While the data-backed steps in part one is already good enough to speed up the home selling process for your home, there are a few more tips and tricks that me and my team at Showcase Realty have proven to work during our decades of experience in the real estate business.

Here’s part two of our three part series on 12 steps to sell your home faster and for more money:

5. Home Staging

If you want to impress your potential buyers, then you have to consider staging your home. You can either stage an empty room and fill it up with furniture, or get rid of any clutter in a crowded space. Remember to fill in your home with natural light as this helps ensure that your home’s photographs will look great and grab the attention of prospective buyers that visits your home. If you don’t know how to start staging your home, check out some professional home stagers in your area.

6. Don’t stress about home remodeling

Unless you do a home renovation on an outdated bathroom or kitchen, home remodeling is not worth the added cost unless it increases square bartage. There are a few less-drastic and cosmetic home improvements you can do on a budget such as steam-cleaning your carpets, washing your windows, revamping your lawn, hiring the services of a professional home-cleaner, pressure washing your deck or cleaning out your home’s gutters. Doing such improvements won’t cost you more than a thousand dollars, but it’ll surely be worth it.

7. Hire a professional photographer

Do you know that 92 percent of home buyers these days search for their next home through the internet? It is important that you hire a professional photographer to potentially help your home’s selling price and the time it takes for the property to sell. It has been proven that professionally photographed homes sell faster and at a greater amount. 

8. Price your home right

Ask your real estate agent to get you a comparative market analysis to help determine the local sales of homes similar to yours in the past few years. You can also visit other homes currently for sale in your area to determine how the selling process is going. If you’re no sure on where to start, begin with a lesser asking price. For instance, if you under price your home by $10,000, you may lose the amount, or maybe, multiple buyers will bid up the price. But if you overprice your home by $10,000, the home may stay on the market for months so you’ll eventually lose more money. The best results are achieved when multiple buyers are involved.

Still want more tips? Good news, we have one more post coming your way on 12 steps to sell your home faster and for more money.


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