October 3

An achievable goal

The new year brings a strong desire to make a change, but you don’t need the new year excuse to keep your home tidy and clean

If you are constantly battling with the stress of keeping your things in your Charlotte NC home organized, here are five easy decluttering steps you can do.

1. Go paperless. Support the environment, go green! One of the usual eyesores you see at home are piles of paper, and stacks of bills and magazines stacked. Though it may initially look okay, over time, a table full of paper can be annoying. 

Here’s what you can do. 

Instead of subscribing to magazines and newspapers, subscribe to their online edition. You still get the daily or weekly news, and you don’t add clutter to your home.

Cut all the important pages from the magazines and store them together, then throw or give away all the magazines you haven’t touched in a month.

Find the ebook versions of the paperbacks you have at home, and download them to your e-reader or phone. Now you can donate the books to a charity or thrift store. 

As soon as you get your mail, sort it and keep only the important letters. Throw away all the flyers and junk mail immediately.

2. One room a day. Cleaning, decluttering, and organizing takes time. Don’t spend the whole day cleaning your whole home in Charlotte, that can be traumatizing. Instead, do it an hour or two at a time.

You can start in the kitchen. Cabinets take the longest time, so remember your goal to only declutter for two hours maximum. 

Starting from the bottom cabinet, go through all the contents. Separate the items into different piles, like piles for keeping, for donating and for disposal. Do this daily, and at the end of the month you’ll notice, your home is looking more organized and tidy.

3. Tit for tat. Throw away items each time you buy something new. For example, if you bought five new plates, you need to throw or donate your five oldest plates. Bought a bag? Give away your oldest bag. 

Got three new books? Throw away your three oldest books, or the three least favorite books. This way, you maintain the number of items in the home, instead of adding on to it.

4. Use baskets and trays. Having empty containers ready helps in easy decluttering. Make it easy to identify the contents by labeling each container. This way, you’ll know where things belong. 

Even your kids will see how easy it is to maintain the home’s cleanliness when they put stuff back where they got it from. 

5. Follow the one-year rule. When you are organizing your home office, bedroom or closet, you’ll find items you just cannot part with yet. Box them and label the box with the current date. Check the box again after another year. Any items inside that haven’t been touched should be donated or thrown away.

The same thing should be done to that box that has been sitting in your garage for over a year now.

Do you need any home improvement tips? If you’re planning to update your home in Charlotte, call us, Showcase Realty at 704-997-3794. Let’s talk about the best updates you can do for your home.


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