November 11


Showcase Realty, LLC. Continues to set the bar in the Real Estate industry in Charlotte by going the extra mile for their clients. Many buyers in the market for Real Estate are looking for the person they can rely on to get them the best deal and be provided with the best advice. Nancy Braun and team does just that by consistently searching for the best opportunities for their clients.

Nancy suggested to her client that they reach out to Wells Fargo to see if they would donate a foreclosed home to their church and New Bethel Church did just that!

The client formed a non-profit and were chosen by Wells Fargo to receive a home.

The church then, spent 6 month renovating and updating the home. Contributing to the city, they employed many and helped to revitalize an up and coming neighborhood. As given, the home needed a lot of work and the church saw the love that was needed, but knew this project would give a return that would be forever cherished. New Bethel Church completely renovated and modernized a very charming bungalow that is perfect for a millennial to enjoy as first time home buyers.

Nancy suggested this home as a great opportunity to one of her first time home buyers. He viewed the home while it was being renovated and loved the home! Our happy homebuyer followed her continuous lead and support. Nancy advised her buyer to take advantage of a very unique program offered by North Carolina to first time homebuyers. This program gives $15,000 towards their down payment, which is completely forgiven after living in the home for 5 years.

Not only did this lucky buyer buy a home for $92,000 (which is substantially less than its market value), but because of the $15,000 down payment assistance program, his mortgage payments are approximately $400/month. The buyer has instant equity and lives in an updated home on a beautiful lot within seven minutes of uptown charlotte.

The church netted over $40,000 in profits and will put all their proceeds to the church.  Putting knowledge, experience, and the right parties together, we ended up with a neighborhood revitalization, assistance to a first time home buyer, work for many contractors, and a foreclosure was turned into a blessing for many.

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