Selling houses and selling land have significant similarities, but this doesn’t mean that they are one and the same. The difference between having a big, empty lot on your hands and an empty house on it impacts how you sell the property. 

Despite the overlap in each process, there’s a huge difference between selling houses and selling land. Each has its own market, different buyer mindsets, and various sales approaches that target its particular audience. No accurate way of selling can guarantee automatic success, but it helps to know what makes each one stand out.

Once you know the distinctions and respond appropriately, it can lead to a higher chance of a successful sale. Sellers like you will know how to overcome possible obstacles and form your own strategies to fight against the challenges.

Difference between House and Land Selling

Is Selling Land the Same as Selling a House?

Selling land is not the same as selling a house. As stated before, there are specific areas in real estate where selling a home and selling land become distinct. 

Understanding more about both, and forming plans to thrive in either case, can help you score a successful deal.

Buyer Differences

Land buyers and homebuyers have different goals in mind. In their pursuit of purchasing properties, they have different primary objectives to achieve. Buyers are the primary difference in the process since they are the ones you’re trying to cater to best. Learn what they usually expect or assume to proceed with creating a strategic sales approach.


Homebuyers most likely already have a specific or comprehensive list of things they want and are set on these specific objectives. It also matters that they are probably looking for a place to live and are willing to compromise more. This is especially true when it satisfies their goal for a specific vision.

Homebuyers can have definitive opinions on the interior, exterior, and additional features and are willing to negotiate if they are happy with a certain house on their list. 9 out of 10 times, they are looking for move-in-ready places to reduce the work it takes to move. 

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Land Buyers

Like homebuyers, land buyers also have a checklist of what they want to see in a property. However, they look at the land selling market from a different perspective, and it varies depending on who is buying – an individual or a group of developers.

Individuals look for residential properties or lands usable for recreation, and developers look for land types and specific locations to invest in the land. Either way, the primary objective is to customize and use the land to its full potential to satisfy their needs and wants. Land buyers may take longer to decide on a property, as so many extra factors influence their decision. 

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Different Sales Approaches

Each real estate market requires its own sales techniques, and they can significantly vary from one another. Sales strategies in the home selling market may not work for the land selling market and vice versa. Studying the differences can help develop an efficient sales strategy approach that enables you to find buyers successfully.

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Home Selling

The conventional sales strategies used in home selling involve detailed photographs and listings, open houses and showings, and plenty of in-person viewings. It isn’t hard to visualize or imagine for buyers in the home selling market. The completed product (the house) is there for them to see.

Buyers can have personal experience with houses and are allowed to walk through them. This helps them develop specific opinions due to first-hand experiences. This means it’s easier for buyers to find what they want because they can envision a future in it. This is harder to do with a blank canvas of vacant land. If you’re looking to sell your Charlotte area home, click here to learn how to recruit the help of a professional real estate agent.

Land Selling

Vacant land is what it is: empty but has potential. It can be difficult for buyers to envision what they will do with the property, but this can be solved easily by providing them with details. Unlike homes, with land, you must collect geological data and explain what benefits it can have as a property.

Being a skilled seller means you can guide the buyer into the possible options they have with the land. This means you can also assist the buyer in creating a vision of what the land could become in the future.

Successful House or Land Sale

Is Land Selling as Fast as Houses?

Land selling is not as fast as houses. Both sales are different, to begin with. Each market has its own advantages and disadvantages and ways to approach it properly. 

Often, though, houses sell faster because they’re ready for habitation and because of the supply and demand nature of the market.

What matters most to creating a fast sale lies within the marketing strategies used by the seller. The most important goal to have in the real estate market is the ability to find and attract potential buyers. Efficiency in this area makes creating a sale faster and more successful.

This includes advertising properties on different platforms, catering the content of your listing to the target audience, and highlighting which features position the land or the home at its best self. 

Agents can help with this, especially since professionals provide the best guidance. If you’re entering the real estate market either as a seller or buyer in Charlotte, NC, Nancy Braun at Showcase Realty offers the best advice in the city. Unlock a stress-free real estate career in Charlotte! Join us for a better life. Click here!

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Is a Land or a House More Valuable?

The answer depends on the primary objectives the buyers want to achieve. If they want the convenience of a move-in-ready home, then homes become more valuable. Land properties become more useful if they wish for something to invest in that requires a “go big or go home” mindset.

The land a house sits on may even be worth more than the house itself. However, this strongly relies on where the property is located. Location matters intensely among buyers, regardless of who they are. Values can also increase due to various reasons, such as supply and demand, location, objectives, and the buyer’s personal preference.

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Is Land Hard to Sell?

For some, it may be a more challenging experience to sell vacant land due to the absence of convenience. In this case, houses become more attractive because the property is already move-in ready. Additionally, it’s easier for buyers to envision themselves in a home that already exists, which cannot be done with vacant land.  

The Bottom Line

Not all sellers have a difficult experience selling vacant land. With the right knowledge, and a skilled professional, the difficulty of selling empty land goes down significantly. In Charlotte, NC it is much easier to seek out help and find trustworthy assistance in the city because of Nancy Braun.

Nancy Braun is the founder of Showcase Realty. She’s been in the real estate industry for over a decade and has reached out her hand to people living in Charlotte, NC, and those interested in living in Charlotte. Find out more about Nancy Braun and what she can help you with at


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