Putting up a home in South Park Charlotte, NC for sale is easy but getting it sold quickly and at a good price takes skill and knowledge.

To sell your home in Charlotte NC, you  need to do the  following ;

Give North Carolina Buyers what they want

Real Estate buyers almost always have a particular home preference. It’s important to understand the perspective of those you are trying to reach.

You need to familiarise yourself with current trends, and any features potential buyers consider must-haves or deal-breakers.


Analyze the Real Estate market data of  North Carolina for a correct price.

A lot of homeowners in NC have a sentimental attachment to their properties, and that can cloud their thinking when it comes to pricing. This is when it becomes crucial to seek resources that can help you set the right price for your home.

You can make use of websites to get an understanding of what high, average and low prices per square feet in Southpark, NC neighbourhood look like.

Have a great photograph of your home

We live in a digital world now, therefore images are very important for marketing your home online. These days people buy what they see before touching, tasting or wearing it. Photos matter a lot when you’re selling your home.  There are smartphone apps and external gadgets to help achieve a good photo.

Showcase Realty

Get law schooled or get sued/ fined

As a seller, you need to be informed of all North Carolina rules and state laws you have to follow. Your North Carolina flat fee MLS needs to keep your listing updated and update the MLS with changes right away. MLS is a multiple listing sSystem or service, it’s a database that lists all the properties that are available for sale at any given moment. You need to choose the right MLS company to avoid being fined or sued.

In essence, you need a Real Estate firm. To get the job done you need the expertise of a realtor.

The question now is, which firm has the best Real Estate Agent in Charlotte NC, one that has top professional experience and standards in Real Estate to sell your home? Your answer is Showcase Realty.

Unleash the advantages: why hiring a real estate agent in Lake Park Charlotte NC, is a game-changer. https://showcaserealty.net/10-benefits-of-hiring-a-real-estate-agent-in-lake-park-charlotte-nc/

Showcase Realty offers great services to property buyers, sellers and property investors. Since the establishment of the company, its realtors have sold over 5,000 homes. Showcase Realty is proud to serve clients  in the following areas; Uptown Charlotte, Ballantyne- South Charlotte, Myers Park and Lake Park.

Showcase was founded  by Nancy Braun, a corporate lawyer who discovered her passion for real estate after moving to North Carolina. Nancy worked with a brokerage that sold real estate, after serving with the firm for 12 years Nancy left and Showcase Realty was born

Southpark Charlotte NC Homes

With the use of technology, creativity and innovation Nancy and her team of over 50 agents and staff have remained focused  in giving clients avant-garde results at top dollar, in the shortest amount of time. This has earned the firm an award as a renowned digital marketing innovator.

At Showcase Realty, there is an understanding that the Real Estate sector is an ever-growing business sector in NC and the world at large. Each day there are hundreds of homes and various properties ready to be put up for sale, people in search of a home to buy, and someone ready to invest in real estate.

It is a large sector with unending growth and interest.  Getting the right property to buy, invest in or sell in no time and at a good rate can prove difficult in various areas… especially  large areas.

SouthPark Charlotte, NC is  one of the most populated areas in NC. Home to South Park Mall , the largest shopping mall in North Carolina, and one of Charlotte’s  largest business districts. The real estate market in the area is a very competitive one,  Charlotte NC investment properties are in high demand in the real estate market.

Charlotte is ranked by Realtor.com as “ the best real estate market in the Southeastern U.S positioned for growth in 2021. The report predicts the Charlotte real estate market will have a combined growth rate of 19.0%, factoring both in sales growth and growth of home prices.”

Charlotte, NC Real Estate market is a seller’s market, which means that there are more persons looking to buy than homes available. This serves as a big advantage to people who have their  Charlotte NC homes for sale, Charlotte NC condos for sale or Luxury homes for sale in Charlotte NC.

Please include attribution to https://showcaserealty.net/ with this graphic.

Homes in Southpark Charlotte NC

Nancy Braun and her team have helped people like you find their dream home in areas all over Charlotte, NC. These areas include:


This is a neighbourhood adjacent to the South Carolina border. The area is home to St. Matthew Catholic Church, the largest Catholic congregation in the United States.

It’s a place away from busy roads and  city bustle. Clients interested in homes here are mostly individuals that want a quiet town life. Showcase Realty sells homes In this area, to clients that wish to take a break from the city’s busy life.

Myers Park

Some of the homes and landmarks in Myers Park are on the National Register of Historic Places. The neighbourhood is home to lots of historic events. The firm sells homes here to clients that have a burning need to be in a home filled with historic stories for you to discover.

Luxury Homes for Sale in Charlotte NC

Lake Park

Lake Park NC is a village in northwest Union County, 15 miles from downtown Charlotte, NC. The area offers a rural feel. The homes here are mostly family-owned. The firm sells homes here to individuals looking to have a positive and family-friendly environment.

To find out how much your Lake Park Charlotte, NC home is worth, click here.

South Park  

This is an upscale residential area and commercial area. It offers a thrilling shopping and dining experience. There are fashion boutiques and restaurants situated throughout the area, and plenty more in  the South Park shopping mall. These include pizza joints, and French cafés amongst others. The firm sells homes here to people interested in outdoor activities.

Showcase Realty takes into consideration the interest of all clients first, before giving options to property buyers, sellers or investors. Call showcase Realty Today!


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