Last Four Tips for Selling Your Home

The wait is finally over! Here are the last four tips on how to sell your home faster and for more money:POST5 1

9. Make the best first impression.

Remember that you only get one chance to make the best first impression to your prospective buyers through photos and the price of your home. Your listing will get five times more traffic during its first week than the succeeding weeks. Try debuting your home either Thursday or Friday because it will grab the attention of online home-buyers who want to visit homes during the weekend. A house that is debuted during Friday actually gets 37% more tours than those debuted on Monday, plus a $400,000 listing sells on average for $20,000 more.

10. Market your home online.

Your listing will immediately appear on the MLS website, however, you need to ask your real estate agent to also post your home on Zillow. You can also consider premium placement on Ensure that your home is mapped properly on each website.

POST5 211. Do an Open House.

Doing an open house only sometimes affects the price at which a home will sell, especially when it’s done in the first week of the home’s debut, but you still need to do it. Continue decorating your home with flowers, preparing cookies or putting a sign-in sheet at the door. The sheet will help your agent follow up with your prospective buyers.

12. Always ask for feedback.

Once you have placed your home on the market, you should host private visits to your home. It is your real estate agent’s responsibility to call your potential buyer’s agent and ask for feedback regarding your home and its selling price. If you’ve determined through feedback that your home is overpriced or requires some improvements, act on this right away.

Follow all these 12 steps and you will surely sell your home faster and for more money.


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