Why move to North Carolina?

Are you considering a move to the Old North State? If you are, you will certainly want to push through with that plan after hearing the great news from wallethub.com. Wallethub is a financial site, and this year, it released a list of 2017’s Best and Worst State Economies. It ranked North Carolina as the 15th best economy among 50 states and 1 district in the country. 27 key indicators of economic performance and strength, ranging from GDP growth to start up activity to jobs in high-tech industries were used by a panel of researches.

North Carolina’s specific standings

North Carolina ranked 24th in economic activity, 11th for economic health and 12th for innovation potential.What do all these statistics mean?It reflects North Carolina’s current economy is in good shape and is continually growing. Here are some reasons why you should move to (or stay)in North Carolina.

  1. Plenty of job opportunities. A growing economy means more job opportunities and this is certainly true in the Tar Heel State.

It is home to three major research universities in the cities of Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill and often referred to as Research Triangle Park. With 200 businesses and more than 50,000 employees, many young professionals are flocking to the Park. If that’s not enough, its largest city, Charlotte, is the third largest banking center in the US. North Carolina employs thousands in the financial services’ industry and will continue to do so. Click here to see why Charlotte is regarded as one of the top 5 cities for young professionals.

  1. An outdoor paradise. If you are a nature lover, North Carolina is your niche.

This state offers plenty of gorgeous beaches and stunning mountains. Because this state is a nature wonderland, there are many outdoor recreational activities you can enjoy. No matter what the season is, you’ll love it in North Carolina.

  1. Excellent educational system. This state is home to some of the best public and private schools in US.

Duke is one of the five premier universities in the country. Aside from universities, North Carolina is also known for its great K-12 educational programs. If you have children, you’ll find many schools in NC rank nationally.

  1. Rich in arts and culture. This state boasts of its diverse arts and culture.

Wherever you go, you’ll find evidences of its rich history.Craft festivals, music, and art are celebrated and enjoyed in North Carolina. Southern manners include polite speech, and of course, the popular “y’all”.

  1. Food. Southern bard is perhaps one of the best-loved American dishes.

In North Carolina, barbecue is served many different ways. You can also find a diversity of restaurants which serve international cuisines. From German cuisine to sushi bars to the best barbecues, you’ll find the right dining spot for your taste.You get to enjoy all the amenities stated above when you move to North Carolina. I did! I have been living in North Carolina for more than  20 years now. I love its beautiful weather, vibrant lifestyle, booming economy and warming welcome. Are you looking for a new home? Call me, Nancy Braun, at (704) 997-3794. I would love to help you and your family find the best home.

Check out this link for the top 5 advantages of living in North Carolina. https://showcaserealty.net/the-top-5-reasons-to-live-in-north-carolina/


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