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Nancy Braun Sells 33% Faster than the Average Real Estate Professionals – But How?

Nancy Braun is the driving force behind Showcase Realty, a team of highly-respected and innovative real estate professionals representing the Charlotte, NC area. Nancy is an awarded realtor who frequently offers her forward thinking and expertise for names like the Wall Street Journal, DSNews and Charlotte’s Business Journal.

Here Nancy gives us a look into her passion for the real estate industry and how she’s built Charlotte’s #1 Real Estate Broker Agency.

What is your secret to success?

Innovation: I adapt and change ahead of many. I research and follow the economic forecasters and change our focus and marketing based on the changes in the industry and economy. I welcome change and learning.

Dedication and working hard: I love what I do and it shows with the hours and investment I have put into my business.

Care: I truly care about my clients and want to surpass their expectations; I pride myself on giving them stellar service and representation.

Team: I hire the best and brightest real estate professionals and it shows in our final product and service; they make me look great.

Tell me about your day-to-day working habits? 

Professional & personal philosophies? What is your guiding mantra?

Professional Service, Personally Delivered. Being consistent and providing genuinely caring and timely service superior to our competition. I like helping my team grow and develop their skills. We have developed a cooperative team approach with job sharing and a full sense of ownership in each of their roles.

We are supportive and contributing members of society, committed to our community and devoting significant time towards the Boys and Girls Clubs of Charlotte to service the kids that need us most.

How do you use technology to improve your business and help your clients?

When I opened Showcase Realty, LLC in 2008, I felt that my industry hadn’t fully embraced technology and believed that if I made that my top priority and got ahead of all others I could stand above my competition. I love what we can do with technology. I attend many industry conferences and a member of many mastermind groups and implement the best technology throughout our company. Our marketing of our properties is extensive and exceeds our competitors due to our utilization of technology.

Nancy Braun Sells 33% Faster than the Average Real Estate Professionals – But How?

Do you work alone or have a support team? How does that work?

I have a fantastic team of the very brightest and best. I could never have serviced my clients as well and as effective alone. It takes a village to produce the ultimate results. The industry has become way too complex to service your client without a team of experts to manage each segment of your transaction. Our marketing of properties for our sellers is Killer and this is because we have a team focused on blasting the property for sale to reach local and international buyers. As a result, our homes sell 33% faster than the average agent!

*We all know the home-buying process has changed in recent years with the advent of social media and technological advances — how have buyers changed the way they function?

How have real estate professionals roles changed, as well?

Over time our roles have evolved. I advise buyers that my main role is no longer to find your home (as you have access to the internet and MLS as I do) but to help you get the home. The process is full of challenges. It seems easy but each transaction brings its own issues. I have sold over 5,000 homes but every new transaction has a new set of challenges that need to be massaged and worked so we ultimately meet at the closing table. As an attorney and student of the Wharton Executive training on Negotiations, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience on how to bring the most for my client without killing the deal.

What advice do you offer consumers on getting what they want?

Engage the services of a broker with lots of transactional experience. Each transaction I have had results in more knowledge that I can pass on to the next client. Brokers typically get paid the same if they have had no experience vs had 20 years of experience. This is a flaw in our system but as a buyer or seller seek out a seasoned agent.

How important is building and managing a positive/productive relationship between client and real estate agent? How do you foster that relationship?

This is everything. You and your client must be in sync. The client must know you are working in their best interest and being proactive and paying attention to the detail. The client today should be your client for life and your referral base for your future clients.

Nancy Braun Sells 33% Faster than the Average Real Estate Professionals – But How?

Please tell us what you’re seeing in regard to pricing trends? Are prices higher or lower overall than previous years/cycles? Why or why not? 

Primarily due to low inventory, the Charlotte market has seen a return to pre-recession prices. The recovery is strong in our market. We have also seen a drop in investor/cash purchases making room for the owner occupant to acquire properties at closer to Market Rate. The strongest price point is under $400,000. First time homeowners are experiencing multiple offers and having to bid on 5 or 6 homes before being the prevailing bidder. Luxury market has not experienced the same recovery.

What kinds of products are moving the most? Who’s buying/selling?

What’s causing the market to be so hot?

Where are we at in the traditional real estate cycle? Or is this cycle unlike any other? Why or why not?

How would you describe the state of the residential real estate market?

Pull out your crystal ball and make your best educated guess at what should consumers expect in the coming year and beyond?

The internet will continue to challenge and affect the way real estate is bought and sold. On line sales and auctions and on line analytics and property postings are changing the role of the real estate broker. It is not eliminating the role but shifting our focus to provide our clients with knowledge, marketing while looking out for their best interests. We research and advise on  septic, mold, radon, structural, and other critical condition issues. We negotiate repair issues, ensure the survey and title are clean. Verify the HOA is solvent and compliant with Fannie guidelines. The issues we address and contend with are not obvious to the buyer and seller and not the “fun” part of the transaction, but rather the critical elements of a real estate transaction.

Are average home prices up/down/stable? Will that cycle likely continue or falter? Why Are you having trouble selling your home?

At Showcase Realty, our team of dedicated real estate professionals would love to help you sell your home for the price you want! Feel free to call us at 704.997.3794 to find out what we can do for you or send us a message here!

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