April 16


CharlotteStories.com recently shared an insightful list of the top 10 zip codes with the highest price increases in 2015. The data is according to the Carolina Multiple Listing Service.

Here are the top 3 zip codes:

#1 28208 (WEST BLVD. – FREEDOM DR.)

This zip code is by far one of the most diverse with home prices ranging from under $30k to over $500k – prices in this sector are almost directly correlated to the distance from Center City.

In just 12 months, this zip code saw a median price increase of 70% to finish the year at $110,500.


Did you know there’s a neighborhood in Charlotte called ‘Cherry’? If you’ve ever been to the midtown Trader Joes, chances are you’ve been there – it’s that little neighborhood on the other side of Kings Dr.

Prices here increased 28.5% to an even $300,000 – perhaps the streetcar did some good after all?


The major attractions of this zip code include the Billy Graham Library and the world-renowned  Renaissance Park disc golf course.

Home prices saw an impressive 26.3% increase to finish the year at $111,000.

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