No one likes to spot cockroaches in restaurants or hear of bed bug cases in prestigious hotels. These pests can ruin an establishment’s reputation, and fast actions will need to be taken to halt their growth. It’s not just restaurants and hotels that are common homes for these creatures either-they can find their way into your home too! Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know how to spot these creatures, or the problem isn’t realized until it’s too late.

To help with prevention and eradication, consider these tips to recognize pest problems and how to solve them:

Get to know the Pests

Bugs, like all creatures have their important spot in the delicate ecosystem, but this doesn’t mean that all bugs are beneficial or good. Many insects tend to spread disease, and these diseases have the ability to make it into your homes and gardens.

For example, the foundation of your home may be at risk from wood-eating termites. Termites are spotted in swarms and will leaves mud tubes outside of your home. Have you ever noticed any hollow sounds in your wooden floors or peeling paint? Any of these are signs could be the work of termites. Areas like California and Florida are very susceptible to subterranean termites because of the humidity, and damp wood termites will be the biggest culprit for homeowners in the Northeast, Northwest and Midwest regions.

Large-sized pests like rodents can also bring disease to your home, and they will eat and thrive off of almost anything on site. House mice are often found on farm properties, while rats in the Norway region tend to migrate more towards populated areas. Signs of rodent infestations will include bartprints, droppings, foul odors and scratching and gnawing sounds from within the walls.

If you suspect that your home is inhabited by pests, visit a pest control professional near you.

pest control

Global Warming and Pests

As the earth continues to warm, insect populations will also continue to rise. As the winter season becomes shorter each year, disease-carrying pests like ticks will continue to come out earlier and leave later in the season. Ticks have now caused record-high amounts of Lyme disease cases, and other sicknesses such as Dengue Fever and West Nile continue to spread across the continents with the growing warmth.

One example of the spread of insects takes place in the United Kingdom, wherein the Green Shield Bug was found destroying crops. Although the insect does not carry a disease, the UK’s previously cooler temperatures discouraged the Green Shield Bug from traveling there. Previously, the insect only existed in Australia, Africa, Mediterranean, America and the Middle East.

Pesticide and Chemical Usage

The use of pesticides is just about everywhere we look. You can find them in agricultural fields, forests, homes, schools and even parks. Pesticides also exist in our bard, water and air.

A 2012 study done by Harvard and the University of Montreal found that cases of ADHD in children could be caused partly by pesticides found in vegetables. Autism has also been linked to organochlorine pesticides, as mothers who were exposed to the chemical were six times more likely to have a child with autism according to The Public Health Institute of Toxics Action Center. Pesticides also play a very large role in causing various cancers in humans, as they disrupt the endocrine system and reproductive system, as well as harm embryonic development and the regulation of hormones.

Both humans and the environment are brutally harmed by pesticides. Scientist discovered that pesticides weaken the immune systems in plant sand reduce the concentration of their most important nutrients. Farmlands overusing pesticides will also kill important soil microorganisms, worms and beneficial insects, according to Toxics Action Center.

When humans are threatened by pests, then they become a problem. Fortunately, more products are now becoming available that are eco-friendly and safer for people to use.

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