Selling your home in Charlotte is an experience filled with anticipation. However, one crucial aspect demands your attention amidst stagings and showings. It’s the safety of your jewelry and valuables.

It’s easy to overlook security measures as you prepare your home for potential buyers. But that should not be the case. You have to prioritize the protection of your valuables before the busy preparations.

This blog will discuss essential steps to keep your jewelry safe when selling your home. I’ll share simple and easy tips that you can easily add to your selling plan.

How Can You Secure Your Jewelry Before Listing?

Here are some tips to keep your jewelry safe and sound:

1. Create a Jewelry Haven

Gather all your jewelry in a secure and hidden location. Think of a locked jewelry box or a secret safe. It can be the cozy nook for your valuable pieces. And it should be away from the common areas and curious eyes.

2. A Personal Vault at Home

Invest in a home safe or a locked drawer for those pieces that you don’t wear daily. And this not only applies to jewelry but also to important documents and valuable items.

Learn essential tips for documenting your jewelry collection while selling your Charlotte, North Carolina home.

3. Know Their Worth

Stay updated with the current market value of your jewelry. Have a professional jeweler appraise each piece periodically. This way, you’re well aware of its financial significance.

4. Document Everything

Keep a detailed record of your jewelry collection. Store receipt and authenticity certificates. Keep all relevant documentation in a safe place. These papers are invaluable for insurance claims and proving ownership.

This is important for two main reasons:

a. Insurance Claims

Having receipts helps prove its value to your insurance company in case of loss or damage. This ensures you can claim compensation or a replacement.

b. Identification and Proof of Ownership

Detailed receipts do more than just list a purchase. They affirm your ownership of the jewelry. These receipts can help when verifying ownership of legal matters during estate planning. Also, they are important if you have to report a stolen item to law enforcement. 

5. Consider Off-Site Security

A safe deposit box is great for exceptionally valuable or sentimental items. This is a wise way of sending your most precious items to a maximum-security resort!

6. Be Discreet About Your Valuables

Open houses and showings bring numerous strangers into your home. Unfortunately, not everyone may have honest intentions. Do not discuss or display your valuable jewelry or collections during open houses or showings. It’s best to keep it a secret.

Learn the importance of meticulous documentation to safeguard your jewelry while selling your Charlotte, North Carolina home

7. Photograph Your Jewelry

Take clear, detailed photos of each piece of jewelry. This serves multiple purposes. You have a visual record for insurance this way. And it can help in identifying and recovering items in case of theft.

8. Invest in a Good Insurance Policy

Make sure your homeowner’s insurance covers the theft of valuable items. If not, consider getting additional coverage or a separate policy for your jewelry. 

Most homeowner’s insurance policies provide some coverage for personal items, including valuable items like jewelry. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

9. Use Decoy Safes

Decoy safes can be an effective and clever way to protect small, valuable items. These safes look like everyday household items but have a hidden compartment inside. 

A decoy safe, by virtue of its inconspicuous appearance, is likely to be overlooked. It keeps your small, valuable items organized and discreetly stored away from curious eyes. 

While it can be a clever part of your overall security plan, it should be in conjunction with other security measures.

10. Keep a Detailed Inventory

Maintain a list of all your valuable items. List also their descriptions, appraisals, and photographs. Store this inventory securely, and don’t forget to update it regularly.

11. Practice Active Social Media Caution

Avoid posting pictures with your jewelry on social media. Especially the posts that indicate you’re selling your home. 

Always remember, your social media audience may extend beyond your immediate circle, even with strict privacy settings. Posts can easily reach a broader audience, increasing the risk of exposing personal information to unknown individuals. 

Focus on what and how you share information. Make sure you maintain control over your personal security online.

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12. Regularly Check Your Storage Areas

Periodically check the places where you’ve stored your jewelry. It will help you see everything in place and alert you quickly if something is amiss.

Also, regularly reassess your chosen secure spots, you might find better options or need to update the current safe location.

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13. Stay Alert During Showings

Have someone you trust present during home showings. They can help keep an eye on visitors. This way, you can make sure that no one strays into private areas where valuables might be stored.

What Additional Security Considerations Are There?

14. Install a Security System 

Your home’s overall security is a top priority. Investing in a comprehensive home security system is a wise decision. 

Consider installing a home security system if you don’t already have one. Cameras and alarms are extremely helpful. 

15. Avoid Predictable Daily Routine

Think about your routine during the home-selling process. Vary your schedule as much as possible. If your schedule allows, try not to leave or return home at the same time every day. 

Guarantee the protection of your valuables while preparing to list your home for sale in Charlotte, North Carolina

16. Regularly Change Passwords and Codes

Do you have smart locks or garage codes? Change them periodically during the selling process. 

What Are the Best and Safest Practices for Showings?

17. Limit Home Showing Hours

Restrict the hours for home showings to times when you or someone you trust can be present. This not only helps in scheduling but also prevents unexpected visitors. 

18. Give Clear Instructions

Make sure everyone understands and agrees to your access procedures and expectations during and after showings.

Explore an informative infographic on how to safeguard your jewelry while selling your home in Charlotte, North Carolina, with expert advice from Nancy Braun Real Estate, the top real estate agent in the area.

19. Update Your Security Post-Sale

Start fresh with improved safety measures for your valuables. Update the security arrangements at your new place once your home is sold. 

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