Charlotte, NC, has been named one of the top seven up-and-coming big cities for food lovers by the esteemed publication, Food & Wine. The magazine has taken a deep dive into the culinary scene of Charlotte. It concluded that this Southern gem is a foodie’s paradise. 

In this article, I’ll take you on a journey through Charlotte, a city that is a major destination for those seeking unique and delicious eats. Charlotte’s food scene is diverse and brimming with flavor, from traditional Southern comfort food to globally-inspired dishes. 

Let’s get ready to indulge in all that Charlotte has to offer. 

Charlotte, NC, is an Up-and-Coming Big City for Food Lovers 

Food & Wine magazine considered factors like creativity, innovation, diversity, and deliciousness when selecting Charlotte as one of the top seven cities for food lovers. 

Alongside Charlotte, six other cities made the list, including: 

    • Boise, Idaho

    • Cincinnati, Ohio 

    • Indianapolis, Indiana 

    • Jersey City, New Jersey 

    • Omaha, Nebraska 

    • Tucson, Arizona 

There are plenty of standout culinary experiences to be found in Charlotte. Leah & Louise has gained recognition for its smoked catfish stew. In addition, the annual Bayhaven Food & Wine Festival, organized by Greg and Subrina Collier, has drawn attention for its culinary excellence. 

The Market at 7th Street is another hub for food lovers, playing host to notable Orman’s Cheese Shop and Momo Station. They provide a truly delectable whether you’re a local or a visitor. 

Charlotte is home to renowned restaurants and chefs contributing to the city’s culinary prestige. Chefs like Rocco Whalen from Fahrenheit, “Top Chef” alum Jamie Lynch from Church and Union Charlotte and La Belle Helene. 

Their dedication to cooking has helped to put Charlotte on the map as a food destination. 

Four small cities with impressive food scenes also caught the attention of Food & Wine. This includes: 

    • Biddeford, Maine

    • Bozeman, Montana

    • Charlottesville, Virginia

    • Greenville, South Carolina

These cities offer their own unique culinary experiences that are worth exploring. 

What Food Is Charlotte, NC Famous For? 

Here are some of the must-try food items in Charlotte, NC: 

    1. Pimento Cheese 

This delicious spread can be found at various restaurants throughout the city. It is made with a blend of cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, diced pimento peppers, and other spices. Locals love to snack on it with crackers or use it as a sandwich filling. Some even use it in sushi rolls or cheesecakes. 

    1. Fried Chicken 

Another classic Southern dish you cannot miss is Fried Chicken. Charlotte has a long-standing love affair with fried chicken; there are many places to try this dish. 

Charlotte locals go to Price’s Chicken Coop to get their fix of this classic southern dish. You can enjoy quarter chicken meals with coleslaw and a dinner roll here. 

    1. Sonker 

Sonker is a must-try for dessert. This sumptuous pantry uses a variety of fruits, such as strawberries, peaches, blueberries, or cherries. It is usually served with sweet and thickened milk that you can dip it in. 

Sonker is a popular dessert in Charlotte, and you can find it in many local bakeries. 

    1. Fried pickles 

Fried pickles are also a staple in Charlotte. Locals love to get them crispy and golden brown, and they are often served as a snack or appetizer. 

    1. Cheerwine 

Cheerwine, cherry-flavored soda, is another among Charlotte residents. It is a fizz and sweet soda that pairs perfectly with barbecue food, another staple food in Charlotte. 

Charlotte BBQ is made with pork, chicken, or lamb that is slow-cooked with special spices for hours until tender and infused with flavor. Sides such as coleslaw smoked sweet potatoes, and cornbread complement this mouthwatering dish.  Unlock your dream home with zero down. read this free report!

Does Charlotte, NC Have a Good Food Scene?

Charlotte, NC, has one of the most vibrant and exciting food scenes in the United States. 

One of the defining features of Charlotte’s food culture is its strong emphasis on supporting local businesses. Many of the restaurants in the city source their ingredients locally. 

This not only benefits the local economy but also ensures you enjoy the freshest, highest quality ingredients in your meals. You can savor the authentic flavors of the Carolina in dishes like shrimp, fried chicken, and barbecue. 

But Charlotte’s food scene doesn’t stop at Southern classics. The city also celebrates diverse international flavors. You’ll find no shortage of options in Charlotte, whether you’re in the mood for Italian, Mexican, or Asian cuisine. 

You can indulge in exotic flavors and creative dishes worldwide without ever leaving the city. 

Food festivals and events are also prominent in Charlotte, NC. They provide a platform for local chefs to showcase their talents and highlight diverse cuisines. 

Throughout the year, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to sample delicious food, have fun, and connect with other food enthusiasts. 

What are the Food Festivals in Charlotte, NC? 

Some of the most popular food festivals in Charlotte include: 

    1. Taste of Charlotte Food Festival

The Taste of Charlotte is one of Charlotte’s largest annual food festivals, attracting thousands of locals and visitors yearly. It takes place for three days in the heart of Uptown, Charlotte. The festival features local restaurants, food vendors, and chefs who come together to showcase their delicious creations. 

Here you can sample a variety of bite-sized dishes, attend cooking demonstrations, enjoy live music performances, and participate in fun activities for the whole family. 

    1. Charlotte StrEATS Festival 

One of the most exciting and well-rounded festivals is the Charlotte StrEATS Festival. This is where you can experience a variety of local flavors and learn from expert chefs. 

The festival offers a range of seminars and workshops catering to all culinary expertise levels. You can learn about wine pairings, cooking techniques, and more. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and enhance your culinary skills. 

At the Charlotte StrEATS Festival, you can also explore the diverse neighborhoods of Charlotte without ever leaving Uptown. Each neighborhood is represented by a local restaurant. 

They serve up signature dishes that showcase the flavors and specialties of the area. The festival also features delightful drinks to complement the food.

How Does Charlotte’s Food Culture Affect Its Real Estate Market? 

Charlotte has become a hotspot for food lovers, and its booming culinary industry has helped shaped its real estate market. 

The food industry in Charlotte has grown in recent years, which has helped attract professionals to the area. This trend led to an increase in demand for homes in the city. 

Charlotte’s food scene has changed the way people perceive the city. This has led to economic growth and job opportunities. 

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Charlotte, NC, earns recognition as a top city for food lovers by Food & Wine magazine, celebrating its diverse culinary scene. Renowned chefs, local favorites, and unique festivals contribute to the vibrant food culture, impacting real estate demand and economic growth in the city.

While Charlotte’s food culture has shaped the real estate market, other factors should also be considered. For instance, the efficiency of transportation and the quality of life in the area are major considerations for buyers. 

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