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Are you planning to renovate your child’s bedroom? You should know that there are different factors you need to consider when choosing the best options for your child’s bedroom such as the quality of the floor, its look, feel and texture. This is important as it has an effect on the room’s entire environment.

To help you out, we’ve prepared the best flooring options to choose from.

POST9 1Carpet

Carpet is both a traditional and common flooring option in a child’s bedroom. It comes in different materials, styles, color, patterns and textures to choose from, depending on your child’s personality.

The good thing about carpets is that it’s safe for your kids to walk and play on because it’s soft and slip resistant. Be sure to choose a high quality carpet so it is easy to clean. However, you might want to avoid such flooring option if your child has allergies.


Bamboo flooring is considered an environmentally-safe and green flooring option. If your kids are active and would like to play freely, then pick this flooring option as it has excellent wear and tear quality. If it gets scratched or stained, you can easily refinish it. However, extreme humid conditions can cause cracks or warps in your bamboo flooring. It would become unsafe for your kids once the floor gets wet as they may slip.

CorkPOST9 2

This flooring option protects your kids from allergies, microbes and other insects. It provides a warm surface to play and walk on, reduces household noise and is resistant to growth of fungi, mold and bacteria. If you live in extreme humid conditions, keep an eye out and see if it has expanded or contracted.


Do your kids enjoy riding their bikes or skating indoors? Then laminate flooring is an excellent option. It doesn’t scratch or gets dents easily, it’s effortless to wipe up spills and you don’t need to replace the entire floor if parts of your laminate floor gets scratched. But, this flooring option becomes extremely slippery when wet so make sure to keep it dry.


This flooring option is easy to install because you can put it in yourself. It’s durable, scratch resistant, easy to clean and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. Furthermore, it’s resistant to moisture, mold and bacteria, so it’s safe for kids with allergies and other respiratory diseases. However, do not choose smooth finished vinyl flooring as it increases chances of slipping.


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