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December 2, 2014

Secrets To A Successful House Move

Secrets To A Successful House Move

Are you among those individuals who recently purchased a home? Then probably one of your next moves will be packing up your things. For first-timers, this can be an arduous process therefore; we have prepared for you some secrets to help make your household move a lot easier and smoother.

Write everything down. Before you start packing even one box, you should make a simple list either through a computer-printed list of numbers with a space where you can write the contents or using a notebook. This is where you’ll write the box number and the contents for each box. Just remember, to be specific when describing the box contents to make unpacking a lot easier for you.

Use color coordination. Aside from the above-mentioned technique, you should also designate a color for each room or area in your new home. In this way, the movers or you can easily determine where to put the box once you’re in your new home.

Get rid of unnecessary belongings. There’s no sense in packing and moving things that you don’t need or use anymore. Therefore, days or weeks before your planned move, look for such items and discard them, either through selling them through a yard sale or giving it your other family or friends.

Get in touch with the utility companies. Phone, cable, Internet companies, etc. should be informed a few days before your planned move since they need enough time to set-up everything in your new home. Don’t forget to contact other companies regarding the change in your address.

Pack ahead of time especially essential items. Anything you pack ahead of time will certainly save you a lot of time on the day of the move. Furthermore, you should pack in advance a few necessary items that can help you get through the first few days especially if your mover is late. This includes some clothes, dishes, utensils, toiletries and medications.

Bring important papers with you. As much as possible, keep your important papers with you too. This includes birth certificates, marriage contract, school records, important contact numbers, bank records, current bills and the like.

Make use of your luggage. You can use your luggage and duffle bags in packing your clothes, bed sheets, towels, and other paper goods so you don’t have to spend a lot on boxes.

November 12, 2014

Homebuying For Single Women

Homebuying For Single Women

The number of single women buying homes on their own has been increasing over time. And you’d be fascinated to know that single-women homebuyers actually look for something quite different than other homebuyers. So if you’re one of these women, keep in mind these tips we’ve prepared for you.

Determine what you want in a house. The most popular types of homes that single women purchase are condominiums and townhouses since they are generally more affordable than larger properties. Plus, they offer excellent amenities and security with lower maintenance costs. However, if you’re still young or you have plans to get married, you’ll need to consider your future needs, which means investing in a larger home is financially more promising than buying a condo or townhouse.

Develop a detailed financial strategy. Since you’ll be alone to spend and pay for your property, you’ll need to create a detailed financial strategy to assist you in your home purchase decision. It needs to be an assessment of your existing and potential financial worth, your financial and associated lifestyle goals, and whether your purchase will fit your financial capabilities. Your budget should cover the expenses in buying a house, which includes mortgage repayments, property taxes, household and utility bills, insurance premiums and maintenance costs.

Look for a private and secure environment. Most single women are likely to put privacy and security as their top two priorities when looking for a home. Hence, common conditions you want to have in your property and in the neighborhood are as follows: low crime rate, a house that comes with an alarm system, a well-fenced yard, secure doors and windows, and a garage attached and accessible from inside your house. This is also one reason why singe women like buying condos because they offer high level of security with underground parking.

Work with a reliable real estate agent. Similar to any other homebuyer, you’ll also need to work with a reliable real estate agent especially if buying a house is one of the largest transactions you will ever make in your life. A real estate agent will not only help make the home buying process a lot easier for you, they’ll also get the perfect home for single women like you.