pantry, and just a door away from the relaxing backyard retreat.

Turn your bedroom into a soothing retreat

This home has five generous sized and well-appointed bedrooms.

The master bedroom is spacious and bright. Warm tone walls, carpet floor and big windows that let in light give this bedroom a warm and welcoming appeal.

Homes in Charlotte NC

You’ll love its large space and the beautiful blend of neutral and warm colors, giving this room a feeling of warmth and relaxation.  With a king size bed and some drawers, this bedroom is the perfect escape from a long day of work.

This master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom so you can fully enjoy your privacy.

Charlotte NC Homes

Enjoy its double vanity, a large tub, a separate shower and new light fixtures.

You’ll look forward to coming home and ending your day with a good long soak while reading your favorite book.

Do you require storage space?

When you need more storage space, this home delivers. The attic is mostly floored and is the perfect place for storage. Or you can convert it into a craft room where you can paint and enjoy your arts and crafts.

This Charlotte home for sale offers a wonderful backyard retreat

A lovely surprise awaits you when you move to the backyard of the home. Featuring a good sized covered patio, you can entertain or relax in comfort while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

Charlotte NC Homes

Furnish it with a table and some comfortable chairs and you will have a wonderful setting perfect for relaxing and enjoyment. This porch overlooks a large flat backyard with lush grass and trees.

The backyard is fenced, so if you have kids, they can enjoy playing here.

Homes like this don’t stay on the market long, so grab this opportunity now! Call me, Nancy Braun at (704) 997-3794 to schedule a viewing of this lovely home. Let me help you find the best home to suit your needs.

This is a short sale and is subject to servicer’s and or note investor’s approval of offer to purchase.

Text Quintrell8427 to 704-870-2369 FOR MORE DETAILS!

Find Out Why Charlotte is 2017’s 2nd Fastest-Growing Large City in America

The Queen City did it again!

Being in second place has never been this awesome especially if it means second among the fastest-growing in the nation.

The brains behind the free consumer tools producing research reports and surveys, WalletHub, conducted a comprehensive analysis using 15 key indicators. They spearheaded this study after experiencing several hurricanes over these past months, and to find out which has the fastest local economic growth survival and they involved 515 cities in the US with deviating population sizes.

These best practices stood out allowing WalletHub to clearly see which factors constitute the inevitable success of these cities which helped them stand the test of time. Charlotte is at number 2.

What are the key indicators that made Charlotte a winner?

Some of the metrics they have calculated and weighed are :

  1. Growth in Number of Businesses (# 1)
  2. Population Growth (# 41)
  3. Job Growth (# 17)
  4. Working-age Population Growth (# 35)
  5. Regional Gross Domestic Product Growth (# 148)

(1 = fastest-growing)

Charlotte’s huge estimated population of 842,051 has served the city its purpose by becoming the second of the largest cities with the highest growth and also getting the 20th spot in the over-all ranking. WalletHub defines that any community with more than 300,000 people is considered a large population. We’re not the only one who can see that Charlotte’s trend which has gone up a notch from last year’s conducted study will be a ladder-like success and we couldn’t be more proud of our city.

Why are people moving to Charlotte instead of other cities?

The fast economic development is inviting and spreading throughout the state. While some people will have to worry about the traffic and the possibility of city congestion, retailers and big companies continue to expand.

Here are my top 5 picks why I suggest that you seriously consider joining us:

> Charlotte has become a major US financial capital. This is the home of Bank of America, Citi, JP Morgan, Ally Financial, and Wells Fargo which center their operations here. The exclusive employment offered by these most successful banks play a major part why this city’s population continues to soar. Look at the number one spot for this year’s growth in businesses and you will only see one name.

> The quality of education is exceptional. More than a dozen of our schools have been given top rankings by Newsweek’s Top High Schools in America. We have 38 colleges and universities to choose from.

> Affordable living options. Residents are given a variety of housing options. You can get a lot more for your money. A typical detached residence with 3 beds, 2 baths goes for around $250,000.

> Like most cities, Charlotte has numerous neighborhoods in different parts of the city and each of them is unique. You can divide them into categories of historic homes, artsy and eclectic neighborhood, urban living, country club feel and those which have easy rail access. Take your pick!

> People like to call it the “fitness community”. We have myriad offerings of physical activities like runs, races, and yoga. The Thunder Road is the yearly half and full marathon which we hold.

It’s easy to see and understand why Charlotte always feels like a young and thriving city. There’s no reason for you not to join the ranks. Connect with me, Nancy Braun, at 704-997-3794 when you’re in town!

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