To sell your home in Ballantyne, South Charlotte you need to have the right information on the area’s real estate market and a professional realtor running the affairs of your home sale.

Both factors are important because they can help sell your home for the right price in less time. Now, that’s a rewarding advantage!

You can get the necessary information and have it easy with selling your home when you have Showcase real estate company handling the entire process for you.

The Showcase Realty team stays focused on homeowners in Ballantyne, South Charlotte NC and its surrounding areas. We work with anyone who intends to sell, buy or invest in a property. We provide them with information on the housing market while infusing new marketing strategies to maximize value.

Although the thought of selling your home by yourself might seem like a piece of cake, the fact is, it involves more than you might think. You need the expertise of a residential realtor to avoid making a wrong move that would cost you time, a lot of dollars, and value. 

Showcase Realty

At Showcase Realty, our team of the best realtors will make the right moves for you to sell your home quickly and at a good price. We have sold over 500 hundred homes in South Charlotte, NC, and other surrounding neighborhoods giving homeowners an over the top client experience with more money in their pockets. 

Here’s how Showcase Realty keeps selling and can help sell your home too.

Our agents know the market

Showcase Realty is made up of a team of the best real estate agents. Each one has profound knowledge of the real estate business.

Our agents stay up to date with all the market trends and the appreciating values of a property. This gives our clients a clear view of how to attract potential buyers, and get their properties sold fast.

Many of our realtors are locals in the residential and commercial areas we serve in NC. This makes it easy for our agents to understand every last detail of the real estate market in NC. 

So when you sell your home with us, you’ll know you won’t be in the dark on the market value of your home. 

We’ll advise you on the right time to sell your home in Ballantyne, and the right price to put on it. No time wasted and no money left on the table. 

Real Estate in Charlotte NC

We set a sale timeline

Selling a home is a substantial task that can take two to five months (or possibly longer) depending on the state of the local market. 

 This creates a streamlined number of homes ready to be visited by people who are ready to buy now. 

The timeline is to assist sellers in planning everything that must be done before the house is ready for sale. It creates deadlines to have any house repairs completed, and decluttering and cleaning of the house finished as well. This means every nook and cranny of the home will catch the eye of potential buyers.. 

The timeline also means sellers are aware of when potential buyers will start making offers. They also won’t have to worry about how long it would take to secure a buyer for their home. This means people like you get their home sold in the least amount of time.

We conduct a pre-sale home inspection

Having a third party inspect your home before it’s put up for sale can be very beneficial .

At Showcase Realty we send trained inspectors to a seller’s home just before we list it for sale, to carry out a thorough inspection of its insides and surroundings. 

This exhaustive inspection uncovers any mechanical, electrical or structural problem that can turn away potential buyers. When any problems are discovered, our clients know exactly which area of their home needs modifying. 

This way, the seller stays a few steps ahead of the buyer and implements repairs that can fast track the selling process. By the time the house enters the market, it will be in a good shape to sell at a good price and quickly. Selling your home for a good price is a done deal.

Home Selling in Ballantyne Charlotte NC

Charlotte NC Real Estate

We put the market spotlight on your home 

Our home listings at Showcase Realty are carefully tailored by experts, to attract a wide range of buyers. 

Over the years, Nancy Braun, Showcase Realty’s founder and CEO has built a strong network of a large community of real estate buyers and investors who trust in the services she provides. From working for a brokerage company for 12 years, to establishing Showcase Realty the network has immensely strengthened. 

This has made many buyers also build their trust in the team of over 50 realtors working for Showcase Realty. It’s just one of the reasons we’re ranked at the top of the real estate market in NC.

 Our network keeps growing, which boosts the sales of homes put on our listings. Your home will have the attention of a large group of interested buyers.

Top Real Estate Agent in Ballantyne Charlotte NC

We evaluate and negotiate the best offers for you

When buyers start making offers on a house, Showcase realtors shine as advocates and advisers to their clients.

Hand in hand with homeowners, Showcase realtors layout all every offer. Together we evaluate each one and method of payment. We work with you to determine, which one measures up to the house value and the seller’s satisfaction. 

Then we advise our clients on which offer is best and handle all negotiation processes to speed up the sale.

At Showcase Realty, a client’s preference is considered first before taking any further step towards accepting an offer.

With Showcase Realty, we keep you involved in every part of the sale of your home. You own the power to accept an offer, make a counteroffer or reject an offer outright. 

Then we assist you in gathering all the necessary paperwork needed to close an offer. Your interest is secured.

Showcase Realty will get the best deal for your home. We have helped thousands of homeowners in Charlotte,NC sell for top-dollar. We can help you too.

Call us today!


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