The Queen City did it again!

Being in second place has never been this awesome especially if it means second among the fastest-growing in the nation.

The brains behind the free consumer tools producing research reports and surveys, WalletHub, conducted a comprehensive analysis using 15 key indicators. They spearheaded this study after experiencing several hurricanes over these past months, and to find out which has the fastest local economic growth survival and they involved 515 cities in the US with deviating population sizes.

These best practices stood out allowing WalletHub to clearly see which factors constitute the inevitable success of these cities which helped them stand the test of time. Charlotte is at number 2.

What are the key indicators that made Charlotte a winner?

Some of the metrics they have calculated and weighed are :

  1. Growth in Number of Businesses (# 1)
  2. Population Growth (# 41)
  3. Job Growth (# 17)
  4. Working-age Population Growth (# 35)
  5. Regional Gross Domestic Product Growth (# 148)

(1 = fastest-growing)

Charlotte’s huge estimated population of 842,051 has served the city its purpose by becoming the second of the largest cities with the highest growth and also getting the 20th spot in the over-all ranking. WalletHub defines that any community with more than 300,000 people is considered a large population. We’re not the only one who can see that Charlotte’s trend which has gone up a notch from last year’s conducted study will be a ladder-like success and we couldn’t be more proud of our city.

Charlotte, North Carolina, is the best city in the United States in which to rent a home, according to this study.

Why are people moving to Charlotte instead of other cities?

The fast economic development is inviting and spreading throughout the state. While some people will have to worry about the traffic and the possibility of city congestion, retailers and big companies continue to expand.

Here are my top 5 picks why I suggest that you seriously consider joining us:

> Charlotte has become a major US financial capital. This is the home of Bank of America, Citi, JP Morgan, Ally Financial, and Wells Fargo which center their operations here. The exclusive employment offered by these most successful banks play a major part why this city’s population continues to soar. Look at the number one spot for this year’s growth in businesses and you will only see one name.

> The quality of education is exceptional. More than a dozen of our schools have been given top rankings by Newsweek’s Top High Schools in America. We have 38 colleges and universities to choose from.

> Affordable living options. Residents are given a variety of housing options. You can get a lot more for your money. A typical detached residence with 3 beds, 2 baths goes for around $250,000.

> Like most cities, Charlotte has numerous neighborhoods in different parts of the city and each of them is unique. You can divide them into categories of historic homes, artsy and eclectic neighborhood, urban living, country club feel and those which have easy rail access. Take your pick!

> People like to call it the “fitness community”. We have myriad offerings of physical activities like runs, races, and yoga. The Thunder Road is the yearly half and full marathon which we hold.

It’s easy to see and understand why Charlotte always feels like a young and thriving city. There’s no reason for you not to join the ranks. Connect with me, Nancy Braun, at 704-997-3794 when you’re in town! To learn more about why Charlotte is one of the best U.S. cities for young professionals, click here.


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